Discover 27 Trendy Messy Haircut Men Short Hair Styles for a Bold Fashion Statement


In the ever-evolving world of men’s fashion, the messy haircut for short hair remains a steadfast favorite among those who favor a casual yet stylish look. This hairstyle is versatile, easy to maintain, and perfect for individuals who prefer a bit of edge in their appearance. In this article, we’ll explore ten unique messy short hairstyles that cater to various tastes and occasions. Each style is not only about making a statement but also about embracing one’s natural hair texture and personality.

Effortlessly Cool Beach Waves

For men seeking a laid-back yet popular look, the Effortlessly Cool Beach Waves style is ideal. This messy hairstyle is perfect for casual outings or a day at the beach. It suits oval and heart-shaped faces best and enhances light blue or green eyes, providing a sun-kissed flair that resonates with summer vibes.

Creating this look involves a light touch with a sea salt spray and minimal combing to let the natural wavy texture come through. To maintain the look, use a moisturizing conditioner to keep the waves soft and manageable without weighing them down.

Rugged Undercut with Textured Top

The Rugged Undercut with Textured Top brings an audacious contrast that screams undercut shaved sides. This style is fantastic for both professional settings and social events, suitable for square and round faces, complementing dark eyes dramatically.

Achieve this style by asking your barber for a high fade with a textured top. Use a matte pomade to add volume and texture while keeping the sides sleek. For upkeep, a strong-hold gel ensures the top stays voluminous throughout the day.

Urban Choppy Crop

This Urban Choppy Crop is the epitome of modern street style. With its sharp choppy layers, it’s a bold choice for the fashion-forward guy. It’s particularly flattering on triangular face shapes and pairs well with hazel or brown eyes.

Styling involves texturizing the hair with a clay or wax to enhance the choppy effect. Regular trims are essential to maintain the sharpness of the cut, and using a daily layered protectant spray will keep the hair healthy.

Classic Tousled Pixie

A timeless choice, the Classic Tousled Pixie is versatile and effortlessly stylish. This male hairstyle is suitable for formal events and daily wear, best fitting oval and elongated faces, especially with grey or light brown eyes.

To style, use a lightweight mousse to add volume and tousle with your fingers for that perfect bedhead look. Maintenance involves regular washing with a volumizing shampoo to keep it light and airy.

Sleek Tomboy Fade

Combining elements of masculinity and finesse, the Sleek Tomboy Fade is both sharp and sleek. Ideal for more structured events, it complements diamond and inverted triangle face shapes, enhancing any eye color.

Achieve this look with a precision fade and straighten the top section for a sleek finish. A high-quality serum or spray will ensure the style remains fresh and crisp all day.

Windswept Shaggy Style

The Windswept Shaggy Style is perfect for those who embody the spirit of freedom and adventure. This style works well for casual gatherings, suitable for all face shapes, particularly with lively green or amber eyes.

This look can be achieved by applying a texturizing cream and roughly blow-drying to gain that windblown, shaggy appearance. A light hold spray is recommended to keep the style voluminous and airy without stiffness.

Edgy Spiked Waves

For a night out on the town, the Edgy Spiked Waves give a youthful and energetic look. This hairstyle works wonders on heart-shaped and rectangular faces, especially enhancing dark brown or black eyes.

Spiking this wavy hair requires a strong-hold gel or wax. Spike up the waves while keeping the rest slightly tousled for a dynamic contrast. Use a hydrating oil to keep the hair conditioned and glossy.

Disheveled Layered Look

The Disheveled Layered Look is all about texture and depth, making it an excellent choice for creative professions or informal events. It’s best suited to round and square faces, ideally with deep-set eyes of any color.

Style this cut by using a volumizing powder at the roots and tousling the layers to create a full, airy effect. A regular application of leave-in conditioner will help maintain the health and texture of the layers.

Bold Pixie Undercut

The Bold Pixie Undercut combines daring with a hint of elegance, suitable for both day and evening occasions. This style matches well with angular face shapes and striking eye colors like icy blue or emerald green.

Styling this pixie involves shaving the sides closely while keeping the top longer and textured. A light wax will help texture the top without weighing it down. For maintenance, a nourishing hair mask weekly will keep the texture pristine.

Casual Choppy Tides

Lastly, the Casual Choppy Tides offer a playful yet understated style. This look is great for everyday wear and suits those with oblong or pear-shaped faces, particularly with bright or unusual eye colors.

To style, use a feather-light gel to scrunch the choppy layers, enhancing the natural curls or waves. Maintaining this look involves using a gentle, curl-enhancing shampoo and occasional conditioning treatments.

Dynamic Disarray

Dynamic Disarray offers a rebellious take on the classic short haircut. This style is perfect for creative settings or music festivals, ideally complementing an oval face and vibrant blue or green eyes. It embraces the natural hair direction while appearing effortlessly stylish.

The cut is achieved by allowing layers to fall naturally with a minimal structured cut at the back. Maintenance involves using a light-hold wax to keep the hair playful and movable, perfect for those who love a low-maintenance yet stylish look.

Modern Mussed-Up Fade

The Modern Mussed-Up Fade is a fresh blend of neat and chaotic, making it suitable for both office environments and casual outings. It works best with square and round faces, particularly enhancing light-colored eyes.

To achieve this style, ask for a skin fade on the sides while keeping the top longer for a tousled effect. Use a volumizing foam to add texture and a matte finish hairspray for a durable, all-day hold.

Peaked Punk Pixie

Peaked Punk Pixie is for the bold and the brave, offering an edgy twist to the conventional pixie cut. It’s ideal for social gatherings or punk concerts, fitting well with angular faces and deep brown or black eyes.

Styling involves texturizing the top to create sharp, defined peaks using a strong-hold gel. The sides are kept short to emphasize the dramatic top. Maintenance is minimal, requiring only occasional trims to keep the peaks sharp.

Subtle Swirls Cut

Subtle Swirls Cut features gently tousled swirls that give a soft yet messy look. This style is excellent for romantic dates or quiet evenings out, best suited for round or heart-shaped faces with soft hazel or grey eyes.

Achieve this look by using a curl-enhancing cream on slightly damp hair and letting it air dry to form natural swirls. A light mist of hairspray can add longevity to the swirls without hardening them.

Artistic Asymmetrical Shag

Artistic Asymmetrical Shag is all about artistic flair, perfect for art exhibitions or creative presentations. It works wonders on triangular and diamond-shaped faces, especially with striking eye colors like emerald or sapphire.

This hairstyle is cut asymmetrically to create a unique, unbalanced look that captures attention. Styling requires a pomade to define the layers and a spray to maintain the asymmetry throughout the day.

Rustic Rough-Up

Rustic Rough-Up brings a rugged charm to the messy haircut, making it ideal for outdoor activities or casual meetups. It flatters oblong and square faces, particularly with earthy brown or green eyes.

To style, apply a texturizing paste and roughly finger-comb for a natural, windswept look. A daily conditioner keeps the rough texture manageable and healthy.

Sculpted Spike Storm

Sculpted Spike Storm is a dynamic, high-energy style that stands out in any crowd, great for parties or high-energy events. It suits rectangular and oval faces, complementing dark or vibrant eye colors.

Achieving this look involves sculpting spikes with a high-hold gel, strategically placing them for a storm-like effect. Regular washing and a deep-conditioning treatment help maintain the spikes’ sharpness and sheen.

Windsor Wavy Whisper

Windsor Wavy Whisper is a subtly elegant style, offering a gentle take on the messy look. It’s perfect for formal occasions or office settings, best for oval and heart-shaped faces with light or medium eye colors.

The style is achieved by lightly tousling wavy hair with a mousse to add volume without stiffness. A lightweight hairspray helps maintain the waves throughout the day without diminishing their soft appearance.

Tangled Top Textures

Tangled Top Textures bring a playful chaos to the hair, ideal for casual hangouts or creative brainstorming sessions. It goes well with any face shape, especially those with playful light brown or amber eyes.

To style, use a volumizing powder and tousle the hair to create a tangled, textured look. Maintenance involves using a hydrating serum to keep the texture lively and fresh.

Rebel Razor Redux

Rebel Razor Redux is sharply stylish, combining the messiness with precise razor cuts. It’s excellent for an edgy look at concerts or nightclubs, fitting angular and sharp face shapes, particularly with dark or intense eye colors.

The style requires precise razor work to create defined, yet tousled layers. Use a light clay to maintain the edgy texture, and consider a color-protecting shampoo if you have dyed tips to enhance the rebel vibe.

Cascade Chop

Cascade Chop offers a flowing, dynamic look that mimics the natural cascading of water, making it perfect for artistic or casual settings. This style is particularly flattering for individuals with oval or rectangular faces and works well with light-catching eye colors like silver or pale blue.

To achieve this style, layers are cut at varying lengths to create a natural flow. A light mousse can be applied to enhance the layers’ movement, and a quick tousle in the morning refreshes the look. Regular trims ensure the cascade effect remains pronounced and beautiful.

Urban Edge Flick

Urban Edge Flick is designed for the modern man who enjoys a blend of sharpness and disarray. This style is ideal for vibrant city life events or creative fields, fitting well with sharp and defined face shapes, particularly highlighting intense eye colors such as dark brown or jet black.

Styling involves sharply angling the hair at the front to create prominent flicks, while keeping the rest messy and textured. A strong hold wax or gel will keep the flicks in place, and a light spray will add a healthy shine without compromising the texture.


These ten messy haircut styles for men with short hair provide a range of options that are both stylish and practical. Whether you prefer a subtle, textured look or something bold and defined, there’s a style to match every personality and occasion. We encourage you to try these styles and share your experiences and preferences in the comments below. Let’s keep the conversation going and inspire each other with our unique takes on these trendy cuts!

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