Explore 33 Unique Undercut with Long Wavy Top Styles for Fashion-Forward Men’s Hairstyles


In the evolving world of men’s hairstyles, the undercut with a long wavy top stands out as a versatile and stylish choice that suits a variety of face shapes and personal styles. This look, characterized by short sides and a voluminous wavy top, offers a striking contrast that frames the face and enhances features. This article explores ten unique takes on this trendy hairstyle, each tailored to different preferences and occasions.

Rugged Waves with Precision Undercut

The rugged waves with a precision undercut combine mens hairstyles with a touch of wild charm. Ideal for social gatherings or a casual day out, this style suits oval and heart-shaped faces, complementing green or hazel eyes. The waves add texture and volume, creating a laid-back yet sophisticated look.

Maintaining this style involves regular trims and using a sea salt spray for texture. A medium-hold gel will keep the waves defined without sacrificing their natural bounce.

Sleek Side-Parted Elegance

For those who favor a cleaner cut, the sleek side-parted elegance offers a sharp men’s haircut with short on sides. This style is perfect for professional settings or formal events. It works best with square and round faces, ideally paired with brown eyes, enhancing a mature and refined appearance.

Achieve this look with a fine-tooth comb and a strong hold pomade. Regular washing and conditioning with a moisturizing product will ensure the hair remains healthy and manageable.

Bohemian Chic Wavy Top

The bohemian chic wavy top is a creative twist on the traditional boys haircut trendy, featuring short sides medium lengths. It’s an excellent choice for artistic events or music festivals, suited for triangular and diamond face shapes, and striking with blue eyes.

Styling involves letting the waves grow out naturally, using a curl-enhancing cream to define them. A light hairspray can be used to maintain volume without stiffness.

Urban Edged Wave

The urban edged wave is a bold statement mens haircut faded sides, merging urban style with classic sophistication. It’s suitable for both day-to-day activities and evening socials, best complementing oblong and rectangular faces, especially with dark eyes.

Use a lightweight mousse to add volume to the top while keeping the sides sleek. A regular trim will keep the edges clean and sharp.

Vintage Glamour with Modern Twist

Capturing the essence of the golden era, the vintage glamour with modern twist is all about polished waves with neat short on sides. Ideal for gala events or sophisticated parties, this style fits well with round and oval faces, particularly with lighter eye colors like grey or blue.

For styling, use a high-quality wave-enhancing serum and a blow dryer with a diffuser to achieve those classic waves. A shine spray will add the perfect finishing touch to ensure the hair looks glossy and refined.

Beach Ready Textured Waves

The beach-ready textured waves offer a relaxed yet trendy look, perfect for vacations or summer outings. This style suits all face shapes and is particularly appealing with light-colored eyes, embodying the essence of a carefree summer day.

Maintain this look with a texturizing spray and minimal styling products to keep the waves natural and effortless. Regular conditioning is crucial to prevent dryness from sun exposure.

Classic Undercut with a Twist of Waves

The classic undercut with a twist of waves brings a dynamic edge to a mens haircut, suitable for both formal and casual settings. It complements elongated and square face shapes, enhancing blue or green eyes with its stylish contrast.

Use a curl defining cream and a light hold hairspray to keep the waves soft but controlled. Regular conditioning treatments will ensure the hair stays healthy and vibrant.

Tousled Waves with Clean Sides

The tousled waves with clean sides offer a playful yet polished look, great for everyday wear or special occasions. This style is flattering for oval and round faces, especially with light brown or amber eyes.

Achieving this look involves using a texturizing paste and tousling the hair with fingers to create a natural, windswept effect. A nourishing oil can be used to add a subtle sheen and keep the hair conditioned.

Night Out Wavy Pompadour

The night out wavy pompadour is an adventurous and stylish choice, perfect for a night on the town. This boy haircut enhances the rugged features of rectangular and oval face shapes, especially with dark eyes.

Styling involves back combing the waves and securing them with a strong hold gel. A smoothing serum will keep the pompadour sleek and shiny throughout the evening.

Relaxed Beach Waves with Sharp Undercut

This casual yet stylish variation is perfect for those who aim for a laid-back, beach-ready appearance. The relaxed beach waves flow freely, giving a sense of ease, while the sharp undercut adds a clean, contemporary edge. Ideal for leisurely days or informal gatherings, it pairs well with oval and heart-shaped faces and lighter eye colors.

To keep the waves looking effortless, use a salt spray and scrunch the hair while it’s damp. A regular trim will ensure the undercut remains distinct and tidy.

Deep Side Sweep with Rugged Undercut

The deep side sweep with a rugged undercut is an excellent choice for adding a dramatic flair to your style. The deep part enhances the volume and flow of the wavy top, making it suitable for formal events or professional settings. This style complements square and round face shapes, ideally paired with deep-set eyes.

Styling requires a strong hold pomade to maintain the side sweep throughout the day. Regular washing and conditioning will keep the waves soft and manageable.

Glossy Waves with Precision Fade

Elegant and sophisticated, the glossy waves with precision fade offer a polished look for those special occasions. The glossy finish on the waves provides a luxurious texture, while the precision fade keeps the overall appearance neat and refined. Best suited for round and oval face shapes, it enhances lighter eye colors.

Achieve this glossy look with a high-quality serum and use a fine-tooth comb for the fade to ensure precision. Regular conditioning treatments will help maintain the shine and health of the waves.

Asymmetric Wavy Top with Clean Undercut

For a modern and edgy look, the asymmetric wavy top with a clean undercut stands out. The asymmetry offers a unique twist, making it a great conversation starter at social events. This style suits angular face shapes and bold eye colors, providing a striking aesthetic contrast.

Styling involves using a lightweight mousse to enhance the natural waves asymmetrically. Keep the undercut sharp with frequent trims.

Curly Cascade with Defined Undercut

This style is perfect for those with naturally curly hair. The curly cascade allows the curls to express their natural texture while the defined undercut adds structure and contrast. Suitable for any casual or formal setting, it fits well with all face shapes and eye colors.

Use a curl-defining cream to enhance the curls and a low-shine pomade to maintain the sharpness of the undercut.

Swept-Back Waves with Tapered Sides

The swept-back waves with tapered sides offer a classic look that combines elegance and masculinity. This style is versatile for both office environments and evening events, complementing elongated and heart-shaped faces with any eye color.

To maintain the swept-back look, apply a volumizing spray and comb the hair back while blow-drying. Regular tapering will keep the sides immaculate.

Dynamic Tousled Top with Sculpted Undercut

Ideal for those who prefer a more dynamic and youthful appearance, the dynamic tousled top with a sculpted undercut provides volume and movement. This style is great for informal outings or creative environments, suitable for round and square face shapes with vibrant eye colors.

A texturizing spray and light manipulation with the fingers will create the perfect tousled effect. Keep the undercut sculpted with regular salon visits.

Smooth Flow with Disconnected Undercut

The smooth flow with disconnected undercut combines sleekness with boldness. The smooth top flows seamlessly, while the disconnected undercut adds a striking visual element. This style is perfect for making a bold statement at parties or fashion events, fitting well with all face shapes, particularly those with striking eyes.

Use a smoothing conditioner and a flat brush while blow-drying to achieve the sleek top. Ensure the undercut remains disconnected with precise cuts.

Wavy Pompadour with Fade

A sophisticated take on the classic pompadour, this style elevates the traditional look with added texture from the waves. The fade complements the voluminous top, making it suitable for formal occasions and business meetings. This style works best with oval and triangular face shapes, enhancing darker eye colors.

Apply a heat protectant and use a round brush to blow-dry the hair upwards to form the pompadour. A matte pomade will provide hold without diminishing the natural texture of the waves.

Layered Waves with Ultra-Clean Undercut

The layered waves with ultra-clean undercut provide depth and dimension, making it an ideal choice for those looking to add volume to their hair. This look is versatile enough for daily wear and special events, complementing any face shape and eye color.

Layer the waves with a light mousse to enhance the natural volume and use a sharp razor for the ultra-clean undercut to maintain a crisp boundary. Regular layering will keep the style voluminous and fresh.

Windswept Wavy Top with Sleek Undercut

This style is all about capturing the essence of movement. The windswept wavy top creates a sense of dynamic flair, ideal for those who want a hairstyle that looks effortlessly styled yet striking. The sleek undercut provides a stark, modern contrast, making this look suitable for creative professions or casual social settings. It works exceptionally well for individuals with rectangular or oval face shapes, particularly enhancing lighter eye colors.

To achieve the windswept effect, use a lightweight texturizing spray and gently push the waves back with your hands while blow-drying. Maintain the sleekness of the undercut with regular trims to keep it sharp and defined.

Elegant Waves with Edgy Undercut

Combining elegance with a touch of rebellious spirit, the elegant waves with an edgy undercut are perfect for those who enjoy a sophisticated hairstyle with a modern twist. This look is ideal for formal events or high-end social gatherings, best complementing heart-shaped and round faces, particularly with dark or intense eye colors.

For styling, apply a nourishing curl cream to enhance the definition of the waves. Use a strong hold gel to keep the undercut edgy and distinct. Regular conditioning will ensure the waves stay healthy and vibrant.


Each of these ten undercut with long wavy top styles offers a unique way to express personal style while keeping up with current trends. Whether you prefer a subtle, clean-cut look or a bold, textured style, there’s a version of this versatile haircut to suit your needs. Share your thoughts and experiences with these styles in the comments below, or suggest your own variations to inspire others!

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