Exploring 31 Long Beard Styles for Men: Trends and Tips for a Bold Look in 2024


Long beards have transcended mere fashion trends to become symbols of wisdom, strength, and individuality among men. As facial hair continues to gain popularity, understanding the nuances of long beard styles is essential for anyone looking to enhance their look. This article delves into ten distinctive long beard styles that cater to a wide range of tastes and face shapes, from the rugged Viking to the sleek and polished businessman. Whether you’re aiming for a bold statement or a subtle charm, there’s a style here to suit your personality and lifestyle.

Classic Full Beard

The Classic Full Beard is a testament to masculinity and remains ever-popular among men who wish to exhibit a robust image. Ideal for medium to long hair, this style complements men with a round face or a men shape face, enhancing their jawline and adding maturity to their appearance. It’s particularly suited for social gatherings and professional settings alike, where a well-groomed appearance is prized.

To maintain this iconic look, regular trimming is crucial to keep the shape tidy. A high-quality beard oil, such as Jack Black’s Beard Oil, will keep the beard soft and lush while preventing skin underneath from becoming dry and itchy.

The Garibaldi

For those who prefer a more natural and less sculpted appearance, the Garibaldi is perfect. This style is particularly flattering for men with a round face or a large facial structure, as it balances proportions beautifully. The Garibaldi is a great match for casual events and creative professions, projecting a laid-back yet confident demeanor.

Maintaining the Garibaldi involves letting the beard grow with minimal trimming, focusing on conditioning with products like Honest Amish Beard Balm to enhance its fullness and manageability.

The Bandholz

Pioneered by beard enthusiast Eric Bandholz, this style is synonymous with urbanity and freedom. Suitable for all hair types including curly and short hair, it works wonders on men with an oval or diamond-shaped face. The Bandholz can be sported in both formal and informal settings, offering a versatile option that reflects a fearless attitude towards life.

The key to a splendid Bandholz beard is patience during the growing out phase and routine care, using a dedicated beard wash and conditioner to promote healthy growth and prevent split ends.

The Verdi

A sophisticated style that combines a full beard with a styled mustache, the Verdi is perfect for men who embrace the latest trends while maintaining a touch of classical elegance. It’s particularly flattering for men with a round face and those who prefer a groomed appearance at galas or corporate affairs.

The Verdi requires frequent mustache trimming and styling with wax, like Firehouse Moustache Wax, to maintain its distinguished look. Regular combing helps prevent tangles and keeps the beard neat.

The Yeard

A Yeard is a year-long beard growing endeavor that results in a majestic, natural beard. It’s best for men who are patient and willing to embrace their beard’s natural journey. This style is admired in the adventurous and outdoor communities, symbolizing a commitment to growth and natural beauty.

Caring for a Yeard is about minimal interference. Wash regularly with a gentle beard shampoo and apply beard oil to keep it healthy and hydrated.

The Balbo

The Balbo is for those who appreciate complexity in their beard style, combining a floating mustache and a separated chin beard. It suits men with a strong chin and jawline, like a shape face or men round face, and is often seen in business and formal settings.

Regular trimming and detailing are crucial, as is a daily conditioning routine with products designed for fine hair to maintain the Balbo’s distinct lines.

The Spartan

The Spartan beard is a robust and dense style that exudes strength and classic masculinity. It’s best suited for men with square or men round face shapes, enhancing the jawline and adding a warrior-like aura. This style is ideal for outdoor enthusiasts or anyone who wants to project a bold, strong image.

To maintain a Spartan beard, regular trimming is necessary to keep its shape sharp. Using a nourishing beard oil will ensure that the beard remains healthy and vibrant.

The Circle Beard

The Circle Beard combines a rounded goatee with a mustache, making it an excellent choice for those who prefer a more defined facial hair style without committing to a full beard. This style suits men with oval or men shape face, and it’s perfect for both casual and professional settings.

Regular shaping and maintenance are required to keep the Circle Beard’s precise lines, and a good quality trimmer is essential for this task. A light beard wax can help in maintaining the mustache part of the style.

The Stiletto Beard

The Stiletto Beard is long and pointed, resembling the sharpness of a stiletto blade. It’s a daring style that fits well with men who have a long face or sharp features, often associated with artistic or musical professions.

To keep the Stiletto Beard looking its best, precision trimming is crucial, and products like beard balm are recommended to keep the hair smooth and pointed.

The Regal Taper

The Regal Taper is a refined long beard style that elegantly narrows towards the chin, creating a sharp and sophisticated silhouette. This style is particularly flattering for men with square or men shape face, enhancing the natural lines of the jaw and providing a clean, tailored look. It’s a versatile style that suits both professional environments and formal events, making it a popular choice among business professionals and style-conscious individuals.

To maintain the Regal Taper, regular trimming is essential to keep the lines crisp and the taper well-defined. Using a high-quality beard oil or balm will help condition the beard, keeping it soft and manageable while adding a slight shine that enhances its regal appearance.

The Ducktail

The Ducktail beard, as the name suggests, resembles the tail of a duck. This beard style is refined at the cheeks but extends into a pointed shape at the chin. It’s suitable for men with oval and rectangular face shapes, offering a sophisticated yet rugged look.

Regular trimming and shaping are essential, along with the use of beard oils to keep the longer parts of the beard well-groomed and neat.

The Imperial

The Imperial beard style is all about the mustache, which is grown large and often curled at the ends, combined with a modest beard. It’s perfect for men who enjoy a touch of historical elegance and suits those with prominent facial features.

Maintaining an Imperial requires regular mustache waxing to keep the curls in place and a trimmer to keep the beard tidy and proportionate to the mustache.

The Salt and Pepper Sovereign

The Salt and Pepper Sovereign is a distinguished style that embraces the natural aging process, highlighting the graceful blend of black and white beard hairs. This look is especially suitable for men entering their mature years, conveying wisdom and sophistication. It works well for men with any face shape, offering a universal appeal that adds a touch of elegance to both casual and formal attire.

Maintaining the Salt and Pepper Sovereign involves regular grooming to keep the beard shaped and neat. Using a beard wash that enhances natural hair color and reduces graying can help maintain the rich texture and color contrast. A light beard oil will also keep the beard smooth and manageable, allowing the natural colors to shine through beautifully.

The Lincoln

Named after Abraham Lincoln, this style is characterized by a strong, pronounced chin curtain and no mustache. It’s particularly flattering for men with an elongated face, and it conveys seriousness and authority.

This style requires precise edging along the jawline and regular care with a beard conditioner to keep the facial hair smooth and manageable.

The Goatee Bridge

The Goatee Bridge combines a traditional goatee with a mustache that extends down to join the chin beard, forming a bridge-like structure. This style is suitable for men looking to accentuate their chin and mouth area, ideal for musicians or public speakers.

Regular maintenance involves shaping the beard to ensure the “bridge” remains connected, and using beard wax to keep the mustache styled and controlled.

The Norseman

Inspired by ancient Viking styles, the Norseman is a full, thick beard that conveys ruggedness and a connection to nature. It’s particularly good for men with a larger face and those who can grow a thick, dense beard.

The key to a great Norseman beard is minimal trimming to maintain its wild, natural look, combined with regular washing and oiling to keep the beard healthy and manageable.

The Chevron Flare

The Chevron Flare is a distinctive beard style featuring a prominent, thick mustache that flares outwards, combined with a medium-length tapered beard. It’s ideal for men with strong upper lip features and can adapt well from casual settings to more formal environments.

To keep the Chevron Flare in top condition, regular mustache trimming and a bit of wax to maintain the flare are essential, alongside a good beard trimmer for shaping the beard.

The Whaler

The Whaler is a bold, no-mustache beard that hearkens back to the days of seafaring adventurers. It suits men with a strong chin and jawline, perfect for those looking to make a statement without the upkeep of a mustache.

Maintaining a Whaler involves letting the beard grow while keeping the upper lip and cheeks clean. Using a hydrating beard oil will help manage this thick, often unruly style.

The Curtain Call

The Curtain Call is a long beard that is parted down the middle, resembling a dramatic curtain-like division. It’s an artistic style suitable for men with a longer, oval face, offering a unique twist to the traditional long beard.

Care for this style includes regular parting and combing to maintain the division, and deep conditioning to keep the hair smooth and manageable.

The Lumberjack

The Lumberjack is a classic, full, and bushy beard that exudes ruggedness and a hard-working spirit. It works best for men with a broader face and strong features, commonly associated with outdoor activities and rustic lifestyles.

Routine trimming and a quality beard balm are essential for keeping the Lumberjack beard looking healthy and well-kept.

The Braided Baron

The Braided Baron involves braiding sections of the beard, which can add a touch of ancient warrior or a sophisticated modern twist. This style is great for men with very long beards and suits those in creative or fashion-forward professions.

Regular braiding and unbraiding are necessary to prevent tangling, and using a light hair oil will keep the braids neat and tidy.

The Zen Master

The Zen Master is a long, flowing beard, often accompanied by a bald head, conveying wisdom and serenity. It’s perfect for men who prefer a minimalist yet striking appearance, and it can be a statement piece in both spiritual and casual settings.

Maintaining the Zen Master involves letting the beard grow naturally, with occasional trims for split ends, and using a lightweight oil to keep it soft and flowing.

The Modern Viking

The Modern Viking is an updated version of the traditional Viking beard, featuring more defined lines and a cleaner look while still maintaining robust length and volume. It’s especially suited for men with a large face or who want to showcase their Norse heritage in a contemporary way.

Regular washing, conditioning, and slight trimming to keep the shape modern and tidy are essential for this beard style.

The Sophisticate

The Sophisticate beard is neatly trimmed and styled to perfection, offering a polished look that transitions smoothly from the boardroom to a fine dining environment. It’s particularly flattering for men with a medium to long face and those who value a meticulous appearance.

Frequent trims and the use of high-quality grooming products like sculpting gel are vital to maintain the refined look of the Sophisticate.

The Wanderer

The Wanderer is a loosely styled, slightly unkempt beard that suggests a free-spirited and adventurous personality. It works well for men of all face shapes who enjoy a more relaxed, bohemian lifestyle.

This style benefits from minimal interference; just occasional trimming and a good beard oil will maintain its natural, rugged charm while keeping the hair healthy and vibrant.


Exploring long beard styles offers a unique opportunity to redefine one’s appearance and showcase individuality. Whether you prefer a rugged, natural look or a polished, defined style, there is a long beard style to suit your personality and face shape. We invite you to share your experiences with these styles in the comments below, discuss your favorites, and perhaps inspire others with your beard journey. Your contributions enrich our community and help others in crafting their ideal beard style

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