Exploring 42 Unique Undercut Hairstyle Men Ideas for Curly, Straight, and Wavy Hair Styles


The undercut hairstyle has become a symbol of modern men’s fashion, blending timeless elegance with a daring twist. In this article, we delve into 10 unique undercut styles, each offering its own unique appeal to elevate your look. Whether you’re aiming for a bold statement at a gala or seeking a fresh everyday style, these ideas cater to a wide range of occasions and personal aesthetics. Let’s explore how each undercut can complement your features, suit different occasions, and how to maintain your look with the right products and techniques.

Stylish Undercut with Short Textured Top

The stylish undercut with a short textured top is ideal for those with a round face and straight hair, offering a sharp contrast that accentuates facial structure. This look is perfect for social events where making a memorable impression is key. The textured top adds an aesthetic touch that works beautifully with hazel or green eyes, enhancing their natural hue.

To achieve this look, use a trimmer to create short shaved sides while leaving the top slightly longer for texturing. Style with a matte pomade to add volume and a textured look. Maintain the style with a daily wash using a volumizing shampoo and keep the sides neat with regular trims.

Long-Top Undercut for Curly Hair

Embrace your curls with a long-top undercut that makes the most of your natural curly hair. This style is especially flattering for men with oval faces and complements darker eye colors. It’s a versatile look that can shift between casual and formal settings with ease.

Styling involves shaving the sides closely to highlight the volume and texture of the curly top. Use a curl-enhancing cream to define the curls and a light hold gel to keep them in place without stiffness. Regular conditioning with a curl-specific conditioner will ensure the curls stay healthy and well-maintained.

The Classic Undercut with a Beard

Combine your undercut with a beard for a rugged yet refined look, perfect for medium to long hair. This style suits men with a square face shape and pairs well with any eye color, providing a masculine edge to your overall appearance.

For styling, keep the hair on top long enough to slick back or part to the side, and fade the sides to blend seamlessly with the beard. Use a beard oil to keep the facial hair soft and a high-hold styling cream for the top. Ensure the transition between the hair and beard is seamless with regular grooming.

Wavy Charm: Undercut with Wavy Hair

This undercut variation is ideal for those with naturally wavy hair and works great for heart-shaped faces. The waves add a soft, romantic flair to the sharp edges of an undercut, suitable for both professional environments and social gatherings.

Style this look by keeping the waves intact on top and shaving the sides to a medium fade. Use a sea salt spray to enhance the natural wave pattern and a light mousse to provide hold without weighing down the hair. Keep your waves looking fresh with a hydrating conditioner tailored for wavy hair.

Bold and Edgy: Long Shaved Sides Undercut

For those who love to stand out, the bold undercut with long shaved sides is a statement style that pairs well with angular and elongated face shapes. It’s particularly striking on individuals with asian or korean heritage, offering a modern twist to traditional aesthetics.

Achieve this look by shaving the sides up to the temples and keeping the top section long. Style the top with a volumizing blow-dry and a strong-hold gel to keep it standing tall throughout the day. Maintain the sharpness of the shaved sides with frequent trims.

Refined Undercut with Side Part

The Refined Undercut with a Side Part exudes sophistication, perfect for formal events and professional settings. Tailored for men with a medium build and straight hair, this look complements a round face and is striking with blue or gray eyes.

Achieve this undercut by keeping the sides immaculately faded and adding a distinct side part to the longer top. Style with a light pomade for a sleek, polished appearance. Maintain it with regular side trims and use a nourishing hair serum to keep the top part healthy and shiny.

Dynamic Anime-Inspired Undercut

Channel your favorite anime character with a dynamic undercut that features vibrant streaks and long hair on top. This style is perfect for creative or casual outings and suits an adventurous personality with asian or korean heritage.

To get this look, dye the tips of your longer top hair in bright colors and shave the sides for a stark contrast. Use a strong-hold gel to spike the top hair upwards or backwards. Maintain the color vibrancy with a color-safe shampoo and make regular visits to your stylist for touch-ups.

Undercut with Textured Waves

The Undercut with Textured Waves brings a beachy, relaxed vibe, ideal for wavy hair. It’s great for those with oval or long face shapes and enhances light eye colors, making it a top choice for casual social gatherings or a day out in the sun.

Styling includes a medium fade on the sides while keeping the top wavy and full. Apply a texturizing spray to enhance the waves and a flexible hold hairspray to keep the look manageable. Use a moisturizing conditioner regularly to keep the waves healthy.

Sleek and Sharp Undercut for Curly Hair

A Sleek and Sharp Undercut makes the most of curly hair, designed to highlight curls with a polished finish. It suits men with round faces and darker eye colors, blending elegance with a touch of edginess suitable for both day and night events.

To style, shave the sides to a high fade and define the curls on top with a curl-defining cream. Keep the curls tight and neat with a curl enhancer. For maintenance, use a deep-conditioning treatment weekly to keep the curls bouncy and vibrant.

Vintage-Inspired Tapered Undercut

A nod to the past, the Vintage-Inspired Tapered Undercut works wonderfully for those with medium to long hair. This look is ideal for any face shape and particularly complements brown eyes, perfect for formal events or vintage-themed parties.

Style it by tapering the sides and keeping the top long enough to part or pompadour. Use a high-shine pomade for a classic glossy finish. Maintain the look with regular trims and use a hair tonic to nourish and strengthen the hair.

Undercut with Angular Fringe

The Undercut with Angular Fringe is modern and stylish, offering a youthful vibe ideal for short haircuts. It complements angular faces and bright eye colors, suited for both formal and casual settings.

Achieve this look by creating a sharp fade on the sides and cutting the top into a forward-facing fringe. Style with a lightweight gel to maintain the angle without stiffness. Regular trims will keep the fringe perfect and sharp.

Disconnected Undercut for the Bold

The Disconnected Undercut is for the bold and daring, featuring a stark contrast between the very short shaved sides and a long top. This style is eye-catching on square and oval face shapes and matches well with bold personality traits.

Style by keeping the top voluminous and textured for contrast against the shaved sides. Use a volumizing mousse and dry shampoo to add texture and lift. Maintain the sharp contrast with weekly side shaves and keep the top healthy with a protein-rich shampoo.

Undercut with Sleek Back

For a clean and minimalist look, the Undercut with Sleek Back is impeccable. Suitable for men with any face shape and straight hair, this style shines in professional settings or at sophisticated social events.

To achieve this look, shave the sides to a clean fade and comb the long top back with a strong-hold gel for a sleek finish. Maintain the style with regular touch-ups on the sides and use a smoothing conditioner to keep the top sleek and manageable.

Creative Undercut with Artistic Designs

Embrace creativity with an Undercut that features artistic shaved designs on the sides. This look is great for artistic personalities and fits well at music festivals or creative gatherings. It suits short haircuts and those with a penchant for unique styles.

To style, shave intricate patterns or designs into the sides while keeping the top longer for contrast. Style the top with a pomade for texture. Maintain the design with regular visits to a barber skilled in intricate shaves, and keep the top styled with a light-hold wax.

Undercut with Blended Highlights

The Undercut with Blended Highlights is perfect for those wanting to add dimension to their short haircuts. This style suits individuals with medium build and lighter eye colors, ideal for both corporate and casual settings.

To style, incorporate subtle highlights into the longer top while maintaining clean, short shaved sides. Use a color-enhancing shampoo to maintain the highlights and a light styling cream for daily texture. Regular touch-ups on the highlights and sides will keep the look fresh and vibrant.

Soft and Natural Undercut for Wavy Hair

This Soft and Natural Undercut takes advantage of the inherent beauty of wavy hair, providing a gentle, approachable look. It’s ideal for men with oval faces and works well in casual and semi-formal settings.

To style, keep the waves on top prominent and the sides subtly faded. Use a sea salt spray to enhance the natural wave and a medium-hold hairspray to keep the style relaxed yet controlled. A moisturizing conditioner will help maintain the health of the wavy top.

Undercut with Braided Top

Incorporate a cultural twist with the Undercut with Braided Top, suitable for long hair. This style is a standout at cultural events or festivals, and it resonates well with individuals who appreciate artistic hairstyles.

Style by braiding the longer top section while keeping the sides tightly shaved. Use a light hair oil to keep the braids neat and tidy. Regular braiding and careful maintenance of the scalp will ensure the style remains clean and sharp.

Undercut with Pomp and Circumstance

Revive classic charm with the Undercut with Pomp and Circumstance, featuring a pompadour on top. This look suits those with round faces and thick, long hair, perfect for formal occasions or as a powerful statement in professional settings.

To style, volumize the front of the hair into a pompadour while fading the sides. Use a volumizing mousse and a strong-hold hairspray to keep the pompadour lofty and styled throughout the day. Regular conditioning and volumizing treatments will keep the hair healthy and styled.

Sleek Undercut with Glossy Finish

The Sleek Undercut with Glossy Finish offers a polished look for men with straight hair. Ideal for those with elongated face shapes, it’s a hit in high-stakes business environments or at upscale events.

Achieve this sleek look by keeping the sides faded and the top long, styled back with a high-gloss hair gel. Maintain the style with a high-shine serum and regular trims to keep the sides neat and the top perfectly smooth.

Undercut with Feathery Texture

For a lighter, airier feel, the Undercut with Feathery Texture works wonders on curly or wavy hair. This style is particularly flattering for heart-shaped faces and lightens up any room with its playful vibe.

Style this by using a texturizing spray on the top for a feathered look, with a gentle fade on the sides. Maintain the texture with a lightweight mousse and regular conditioning to keep the hair soft and manageable.

Bold Color Pop Undercut

Make a statement with the Bold Color Pop Undercut, featuring vivid colors like blue or green on the longer top. This daring style is great for creative professionals or anyone looking to stand out at social gatherings.

To maintain the vivid colors, use a color-preserving shampoo and conditioner. Style the top with a color-safe styling product to keep the hues bright. Regular touch-ups will be necessary to maintain the intensity of the color.

Undercut with Side Swoop

The Undercut with Side Swoop adds an elegant twist to the traditional undercut by sweeping the top to one side. This style is suitable for all face shapes and is versatile enough for both day and night events.

To achieve this look, keep the sides cleanly shaved and style the top to swoop to one side using a light pomade for hold. Regular styling and maintenance with a smoothing shampoo will keep the look polished and sharp.

Minimalist Undercut with Defined Texture

Opt for simplicity with the Minimalist Undercut with Defined Texture, perfect for men who prefer a clean, no-fuss look but still want a touch of modern styling. Suitable for any face shape, this style works well in both professional and casual settings.

Style by defining the texture on the top with a clay or wax, keeping the sides short. Use a daily conditioner to keep the hair healthy, and a matte finish product to maintain the texture without excess shine. Regular trims will keep the style crisp and clean.

Undercut with Asymmetrical Sweep

The Undercut with Asymmetrical Sweep offers a unique twist on traditional styles, featuring a bold, sweeping top that slants across the forehead. This style suits straight hair and is particularly flattering for those with long face shapes, making it an excellent choice for artistic or fashion-forward events.

To achieve this look, maintain clean, short shaved sides and style the longer top asymmetrically using a strong-hold gel. Maintain the sharpness of the cut with regular trims and use a lightweight serum to keep the hair smooth and manageable.

Vintage Hollywood Undercut

Channel classic charm with the Vintage Hollywood Undercut, which pairs a deep side part with wavy hair styled into subtle waves. Ideal for those with medium build and classic tastes, this look is perfect for formal occasions and professional settings.

Style by adding a soft wave to the top and keeping the sides neatly faded. Use a high-gloss pomade to achieve the vintage shine and a spray to hold the waves in place. Regular grooming and the use of a nourishing hair mask will keep the waves sculpted and healthy.

Urban Mohawk Undercut

For a more radical approach, the Urban Mohawk Undercut stands out with its edgy mohawk crest atop short shaved sides. This style is daring and fits individuals with bold personalities, great for concerts, parties, or any casual setting where making a statement is key.

Style the mohawk with a volumizing product to keep it upright and defined. The sides should be kept ultra-short to emphasize the contrast. Use a strong-hold hairspray to maintain the mohawk’s shape and regular touch-ups to keep the sides pristine.

Undercut with Natural Curls

Embrace your natural texture with an Undercut designed for curly hair. This style enhances natural curls by keeping them long on top while the sides are faded to underline the volume and texture. It’s especially flattering for those with round faces and works well in both casual and professional environments.

Maintain this look by using curl-enhancing products to define and volumize the top, while keeping the sides neatly trimmed. A hydrating conditioner is essential to keep the curls soft and bouncy, and occasional deep conditioning treatments will ensure the hair stays healthy.

Sleek Undercut with Angular Bangs

The Sleek Undercut with Angular Bangs combines sharp, angular bangs with a clean, sleek backdrop, creating a sophisticated and modern look. Ideal for straight hair and angular face shapes, this style suits high-end events and professional meetings.

To style, keep the sides faded and cut the bangs at an angle to frame the face. Use a straightening iron to perfect the bangs and a high-shine gel to keep the look sleek. Regular maintenance with a smoothing shampoo and occasional trims will keep the bangs perfectly aligned and the undercut sharp.


The undercut remains a versatile and stylish choice for men, adaptable to many faces, hair types, and lifestyles. From textured tops to bold shaved sides, each style offers a unique way to express your personality and style preferences. Experiment with these undercut ideas and find the one that best suits your individuality. Share your experiences and favorite styles in the comments below—let’s keep the conversation about stylish self-expression going!

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