29 Best Undercut with Braids Ideas for Men Including Short Long and Man Bun Styles

Undercut with Braids: A Versatile Style Journey


In the ever-evolving world of fashion and grooming, hairstyles reflect personality, creativity, and trend-awareness. The undercut with braids stands out as a dynamic styling choice that combines edgy undercuts with the intricate beauty of braids, catering to a diverse audience. This article delves into ten unique undercut with braid styles that cater to various preferences and occasions. From subtle elegance to bold statements, these hairstyles are not just about looks but also about expressing individual identity.

Sleek Side Braid with Low Undercut

For men seeking a balance between bold and professional, the Sleek Side Braid with Low Undercut offers a stylish compromise. Ideal for short to medium hair, this look features a neatly braided side that complements the clean lines of a low undercut. Perfect for those with oval or square face shapes and any eye color, it’s a great style for corporate events or social gatherings.

The creation of this style involves precise cutting for the undercut and skilled braiding along the side. Maintenance is straightforward with a strong-hold gel to keep the braid tidy and a daily wash regimen using a fortifying shampoo like Baxter of California’s Daily Fortifying Shampoo to maintain scalp health.

Bold Blonde Undercut with Top Braid

The Bold Blonde Undercut with Top Braid is striking, making it perfect for individuals wanting to stand out. Suitable for long, blonde hair, this style involves braiding the top section while keeping the sides and back neatly shaved. It’s a fantastic choice for creative events or fashion-forward gatherings, especially flattering for heart-shaped faces and lighter eye colors.

To achieve this look, bleach the hair to a suitable blonde shade, followed by a skilled barber crafting the undercut. Maintain the braid’s vibrance with a color-protecting conditioner, such as Redken’s Color Extend Blondage Conditioner.

Classic Man Bun with Nape Undercut

The Classic Man Bun with Nape Undercut provides a blend of traditional and modern. It’s a timeless choice for men who prefer a cleaner yet trendy look. This style works well for those with thicker, long hair, secured at the back into a man bun while the nape is undercut to offer a cool edge suitable for both formal and casual settings.

Styling involves pulling the hair back into a bun and securing it above the undercut. To maintain the hair’s health and texture, use a light styling cream and regular trims to keep the undercut sharp.

Subtle Small Braids on Shaved Back

For a more understated yet unique style, the Subtle Small Braids on Shaved Back offers a distinctive appeal. This style features multiple small braids cascading over a shaved back of the head, ideal for those who enjoy detailed looks without overwhelming boldness. Best suited for casual outings or creative workplaces.

The creation of this style requires precision in both shaving and braiding. Keeping the scalp and hair healthy is essential, so using a soothing scalp moisturizer and a gentle cleansing regimen is recommended.

Intricate White Undercut with Side Braids

Embrace a daring transformation with the Intricate White Undercut with Side Braids. This look is perfect for those who love to make a statement with white or platinum hair color. The side braids add a dramatic flair, while the undercut keeps it sleek and modern. This style is a showstopper at any high-profile event or fashion show.

Maintaining the white color can be challenging, requiring regular touch-ups and a color-correcting purple shampoo to prevent brassiness. The braids should be kept neat with regular re-braiding and minimal product use.

Rugged Undercut with Warrior Braids

The Rugged Undercut with Warrior Braids is perfect for those embracing a fierce, battle-ready look. This style pairs a harsh undercut with thick, warrior-like braids that are both functional and stylistically striking. Ideal for outdoor events or themed parties, it complements rugged features and any eye color.

The hairstyle requires maintaining the undercut’s sharpness while regularly braiding the top section to ensure the braids remain tight and intact. Using a nourishing hair oil can keep the braids smooth and reduce frizz.

Beachy Blonde Undercut with Small Side Braids

Capture the essence of summer with the Beachy Blonde Undercut with Small Side Braids. This look is ideal for beach lovers, featuring a sun-kissed blonde hue with delicate side braids over a clean undercut. It’s particularly flattering for those with blue or green eyes and works well at beach parties or casual summer outings.

Preserve the blonde with a UV-protection spray and keep the braids tidy with a lightweight styling gel. Regular conditioning treatments will ensure the hair remains healthy and vibrant.

Elegant Undercut with Crown Braids

The Elegant Undercut with Crown Braids merges sophistication with a hint of rebellion. This style forms a crown of braids atop an undercut, making it suitable for formal events or weddings. It’s a great fit for those with round or heart-shaped faces.

The crown braids require skilled hands, and the undercut needs regular upkeep to maintain its clean lines. A high-quality pomade can help keep the braids in place throughout any event.

Retro Undercut with Box Braids

Channel a retro vibe with the Retro Undercut with Box Braids, combining the classic allure of box braids with a modern undercut. This look is nostalgic yet fresh, perfect for themed parties or vintage fashion events, and suits all face shapes.

The box braids require regular moisturizing to prevent breakage, and the undercut should be kept sharp and clean. An anti-frizz serum will help maintain the sleekness of the braids.

Fiery Undercut with Red Braids

Make a bold statement with the Fiery Undercut with Red Braids, where vibrant red braids contrast dramatically with a dark undercut. This style is ideal for those looking to stand out at concerts or nightlife events and works well with darker skin tones.

Maintain the red’s vibrancy with a color-depositing shampoo and ensure the undercut remains well-defined. A heat protectant spray is essential when styling the braids to prevent damage.

Undercut with Braided Mohawk

Embrace a punk rock essence with the Undercut with Braided Mohawk, combining the rebellious spirit of a mohawk with the intricate detail of braids. This style is powerful at music events or casual outings and suits bolder personalities.

The mohawk needs to be braided tightly, and the sides should be shaved regularly to maintain the edgy look. A molding paste will keep the braids in place and add texture to the style.

Sporty Undercut with Cornrows

The Sporty Undercut with Cornrows is ideal for athletes or those with an active lifestyle, featuring durable cornrows that extend from the front to the back of the head, paired with a practical undercut. This style minimizes maintenance during physical activities.

To keep the cornrows neat and the undercut sharp, use a soothing scalp spray and regular conditioning to prevent itchiness and promote hair health.

Luxurious Undercut with Velvet Braids

For a touch of luxury, the Luxurious Undercut with Velvet Braids incorporates soft, velvet-like braids that exude elegance. This style is perfect for formal events or high-end social gatherings, particularly flattering for individuals with fine hair.

Maintaining the soft texture of the braids requires a silk protein-infused hair mask and minimal styling products to avoid weighing down the braids.

Undercut with Lattice Braids

The Undercut with Lattice Braids presents a complex pattern resembling a lattice, crafted above an undercut. This intricate style is suited for artistic showcases or fashion events, appealing to those who appreciate detailed craftsmanship.

Regular maintenance of the braid’s structure and a neat undercut are essential, with a strong-hold hairspray to keep everything in place.

Gothic Undercut with Midnight Braids

Channel gothic charm with the Gothic Undercut with Midnight Braids, featuring deep, dark braids that create a mysterious allure against a stark undercut. This style is ideal for themed parties or alternative fashion scenes.

To maintain the dark tone, use a color-enhancing shampoo and ensure the undercut remains sharp and defined. A moisturizing hair oil can add a healthy sheen to the braids.

Futuristic Undercut with Neon Braids

Step into the future with the Futuristic Undercut with Neon Braids, where vibrant neon-colored braids stand out against a minimalist undercut. This style is perfect for nightclubs or futuristic-themed events, attracting those who love to be at the center of attention.

Preserving the neon color requires UV-protective products and a meticulous grooming routine to keep the undercut sleek.

Zen Undercut with Tranquil Braids

Lastly, the Zen Undercut with Tranquil Braids reflects calm and serenity, featuring soft, simple braids over a smooth undercut. This style is ideal for spa days or relaxation retreats, promoting a sense of peace and simplicity.

A gentle, sulfate-free shampoo and minimal styling products will maintain the health of the hair and the clarity of the style.

Undercut with Beaded Braids

Incorporating cultural flair, the Undercut with Beaded Braids features an undercut paired with braids adorned with beads. This look is vibrant and expressive, ideal for festivals or cultural celebrations. It suits those looking to showcase their heritage or simply add a playful element to their hairstyle.

To keep this style looking fresh, apply a light scalp oil to nourish both the scalp and the braids, and choose beads that are lightweight to prevent strain on the hair.

Undercut with Swirl Braids

The Undercut with Swirl Braids offers a dynamic aesthetic with swirling braids that create a captivating visual effect. This bold style is perfect for creative individuals attending art events or those who simply wish to make a statement with their hair. It’s a versatile look that can be adapted to various hair types.

Regular maintenance involves re-braiding to keep the swirls defined and an undercut touch-up to ensure the overall look remains sharp and clean.

Undercut with Sunset Braids

The Undercut with Sunset Braids captures the essence of a sunset with braids in shades of orange, red, and yellow. This colorful style is eye-catching and ideal for summer events or casual outings. It’s especially appealing to those who love vibrant colors and want to reflect a joyful, energetic persona.

Maintaining the vivid colors requires using color-safe shampoos and conditioners, while the undercut needs frequent grooming to keep the lines neat and the overall style polished.


Each of these undercut with braid styles offers a way to express personality and style preference while staying on-trend. We invite you to share your experiences or photos of your own undercut and braid styles in the comments below. Whether you’re considering a new hairstyle or just appreciate men’s fashion, join the conversation and let us know which style resonates with you the most!

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