Exploring 27 Disconnected Undercut with Curls Styles for Men with High Fade and Sides

Disconnected Undercut with Curls: A Fresh Spin on Classic Style


The disconnected undercut with curls has become a pivotal trend in men’s fashion, offering a stylish blend of boldness and sophistication. This hairstyle, characterized by sharply contrasted lengths between the top and the sides, provides a striking framework for incorporating playful curls. This article delves into ten unique interpretations of this modern classic, tailored for various occasions and personal styles. Ideal for the fashion-forward man between the ages of 20 and 60, these looks guarantee to make a statement in any setting.

Curly Top with Clean Sides

For men seeking a balance between professional and trendy, the Curly Top with Clean Sides offers a perfect solution. This style features sides high fade straight and a voluminous curly top, ideal for business environments or formal events. It particularly suits oval and square face shapes, while brown or hazel eyes stand out with this haircut.

Maintaining this look requires precision. Use a high-quality pomade to define the curls and a daily application of moisturizing conditioner to keep the hair healthy and styled.

Textured Waves with Sharp Disconnection

The Textured Waves with Sharp Disconnection embodies casual cool. The soft waves on top provide a stark contrast to the clean, shaved sides, making it suitable for social outings or creative workplaces. This style best complements round or heart-shaped faces and enhances light eye colors


Achieving this look involves using a sea salt spray for texture and a light matte wax for hold. Regular trims are essential to keep the sides immaculate and the top perfectly tousled.

Urban Curl with Razor Lines

Infuse some edgy geometry with the Urban Curl with Razor Lines, where strategic razor lines add a modern twist to the curly disconnection. It’s a bold choice for the adventurous spirit, suitable for nights out and music festivals. Round and diamond face shapes will find this style particularly flattering.

Styling this cut requires a strong hold gel to maintain the razor lines and a curl enhancer to define the curls, ensuring the haircut remains sharp and styled throughout any event.

Bohemian Rhapsody Undercut

The Bohemian Rhapsody Undercut is all about free-spirited flair, combining loose curls with a subtle undercut. It’s the perfect pick for artistic events or casual dates. This style flatters oblong and triangular face shapes and pairs well with green or blue eyes.

Maintain the look with a light mousse to keep curls bouncy and a weekly deep-conditioning treatment to prevent frizz, preserving the bohemian vibe of the hairstyle.

Classic Gentleman’s Curl

Embrace timeless elegance with the Classic Gentleman’s Curl, featuring neatly styled curls atop a classic undercut. This refined look is suitable for formal affairs and professional meetings, ideally complementing individuals with square or heart-shaped faces and dark eyes.

Use a high-quality curl cream to define the curls and a shine-enhancing hair spray to keep the style polished and controlled.

Sporty Spiral with Dynamic Sides

The Sporty Spiral with Dynamic Sides offers an energetic twist with tight spirals and dynamically faded sides, perfect for athletes or active individuals. This haircut suits round faces best and highlights vibrant eye colors like blue or green.

To maintain this style, opt for a curl-defining cream and a lightweight hairspray that offers flexibility and hold without weighing down the curls.

Retro Curls with Disconnected Pomp

Channel vintage charm with Retro Curls with Disconnected Pomp, combining classic pomp with playful curls. This style is excellent for themed parties or retro events, enhancing the appearance of those with oval faces and light eye colors.

Styling this look requires a volumizing mousse and a strong hold hairspray to ensure the pomp stays lifted and the curls remain defined throughout the day.

Beachy Curl Flow

The Beachy Curl Flow provides a laid-back, summery feel with its loose curls and minimalistic undercut. Ideal for vacations or weekend outings, it fits well with oblong and square face shapes and enhances lighter eye colors.

A saltwater spray will help achieve the beachy texture, while a moisturizing conditioner will keep the curls hydrated and natural-looking.

Edgy Tight Top with Smooth Fade

Lastly, the Edgy Tight Top with Smooth Fade merges tightly coiled curls with a smooth, fading undercut. It’s a sharp, contemporary look perfect for the modern professional or style-conscious man, best suited for square and diamond face shapes and darker eye colors.

Use a strong-hold gel to define the tight curls and a daily conditioner to ensure the sides remain smooth and fade remains sharp.

Sleek Side Sweep with Curly Volume

The Sleek Side Sweep with Curly Volume offers a glamorous twist to the classic undercut. Ideal for formal events and upscale gatherings, this style features a side-swept top with defined curls, providing a polished yet dynamic look. It suits individuals with oblong and rectangular face shapes, particularly those with darker eye colors.

Maintain this elegant style with a high-hold gel to keep the side sweep in place and a curl-defining cream to enhance the natural texture of the curls.

Minimalist Buzz with Curled Top

The Minimalist Buzz with Curled Top is a striking yet understated style, where the almost-buzzed sides sharply contrast with a lightly curled, textured top. Perfect for a clean, low-maintenance look that suits casual and professional settings alike, it is particularly flattering for round and oval faces with light to medium eye colors.

A light pomade or wax can be used to add texture to the curls, while regular trims keep the buzzed sides neat.

Asymmetric Curly Quiff

Asymmetric Curly Quiff adds a contemporary flair to the traditional undercut, featuring an asymmetrically styled quiff with voluminous curls. This bold style is suited for creative industries or fashion-forward events, complementing angular face shapes and striking eye colors.

Achieving this look involves using a volumizing mousse and a strong-hold hairspray to keep the quiff prominent and structured throughout the day.

Tousled Curls with Deep Fade

The Tousled Curls with Deep Fade combines casual tousled curls with a deep, smooth fade, offering a relaxed yet stylish appearance suitable for everyday wear. This look works best with square and heart-shaped faces, enhancing both light and dark eye colors.

Use a texturizing spray for a natural, tousled effect, and a hydrating conditioner to keep the curls soft and manageable.

Wild Ringlets with Structured Sides

For those who embrace their natural texture, Wild Ringlets with Structured Sides showcases full-bodied curls with precisely trimmed sides. This style is ideal for artistic settings or casual outings, fitting well with all face shapes, especially those with bold facial features.

Curl-enhancing shampoo and a natural styling gel can help maintain the definition and volume of the ringlets while keeping the look fresh and vibrant.

High Volume Top with Skin Fade

High Volume Top with Skin Fade offers a dramatic contrast, featuring a voluminous curly top and a sharp skin fade. It’s an excellent choice for evening social events and trendy environments, best complementing oval and triangular face shapes and any eye color.

A strong-hold mousse will add volume to the top, while regular fades from a professional barber keep the sides immaculately sharp.

Curly Pompadour with Precision Fade

The Curly Pompadour with Precision Fade modernizes the classic pompadour with a curly twist and a meticulous fade. This refined style is suited for formal affairs and business meetings, flattering heart and diamond face shapes, particularly those with dramatic eye colors.

To style, use a heat protectant and a curling iron to shape the curls, followed by a pomade to sculpt the pompadour, ensuring it holds its shape all day.

Subtle Waves with Discrete Undercut

Subtle Waves with Discrete Undercut offers a gentle approach to the disconnected style, with soft waves above and a subtle undercut below. This look is perfect for those who prefer understated elegance, suitable for professional and social settings, and fits well with all face shapes.

Maintaining this style requires minimal product, just a light hold texture cream and regular trims to keep the undercut clean.

Frosted Tips with Sharp Undercut

Frosted Tips with Sharp Undercut incorporates a playful color twist with frosted tips on the curly top, contrasted against dark, sharp undercut sides. This eye-catching look is great for those looking to stand out at social events or within creative fields, complementing cool-toned skin and any face shape.

Use a color-safe shampoo and conditioner to maintain the vibrancy of the frosted tips and a strong-hold styling product to define the curls.

Natural Curls with Tattooed Sides

Natural Curls with Tattooed Sides features untouched, bouncy curls on top with intricately tattooed sides for an artistic edge. Ideal for expressing personal style or for artistic showcases, this look suits any face shape, especially with bold eye colors.

Keep the curls hydrated with a sulfate-free curl conditioner and get regular side touch-ups to maintain the clarity of the tattooed designs.

Crown of Curls with Faded Glory

Crown of Curls with Faded Glory presents a majestic array of curls piled high, gradually fading into cleanly shaved sides. This regal look is perfect for formal celebrations or performance arts, flattering elongated face shapes and enhancing dark eye colors.

A curl-defining foam and occasional deep conditioning treatments ensure the curls remain soft and regal, while the faded sides require frequent upkeep.


Exploring the disconnected undercut with curls reveals a spectrum of styles that cater to different personalities, occasions, and expressions of fashion. Whether you prefer a sharp, clean look or a more textured, playful vibe, there is an undercut to suit your style. Share your thoughts or your personal experiences with these styles in the comments below, and let us know which undercut resonates with your personal style!

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