Unveiling 32 Classic Side Part Styles: The Comprehensive Guide to Men’s Hairstyles for All Occasions

Classic Side Part: A Timeless Style Guide


The classic side part remains a cornerstone in the world of men hairstyles, embodying sophistication and versatility. Ideal for various occasions and adaptable across different hair types and lengths, this style exudes a timeless charm that has been favored by men around the globe. From boardroom meetings to casual outings, the classic side part can be tailored to enhance your personal style and face shape. In this article, we will explore ten distinctive takes on this enduring hairstyle, offering inspiration for everyone from the trend-savvy Hairstyle men medium enthusiast to those preferring a sharp, Hairstyle men short.

Polished Professional: The Sleek Side Part for Formal Events

The Polished Professional look is a refined interpretation of the classic side part, ideal for formal events and suited to men with straight or slightly wavy hair. This style shines in professional settings, complementing suits and formal wear impeccably. It’s particularly flattering for oval and square face shapes, enhancing sharp facial features with its clean lines. The best eye colors for this style tend to be cooler shades like blues and greens, which accentuate the hairstyle’s crispness.

Styling the Polished Professional requires a good quality pomade to achieve its sleek, shiny appearance. Apply the product on slightly damp hair and use a fine-tooth comb to part the hair neatly on one side. Maintenance involves regular trims and using a shampoo that preserves hair sheen, like Baxter of California’s Daily Fortifying Shampoo.

Casual Textured: The Laid-back Side Part

Casual Textured is a more relaxed variant of the classic side part, perfect for the weekend warrior or the creative professional. This style works best with men curly or textured hair, giving a soft, approachable look that’s ideal for less formal or outdoor events. Round and heart face shapes are particularly well-suited to this tousled style, as it softens angular lines. Lighter eye colors like hazel or green complement the casual vibe of this hairstyle.

Achieve the Casual Textured look by using a light-hold texturizing cream. Apply it to dry hair and then part the hair with your fingers for a natural, effortless finish. To maintain the texture without frizz, a sea salt spray is recommended for regular use, and a mild cleansing conditioner will keep curls defined.

Classic Retro: Vintage Side Part with a Modern Twist

Inspired by the golden age of cinema, the Classic Retro style integrates a deep side part with voluminous waves, ideal for making a bold statement at social gatherings or creative events. This style is a nod to the past with a modern twist, suitable for medium to thick hair. It pairs well with classic features and round or oval face shapes, while dark eye colors like brown or black heighten the dramatic flair of the hairstyle.

Styling involves using a volumizing mousse and a blow dryer with a diffuser to lift the roots and create defined waves. Set the style with a medium-hold hairspray to ensure longevity throughout the event. Regular use of a volumizing shampoo, like Redken High Rise Volume, will help maintain the health and thickness necessary for this look.

Urban Edge: Sharp Fade with a Defined Side Part

Urban Edge combines a sharp fade with a precise side part, creating a clean and contemporary look that stands out in any urban setting. This style is particularly appealing to men looking for a low-maintenance but stylish haircut that aligns with modern trends. It’s best suited for men short hair and works well with angular face shapes and any eye color.

To achieve the Urban Edge, visit a barber who specializes in taper fade cuts to ensure sharp, clean lines. The side part should be defined with a razor for added contrast. Maintenance involves regular barber visits every few weeks to keep the edges neat, and daily styling with a firm-hold gel, like American Crew Firm Hold Styling Gel, is recommended.

Sophisticated Waves: Medium Length Side Part for Wavy Hair

Sophisticated Waves is an elegant take on the side part tailored for men with wavy, medium-length hair. This style adds a touch of class to any ensemble, perfect for weddings or upscale social events. It flatters longer face shapes by adding width and complements warmer eye colors like amber or brown.

To style, use a curl-enhancing cream on damp hair and part it while wet. Allow the hair to air dry or use a diffuser to preserve the natural wave pattern. For maintenance, a hydrating conditioner and occasional use of a curl-defining cream will keep the waves controlled and vibrant.

Dynamic Duo: Side Part with Tapered Sides for a Streamlined Look

The Dynamic Duo style merges a classic side part with tapered sides, offering a crisp, streamlined appearance ideal for both business and casual settings. This cut is particularly suitable for men with thick hair, balancing volume with refined structure. Oblong or diamond face shapes benefit greatly from this style, which narrows and elongates the face visually. Neutral eye colors like gray or light brown can subtly enhance this look.

For styling, apply a lightweight pomade to damp hair and create a defined part using a comb. The tapered sides should be kept short, requiring maintenance trims every few weeks. Use a daily moisturizing shampoo to keep the hair healthy and manageable.

The Gentleman’s Wave: Elegant Long Waves with a Side Part

The Gentleman’s Wave offers an elegant, flowing take on the classic side part, perfect for men with long, wavy hair. This hairstyle exudes romance and sophistication, making it an excellent choice for formal events or dates. It suits heart and oval face shapes, softening their features, while deep eye colors like dark blue or emerald add a dramatic touch.

Styling requires a light touch; use a curl-friendly serum on damp hair and part it neatly. Allow the waves to air dry or use a low-heat setting on a hair dryer to prevent frizz. To maintain the softness and shine of the waves, a nourishing hair mask should be used weekly.

Sleek Minimalist: Neat Side Part for Fine Hair

The Sleek Minimalist style is perfect for men with fine hair, featuring a tight, neat side part that adds the illusion of thickness while keeping the style sophisticated and low-maintenance. This style is especially flattering for square and round face shapes, elongating the face and highlighting symmetry. Lighter eye colors like blue or green complement this clean look.

To style, use a volumizing spray on damp hair before parting it sharply with a comb. A light-hold hairspray can help maintain the style without weighing down fine hair. Regular use of a thickening shampoo is recommended to enhance the hair’s body and volume.

The Modern Dandy: Bold Side Part with Pompadour Flair

The Modern Dandy incorporates a bold side part with a pompadour flair, adding a touch of rebellion to the classic style. This look is ideal for men who enjoy standing out from the crowd, suitable for both casual and creative professional environments. It works best with medium to thick hair and complements oval and square face shapes, while vibrant eye colors like green or blue make the style pop.

Styling involves a high-hold pomade to sweep the hair up and back from the part, creating volume at the front. Maintain the volume and health of the hair with a fortifying conditioner and regular trims to keep the shape of the pompadour crisp.

Refined Texture: Side Part with Soft Taper for Textured Hair

Refined Texture is designed for men with textured or curly hair, featuring a side part with a soft taper that enhances the hair’s natural style without overwhelming it. This look is perfect for casual outings or creative workplaces, fitting well with oval and heart-shaped faces. Darker eye colors, particularly brown or black, naturally suit the warm, inviting vibe of this style.

To achieve this look, use a curl-defining cream on damp hair, part it casually, and allow it to air dry. The key is managing the texture without taming it completely, using a curl-friendly shampoo and occasional deep conditioning treatments to keep the curls bouncy and healthy.

Business Bold: Sharp Side Part with Disconnected Undercut

Business Bold combines a sharp side part with a disconnected undercut, offering a striking contrast that’s sure to turn heads in the corporate world. This bold style is best suited for those with straight or wavy hair and works exceptionally well on angular face shapes like square or triangular. Eye colors that are intense, like jet black or deep brown, enhance the boldness of this cut.

Style it by applying a strong-hold gel to damp hair and parting it sharply. The undercut should be kept clean with regular visits to the barber. Using a restorative shampoo will help maintain the health of the hair and scalp, crucial for those who frequently use styling products.

The Artist’s Brush: Flowing Side Part for Creative Types

The Artist’s Brush is a flowing side part style, ideal for artistic souls and those in creative professions. This look works best with longer, wavy hair, offering a soft, approachable aesthetic perfect for galleries or casual social events. It suits elongated face shapes and complements soft eye colors like hazel or green.

To style, use a lightweight mousse to add volume and define waves without stiffness. Part the hair on the side and let it flow naturally, occasionally using a wide-tooth comb to maintain the part without disrupting the waves. A sulfate-free shampoo will keep the hair healthy and vibrant, enhancing the artistic look.

Vintage Scholar: Side Part with Gentle Waves

The Vintage Scholar brings back the refined elegance of past academia, featuring a side part with gentle waves. This style is superb for scholarly events or traditional workplaces, offering a touch of nostalgia. It suits thin or fine hair, providing texture and volume, and complements round or oval face shapes, balancing their proportions. Soft eye colors like grey or light brown match the gentle nature of this style.

Styling involves using a texturizing spray on damp hair, then creating a loose side part and gentle waves with a wide-tooth comb. To maintain the style’s soft texture, use a light hold hairspray and a volumizing conditioner to keep the hair full and healthy.

The Boardroom Sleek: Impeccably Sharp Side Part for the Executive

The Boardroom Sleek style is an impeccably sharp side part, designed for the consummate professional. This look is ideal for high-stakes meetings and formal business environments, providing a polished and authoritative appearance. It works exceptionally well on straight, fine hair and suits a rectangular or oval face shape. Cooler eye colors like ice blue or grey underscore the crispness of this style.

For styling, use a high-shine pomade to achieve a glossy finish. Part the hair precisely with a fine-tooth comb and smooth it down to enhance the sleek look. Maintain this refined style with a daily anti-frizz serum and regular salon visits to keep the edges sharp and clean.

The Classic Contour: Side Part with Natural Waves

The Classic Contour style incorporates a side part with natural waves, offering a balanced blend of elegance and casual charm. This versatile look is suitable for both office settings and social outings, adapting effortlessly to various occasions. It is ideal for medium to thick hair and complements round or heart-shaped faces, while warm eye colors like amber or brown bring out the hair’s natural hues.

Style this look by applying a curl-enhancing cream to damp hair. Create a natural part and allow the waves to form by air-drying. To maintain the waves’ definition and health, use a hydrating curl conditioner and occasional light-hold gel to control any frizz.

The Sunset Casual: Relaxed Side Part for a Beachy Feel

The Sunset Casual offers a relaxed side part with a slightly tousled finish, perfect for weekend getaways or a day at the beach. This laid-back style suits men who prefer a low-maintenance, natural look. It works best with slightly wavy to curly hair and fits well on square and oval face shapes. Lighter eye colors, such as sea green or sky blue, complement the beachy vibe of this hairstyle.

To achieve this look, use a sea salt spray on damp hair, part it casually with your fingers, and let it air dry for a natural, textured finish. Maintain the casual look with a light moisturizing cream or spray to keep hair soft and manageable without weighing it down.

The Retro Revival: Classic Side Part with Full Pompadour

The Retro Revival style combines a classic side part with a full pompadour, bringing back the bold flair of the 1950s with a modern twist. This standout look is perfect for themed parties or fashion-forward events, where making a statement is key. It’s best for thick, voluminous hair and suits angular face shapes, while vibrant eye colors like emerald or sapphire add to the dramatic effect.

Styling requires a volumizing mousse and a blow dryer to lift the hair at the roots, creating the iconic pompadour volume. Use a strong-hold hairspray to keep the style in place. Regular deep conditioning treatments will keep the hair healthy and voluminous, essential for maintaining the pompadour.

The Understated Elegance: Simple Side Part with Soft Edges

The Understated Elegance style features a simple side part with soft edges, creating a smooth and sophisticated look that’s perfect for everyday wear. This unassuming yet stylish cut is ideal for men who value subtlety in their grooming habits. It works well with all hair types and is particularly flattering on oval and heart-shaped faces. Neutral eye colors like brown or hazel subtly enhance this understated style.

For styling, use a light hold gel to create a gentle part and smooth down the edges. This style is low-maintenance but requires regular trims to keep the edges neat. Using a hydrating shampoo and conditioner will ensure the hair remains healthy and manageable.

The Progressive Professional: Edgy Side Part with Asymmetrical Fade

The Progressive Professional style introduces an edgy side part combined with an asymmetrical fade, perfect for the modern workplace or creative scenes. This daring look captures attention and suits men who are confident in expressing their individuality. It’s best for short to medium-length hair and complements sharper facial features, particularly with cool eye colors like steel blue or graphite.

To style, ask your barber for an asymmetrical fade that accentuates the side part. Use a matte clay to define the part and give texture to the hair. Maintain the sharpness of the fade with frequent barber visits and use a strengthening shampoo to keep hair in top condition.

The Evening Sophisticate: Side Part with Slicked Back Waves

The Evening Sophisticate style is perfect for formal evenings and special occasions, featuring a side part with slicked-back waves that exude old Hollywood glamour. This elegant look is ideal for medium to long hair and suits those with prominent cheekbones and rectangular face shapes. Dark eye colors like chocolate or charcoal add depth to the sophisticated appearance.

Style this look using a strong-hold gel, slicking back the waves while keeping the part visible. Use a comb to create defined waves and set with a high-hold hairspray. Regular use of a shine-enhancing hair oil will keep the waves glossy and refined.

The Zen Master: Side Part with Balanced Taper

The Zen Master style offers a tranquil and balanced look with a side part and a gentle taper, ideal for men who prefer a minimalist yet stylish appearance. This style suits those with fine or thinning hair, providing a clean and structured look without appearing overly styled. It is particularly flattering for round or square face shapes, and neutral eye colors like soft grey or hazel blend well with the calm aesthetic.

To achieve this look, use a lightweight pomade to create a clean part and subtly taper the sides for balance. Maintain the simplicity of this style with regular trims and a nourishing scalp treatment to ensure hair looks healthy and well-groomed.

The Creative Curve: Side Part with Sculpted Waves

The Creative Curve style features a side part with sculpted waves, adding artistic flair and movement to the classic side part. This dynamic look is suitable for creative professions or social settings where making a visual impact is desired. It works best on medium to thick hair and is particularly flattering for oblong or heart-shaped faces. Bright eye colors like aqua or green highlight the artistic nature of this style.

Styling involves using a sculpting gel to mold waves after parting the hair. Dry with a diffuser to enhance the wave’s definition. To keep the waves sculpted and vibrant, use a curl-defining cream and avoid heavy products that can weigh down the hair.


The classic side part has stood the test of time, offering a spectrum of styles that cater to different personalities, occasions, and hair types. Whether you prefer the sharp professionalism of a sleek side part or the laid-back vibe of a textured look, there’s a version of this timeless style for you. Experiment with these ideas, and don’t hesitate to share your experiences or suggestions in the comments. Your feedback enriches our community and helps others in their styling journey!

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