Discover 28 Trendsetting Long Hair with Undercut for Men Hairstyles and Taper Fades

Long Hair with Undercut for Men: A Fusion of Bold and Subtle


The undercut hairstyle has become a mainstay in men’s fashion, offering a striking blend of boldness and subtlety. This style involves keeping the top long while the sides are cut short, creating a stark contrast that accentuates the upper portion of the hair. Ideal for various occasions and adaptable to numerous hair types, the undercut allows men to experiment with their look while maintaining a clean and modern edge. In this article, we explore ten unique long hair with undercut styles, each catering to different preferences and lifestyles.

Versatile Taper Fade with Textured Waves

For those with a penchant for texture and depth, the Taper Fade with textured waves offers a dynamic look. This style works particularly well for men with Curly hair, providing a way to manage curls without sacrificing style. The textured waves add a playful element, suitable for casual outings or creative workplaces. Best suited for oval and square face shapes, this style highlights the eyes and balances facial features.

To achieve this look, a skilled barber will use a combination of scissors and clippers to create a gradual fade on the Shaved Sides while keeping the top voluminous. Maintenance involves regular trims and moisturizing curl-enhancing products to keep the waves bouncy and defined.

Sleek Bun with Low Shaved Sides

Embrace the elegance of the Bun hairstyle combined with Low Shaved Sides for a clean yet striking appearance. This look is perfect for formal events or professional settings where a neat and tidy appearance is preferred. It’s particularly flattering for those with longer face shapes, as it elongates the profile.

Styling involves pulling the long top hair back into a tight bun, while the sides are kept ultra-short for a crisp contrast. Use a high-quality pomade to smooth out the hair and a strong-hold hairspray to keep the bun intact throughout the day.

Rugged Viking Hairstyle with Mid Fade

Inspired by historical Viking Hairstyles, this rugged yet refined look incorporates a Mid Fade to modernize the classic warrior’s appearance. Ideal for men who favor a bold, adventurous style, it works well with thick, textured hair and suits rounder face shapes by adding structure.

Achieving this style may require growing the hair long on top to allow for back-swept styling. The mid fade is essential for reducing bulk and focusing attention on the detailed top. Maintenance includes regular conditioning to keep the hair healthy and manageable.

Contemporary High Top Fade with Angular Fringe

For a more avant-garde look, the High Fade with an angular fringe offers a contemporary twist. This style suits Hairstyles that involve sharp, clean lines and is a great choice for men with angular faces, enhancing strong jawlines.

The high fade draws the eye upwards, making this a good style for adding perceived height. Styling involves cutting an angular fringe that contrasts with the smoother sides. Regular trims are necessary to maintain the sharpness of the fringe and the cleanliness of the fade.

Classic Long Top with Tapered Sides

The classic long top with Tapered Sides is a versatile choice that balances the boldness of long hair with the subtlety of a Taper Fade. This hairstyle is suitable for all events, from daily wear to special occasions, and fits all face shapes, especially those with prominent features.

Styling this look requires keeping the top long and gradually shortening the sides. The key is ensuring the taper blends seamlessly with the length on top. Use a light styling cream for a natural hold that lasts all day.

Bohemian Chic with Side Part and Low Fade

This bohemian chic style combines a deep Side part with a Low Fade, ideal for those who prefer a laid-back yet stylish look. It’s perfect for creative types and fits well with round and heart-shaped faces, giving a softening effect to the angular lines.

Styling involves parting the hair deeply on one side and allowing the longer sections to flow freely. The low fade keeps the overall look clean and focused. To maintain, use a sea-salt spray for texture and a medium-hold gel to keep the part in place.

Edgy Top Knot with High Shaved Sides

The edgy top knot uses High Shaved Sides to create a stark contrast with a high top knot, making it a statement style that stands out in a crowd. Best for oval and square faces, this look emphasizes the top of the head and the facial features.

Styling requires pulling the long top hair up into a tight knot, with the sides shaved close to the skin. This style needs regular upkeep to maintain the clean sides, and a strong-hold gel ensures the knot stays put.

Sophisticated Slick Back with Beard Integration

Pairing a sophisticated slick back with a well-groomed Beard creates a look of understated elegance. This style suits any face shape and is particularly impactful for balancing out facial proportions.

To achieve this, the hair is slicked back smoothly, integrating with the beard for a seamless transition. The key to maintaining this style is a good quality beard oil and a regular trim to keep both hair and beard neat.

Wild Curly Top with Mid Taper Fade

Embrace the natural texture with a wild curly top complemented by a Mid Taper Fade. This style is excellent for those with naturally curly hair, providing a manageable yet stylish look that suits triangular and oval faces by adding volume on top.

Styling focuses on defining the curls and blending them into the tapered sides. A curl-defining cream and occasional deep conditioning will keep the curls in optimal condition.

Textured Pompadour with Sharp Fade

The Textured Pompadour with Sharp Fade blends classic and contemporary styles. This look elevates the traditional pompadour by adding texture on top, combined with a High Fade to emphasize the volume. It’s an ideal choice for those with thick hair and suits most face shapes, providing a balance between the forehead and jawline.

Styling involves backcombing and applying a volumizing mousse to the longer top hair, while the sides receive a sharp, clean fade. To maintain the volume, a texturizing spray and regular trims are essential.

Long Flowing Locks with Disconnected Undercut

Embrace your inner rockstar with Long Flowing Locks with Disconnected Undercut. This style is perfect for men who like to make a bold statement and works best with naturally straight or wavy hair. It suits elongated face shapes, enhancing facial symmetry.

The key to this style is maintaining the health of the long locks while keeping the undercut sharply disconnected. Use a hydrating shampoo and conditioner, and ensure regular trims to manage split ends.

Swept-Back Waves with Tapered Sides

The Swept-Back Waves with Tapered Sides offers a suave, gentlemanly look. Ideal for wavy hair, this style works well with oval and heart-shaped faces by adding a touch of class and sophistication.

Achieving this look involves growing the top hair long enough to sweep back gracefully, with the sides tapered for a clean finish. Use a light-hold gel or pomade to keep the waves in place while maintaining a natural appearance.

Angular Fringe with Mid Fade

The Angular Fringe with Mid Fade is a modern style that focuses on sharp, precise lines. This look suits men with straight hair and angular faces, emphasizing sharp facial features.

Styling requires cutting the fringe at a sharp angle and combining it with a mid fade for a dramatic contrast. A strong-hold gel is essential to keep the fringe styled throughout the day.

Retro Slick Back with Low Fade

The Retro Slick Back with Low Fade revives the old-school glamour with a modern twist. Suitable for all hair types, this look is especially flattering for men with rectangular face shapes, adding elegance and a timeless charm.

To style, use a high-shine pomade to slick the hair back, while the sides are kept low-faded to modernize the retro appeal. Regular combing and conditioning will ensure the slick back looks polished.

Casual Tousled Look with Side Fade

The Casual Tousled Look with Side Fade is perfect for a laid-back, effortless style. It works best with slightly wavy hair and fits any face shape, providing a relaxed yet stylish appearance.

Styling involves using a texturizing spray to create a tousled effect, paired with a fade on the sides to keep the overall look neat. This style is low maintenance but may require occasional trims and daily texturizing.

Mohawk-Inspired Top with Shaved Sides

For the bold and adventurous, the Mohawk-Inspired Top with Shaved Sides takes the classic Mohawk to a more wearable level. This style is suited for all hair types and elongates round and square face shapes.

Achieving this look involves shaving the sides close to the skin while leaving a strip of longer hair on top, styled into a spiked or sleek Mohawk. Regular shaving and styling products like strong-hold gel or wax are needed to maintain the shape.

Side Swept Curls with High Taper Fade

The Side Swept Curls with High Taper Fade offers a charming look for curly-haired men. This style softens angular features and suits diamond or oval face shapes by adding volume and texture.

Styling requires allowing the curls to grow on top and sweeping them to one side, combined with a high taper fade for a clean, sharp finish. A curl-defining cream and light gel will keep the curls in place and frizz-free.

Layered Waves with Mid Taper

The Layered Waves with Mid Taper provides depth and dimension to wavy hair, making it a great choice for those seeking a dynamic yet manageable hairstyle. Suitable for round and oval faces, it enhances natural hair texture.

To style, layer the waves to add volume and pair with a mid taper for a tidy appearance. Regular conditioning and a medium-hold mousse will help maintain the waves’ shape and health.

Polished Quiff with Clean Fade

The Polished Quiff with Clean Fade merges vintage and modern styles, offering a refined look. Ideal for straight or wavy hair, this style fits well with any face shape, especially those with prominent foreheads.

Styling involves volumizing the front hair into a quiff while keeping the sides faded clean. A volumizing spray and a blow dryer will help achieve the desired height and fullness, with a light-hold hairspray to secure the quiff.

Elegant Flow with Sculpted Undercut

The Elegant Flow with Sculpted Undercut offers a sophisticated blend of grace and edginess. This style is perfect for those with long, flowing hair who want a touch of modern sharpness. It works exceptionally well for individuals with heart or oval-shaped faces, as it draws attention upwards and highlights the cheekbones.

Styling involves keeping the top hair long and flowing, while the sides are undercut to a sculpted finish. To maintain this look, regular conditioning to keep the long hair smooth and healthy is essential, along with routine trims to keep the undercut sharp.

Urban Sleek Back with Razor Line

The Urban Sleek Back with Razor Line combines sleekness with a touch of urban edge, featuring a sharp razor line to separate the long top from the shaved sides. This style is perfect for men looking for a clean, polished appearance with a modern twist. It’s particularly flattering for those with elongated face shapes, as it elongates the profile even more.

Styling this look involves using a strong-hold gel to sleek back the top hair, while a skilled barber crafts a precise razor line on the sides. Maintenance includes regular side shaves to keep the lines crisp and using a high-shine pomade to maintain the sleekness of the back.


These ten long hair with undercut styles offer something for every man looking to refresh his look. Whether you prefer a subtle, clean-cut appearance or a bold, adventurous style, there’s an option to suit your taste and lifestyle. We encourage you to discuss these styles, share your experiences, and even suggest your own variations in the comments below. Let’s keep the conversation going and continue exploring the dynamic world of men’s hairstyles together!

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