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Discover 34 Medium-Length Hairstyles for Men Perfect for Curly, Wavy, or Straight Hair in 2024


In the ever-evolving world of men’s fashion, medium-length hairstyles hold a special place, offering versatility and style that suits a variety of face shapes and personal aesthetics. From the busy professional to the laid-back creative, medium-length hair provides a canvas for expression. In 2024, these styles are not just about looking good; they’re about making a statement. Whether you have straight, curly, or wavy hair, there’s a look that’s perfect for you. Let’s explore ten popular haircuts that are trending this year, each tailored to different hair types and lifestyle needs.

Trendy Tousled Waves for Curly Hair

The Trendy Tousled Waves are perfect for men with curly hair looking to add a bit of sophistication to their everyday look. This style works well for social gatherings or a casual day at the office, ideal for those with oval or square face shapes. Blue or green eyes particularly sparkle with this hairstyle, enhancing the natural charisma of the curls.

Maintaining this look requires minimal effort but the right products. A curl-defining cream or a light mousse can keep the waves controlled without dampening their natural bounce. Regular trims are essential to keep the curls from becoming unruly.

Classic Pompadour with a Modern Twist for Straight Hair

The Classic Pompadour has been revamped for 2024, making it a great choice for men with straight hair seeking a blend of classic and contemporary. It’s especially suited for professional environments or elegant events. This hairstyle complements heart-shaped faces and brings out the eyes, regardless of color.

Styling involves blow-drying the hair upwards and back to create volume before setting with a high-hold pomade. Maintaining the volume of a pompadour requires a volumizing shampoo and occasional use of a texturizing spray to keep it looking fresh and sharp.

Relaxed Middle Part for Wavy Hair

Embrace a laid-back aesthetic with the Relaxed Middle Part, ideal for men with wavy hair. This look suits informal settings or a creative workspace, and it’s best paired with round or diamond face shapes and any eye color. It’s a nod to the 90s, yet thoroughly modern.

For styling, use a lightweight styling cream that enhances wave patterns without weighing them down. A regular application of a moisturizing conditioner will keep the waves healthy and vibrant.

Bold Thick Waves with Subtle Highlights

The Bold Thick Waves style is perfect for men with thick hair looking for a dynamic and noticeable look. Ideal for both day-to-day activities and special occasions, it suits triangular and round face shapes beautifully, especially enhancing brown or hazel eyes.

To achieve this look, use a sea salt spray for texture and a matte-finish styling paste for hold. Highlights should be maintained with color-safe shampoos and regular touch-ups at the salon to keep them looking intentional and fresh.

Edgy Textured Top with Shaved Sides

This Edgy Textured Top with shaved sides is the epitome of bold and modern, perfect for the adventurous at heart. Suitable for all hair types but particularly impactful on thinning hair, this style works well for energetic social scenes or creative professions. It’s best for those with angular faces and sharp features.

Style this look by applying a volumizing foam to the top and using a razor for the sides for that ultra-clean feel. To maintain, a strong hold gel keeps the texture defined, and regular shaving will keep the sides immaculate.

Refined Flow-Back for a Professional Look

The Refined Flow-Back is an excellent choice for the professional man who wants a balance of elegance and authority. Suitable for straight or wavy hair, this style fits well in corporate environments and complements oblong and square face shapes, particularly with dark eye colors.

Use a lightweight gel to push the hair back smoothly and a shine-enhancing spray to give it a sleek finish. Regular conditioning and the occasional use of a straightening iron might be necessary to keep the hair in perfect alignment.

Casual Textured Crop for Easy Maintenance

For those looking for an easy-to-maintain look, the Casual Textured Crop is perfect, especially for men with finer or short hair. This style is versatile enough for both casual and semi-formal settings and suits any face shape, particularly enhancing lively eye colors.

Styling is straightforward with a texturizing powder or clay, and maintaining this cut requires minimal effort—just regular washing and occasional trimming to keep the shape sharp.

Vintage Slick-Back with Modern Edges

The Vintage Slick-Back with Modern Edges combines old-school charm with contemporary sharpness, making it suitable for stylish events or high-end professional settings. This look works best on straight hair and flatters most face shapes, particularly with intense eye colors.

Achieving this look involves using a high-shine pomade and combing the hair back neatly. To maintain its classic appeal, regular combing and occasional use of a lightweight oil will keep the hair glossy and neat.

The Curly Shag: A Bohemian Rhapsody

A perfect match for curly hair 2024, the Curly Shag is for those who enjoy a bohemian and artistic vibe. This hairstyle is ideal for casual outings or creative professions and suits heart and oval face shapes, especially with lighter eye colors.

Style this shag with a curl cream to define the curls and a diffuser to add volume. To keep the curls in perfect condition, use a hydrating conditioner and trim regularly to prevent split ends.

Sophisticated Side Part for Timeless Elegance

Ending with a classic, the Sophisticated Side Part brings timeless elegance to thick or wavy hair. This style is perfect for formal occasions or business meetings, complementing oval and square face shapes, particularly with classic eye colors.

To style, use a fine-tooth comb and a strong-hold gel to create a clean side part. A daily rinse with a fortifying shampoo helps maintain the health and sleek appearance of the hair.

Rugged Mid-Length Taper for Bearded Men

Explore the rugged charm of the Mid-Length Taper, a style that’s both manly and manageable, perfect for those who sport beards. This cut is ideal for outdoor enthusiasts or anyone in a casual, hands-on work environment. It flatters oval and rectangular face shapes and pairs exceptionally well with dark and earthy eye colors.

To style, use a light pomade to give the hair a natural, textured look while keeping it out of the face. Beards should be well-groomed with beard oil to complement the hairstyle’s rugged appeal, and a monthly trim will keep both hair and beard neat.

Sleek and Sophisticated Eboy Cut

The Sleek and Sophisticated Eboy Cut brings a youthful edge to medium-length hair, making it a hit among the younger crowd or the young-at-heart. It’s perfect for social media influencers or anyone in the creative field. This style suits heart and round face shapes best and is particularly striking with light eye colors.

For styling, a smoothing serum and a flat iron will help achieve the sleek look, while a medium-hold hairspray will keep everything in place. Regular use of a heat protectant is crucial to maintain hair health.

The Modern Mullet for Creative Flair

Revamp your style with the Modern Mullet, a bold choice that screams creativity and individuality. Ideal for musicians, artists, or anyone in the creative arts, this style works best for those with curly or wavy hair and complements all face shapes, especially with bold eye colors.

Style this look by keeping the top and front longer and gradually shortening towards the back; use curl cream to enhance texture. Maintaining the mullet involves regular trims and using a moisturizing conditioner to keep the curls bouncy.

Layered Waves for a Dynamic Look

Layered Waves offer a dynamic and flowing look, perfect for men with thick, wavy hair. This style is versatile for both professional settings and casual outings, flattering particularly on square and round face shapes, and it enhances any eye color.

To achieve this look, apply a lightweight mousse to damp hair and scrunch it to boost the natural waves. A salt spray can add texture while a weekly deep conditioning treatment will keep the waves healthy and defined.

Polished Ivy League for Professionals

The Polished Ivy League is a refined choice for professional environments, offering a clean and smart appearance. Suitable for straight or wavy hair, this style best complements oval and heart-shaped faces and pairs well with subtle eye colors.

Styling is simple with a small amount of pomade for a neat, side-parted look. Regular washing and conditioning, along with bi-monthly trims, ensure this style remains sharp and sophisticated.

The Bro Flow: Effortlessly Cool

The Bro Flow is effortlessly cool and easy to maintain, making it a favorite among men who prefer a laid-back style. It’s particularly effective for those with straight or wavy hair and suits any face shape, especially with vibrant eye colors.

Styling involves letting the hair air-dry naturally and using a light texturizing spray to add a bit of volume and movement. Regular trims every few months will help maintain the shape and health of the hair.

Textured Quiff with Angular Fringe

The Textured Quiff with Angular Fringe brings an edgy twist to the traditional quiff, perfect for making a bold statement in any setting. This style is great for thick hair and suits triangular and oval face shapes, enhancing sharp facial features.

Use a volumizing foam and blow-dry the hair upwards for the quiff, then style the fringe with a bit of matte wax for an angular look. Maintain this style with a strong-hold hairspray and regular trims to keep the edges sharp.

Soft Parted Curls with Volume

Soft Parted Curls with Volume are ideal for men with curly hair looking for a style that’s both professional and playful. This hairstyle works well in both corporate and creative settings and suits round and oval face shapes, highlighting bright eye colors.

Apply a curl-enhancing cream and part the hair to one side, using a diffuser to dry the hair and maintain its volume. A regular application of deep conditioner will keep the curls defined and frizz-free.

Sun-Kissed Shoulder Length for a Beach Look

Embrace a beachy vibe with Sun-Kissed Shoulder Length, a fantastic choice for men with wavy or curly hair. This style is perfect for casual summer outings or creative jobs, complementing long and oval face shapes, especially with lighter eye colors.

To style, use a light texturizing spray to enhance the natural wave pattern and a color-enhancing shampoo to maintain the sun-kissed highlights. Regular trims will keep the ends healthy and the style looking fresh.

Urban Slick-Back Undercut

The Urban Slick-Back Undercut combines sleekness with an edge, suitable for the urban professional or the nightlife enthusiast. This style is best for straight hair and complements angular and square face shapes, particularly with bold eye colors.

Styling requires a high-shine gel to slick back the top, while keeping the sides closely shaved. Maintaining this look involves regular touch-ups on the undercut and using a nourishing hair mask weekly to keep the slicked-back portion smooth and shiny.

These styles offer a fresh perspective on medium-length hair, providing options for every personality and occasion. Experiment with these ideas to find the one that best suits your lifestyle and fashion sense.

Windswept Layers for a Natural Look

The Windswept Layers hairstyle offers a natural, breezy look ideal for men who prefer a low-maintenance but stylish appearance. This cut is particularly suitable for those with wavy hair and complements an outdoor lifestyle or casual work environment. It works well with any face shape, especially with light eye colors.

Style this look by applying a light texturizing spray to damp hair, then roughly blow-drying to enhance the natural windswept effect. Regular light trims will maintain the layered effect without sacrificing the laid-back vibe.

Contemporary Caesar Cut for Easy Styling

Reinvent a classic with the Contemporary Caesar Cut, tailored for straight to slightly wavy hair. This modern version adds subtle texture to the traditional style, making it suitable for both the office and casual settings. It’s best for round and oval face shapes and enhances darker eye colors.

Use a matte pomade to style this cut, working it through slightly damp hair to add texture and hold. The low maintenance of this style involves simple regular washing and occasional trims to keep the front bangs at the perfect length.

Elegant Side Sweep for Formal Events

The Elegant Side Sweep is perfect for formal events or professional settings, offering a refined and polished look. This style suits men with straight or wavy hair, best complementing oblong and square face shapes and any eye color.

To achieve this look, use a fine-tooth comb and a light hold gel to neatly sweep the hair to one side. Maintain the style’s elegance with regular conditioning and use a shine spray for that extra gloss during special occasions.

Structured Crew Cut with Textured Top

The Structured Crew Cut with Textured Top offers a neat and tidy appearance with a touch of modern flair, making it ideal for professionals who prefer a low-maintenance yet stylish look. Suitable for short to medium straight hair, this style enhances sharper facial features and is compatible with all eye colors.

Styling is simple; use a texturizing paste to give the top a bit more body while keeping the sides neatly trimmed. Regular trims every few weeks will ensure the structure of the cut remains crisp and clean.

Sharp Executive Part with Fade

The Sharp Executive Part with Fade combines precision and style, making it a top choice for professionals. Suitable for straight hair, this haircut accentuates a sharp, clean look, ideal for those in leadership roles or in the corporate sphere. It flatters angular face shapes and sharpens features, suitable for any eye color.

Achieve this sharp look with a strong hold gel, carefully combing in the part and blending into a smooth fade on the sides. Maintenance includes regular fades from the barber to keep the edges crisp.

Retro Rockabilly Waves

Invoke the classic charm of the 50s with Retro Rockabilly Waves, perfect for men with thick, wavy hair. This style is a hit at themed events or as a bold everyday look, best complementing round and square face shapes and vibrant eye colors.

Use a strong pomade to sculpt the waves and a curl booster to enhance the natural texture. Keeping the retro vibe alive requires monthly styling updates and the use of a color-preserving shampoo if dyed.

Casual Top Knot for Medium to Long Hair

The Casual Top Knot is ideal for men with medium to long hair looking for a practical yet trendy style. This versatile look suits a relaxed lifestyle or creative professions, flattering most face shapes and enhancing lighter eye colors.

Style by pulling the hair back into a high or low bun, securing it loosely to maintain a casual look. Use a light hairspray to hold the style in place without stiffness. Regular conditioning will keep the hair healthy and manageable.

Effortless Beach Waves for a Summer Look

The Effortless Beach Waves style is perfect for men with wavy or curly hair who want a relaxed, summery vibe. This hairstyle is great for casual outings or weekend beach trips, flattering heart and oval face shapes, and enhancing lighter eye colors.

To achieve this laid-back look, apply a salt spray to damp hair and scrunch it to enhance the natural wave pattern. Let it air dry or use a diffuser for more defined waves. A light leave-in conditioner will help keep the hair hydrated and the waves looking soft and natural.

Plush Undercut with Thick Top

The Plush Undercut with a Thick Top showcases volume and contrast, making it a standout choice for young professionals or style-conscious men. This haircut works best for thick, straight hair, flattering oval and rectangular face shapes, and any eye color.

Achieve this style by keeping the sides closely shaved with a plush, voluminous top styled with a volumizing mousse and blow-drying upwards. Regular undercut maintenance and conditioning will keep this look sharp and stylish.

Dynamic Slicked Back with Volume

The Dynamic Slicked Back with Volume is perfect for adding a touch of drama to your style, suitable for both special occasions and professional settings. Ideal for men with straight to wavy hair, it suits angular and rectangular face shapes, particularly enhancing darker eye colors.

To style, use a volumizing gel and blow-dry the hair back to create lift at the roots. A high-hold hairspray will ensure the volume lasts all day. Regular trims and moisturizing treatments help maintain the health and appearance of the hair.

These additional ten hairstyle ideas cater to a wide range of personal styles and occasions, offering something for everyone looking to update their medium-length hair.


Exploring medium-length hairstyles offers endless possibilities to express personal style and confidence. Whether you’re updating your look for a new season or just trying something new, these ten hairstyles provide a great starting point. Share your experiences or your own favorite styles in the comments below—let’s keep the inspiration flowing!

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