35 Slicked Back Undercut Styles for Men Exploring Bold and Modern Hair Trends


The slicked back undercut has become a timeless staple in men’s fashion. Known for its sharp contrast between short sides and a longer, slicked-back top, this hairstyle offers both sophistication and edge. Ideal for both formal events and casual outings, it adapts to any setting. This article explores ten unique variations of the slicked back undercut, each tailored to enhance different face shapes, styles, and personal preferences.

Classic Slicked Back Undercut: The Boardroom Bold

Men seeking a haircut that communicates authority and class will find the Classic Slicked Back Undercut perfect. Suitable for the corporate environment, this hairstyle enhances the fade of the undercut with a neatly slicked top. It’s ideal for those with an oval face and cool-toned medium to dark eye colors.

Creating this look requires precision. A taper fade on the sides with a longer length on top allows for the slick back. Styling is achieved with a strong hold gel, ensuring the hair men love stays put all day. To maintain, use a nourishing conditioner to keep the top smooth and healthy.

Disconnected Slicked Back Undercut: Edgy Urban Appeal

For a more daring approach, the Disconnected Slicked Back Undercut stands out with its stark contrast between the high fade sides and the thick, wavy top. This mens haircut is perfect for art events or urban nightlife and suits triangular or heart-shaped faces with light to medium eye colors.

The disconnection is achieved by a high bald fade that sharply separates the top from the sides. Use a volumizing mousse to give the top section body and texture. Regular trims are essential to keep the edges sharp, and a matte finish pomade will help maintain the volume without the gloss.

Modern Textured Undercut: Casual Sophistication

Blending messy and curly textures with the undercut creates a casual yet sophisticated style. The Modern Textured Undercut is fantastic for weekend outings or creative workplaces, matching well with round faces and any eye color.

Achieve this look by asking for a low skin fade and leaving the hair longer on top for natural curls to form. Styling with a curl-enhancing cream adds definition, while a light spray of sea salt adds texture. Maintenance involves hydrating the curls to prevent frizz, making a curl-specific shampoo and conditioner indispensable.

The Wave Rider: Ocean-Inspired Elegance

For those with naturally wavy or curly hair, the Wave Rider version of the slicked back undercut utilizes the hair’s natural texture for a dynamic, fluid look. It’s especially fitting for outdoor social events or beach weddings, ideal for oval and square face shapes, enhancing green and blue eyes.

This style is sculpted by integrating a medium-long top with a fade on the sides. Styling with a lightweight curl cream allows the waves to rise and fall naturally. To keep the waves intact and looking effortless, a moisturizing leave-in conditioner is key, coupled with occasional deep-conditioning treatments.

The Vintage Throwback: Retro Glam

Echoing the golden era of cinema, The Vintage Throwback slicked back undercut adds a touch of nostalgia with a modern twist, suitable for themed parties or classic film events. It pairs best with diamond and rectangular faces, accentuating dark eyes.

This look is crafted with a disconnected undercut and a glossy finish on top. Use a pomade with high shine to style the hair back, creating a sleek, controlled wave. To preserve the style’s classic feel, a weekly application of a deep-conditioning mask will keep the hair healthy and shiny.

The Artistic Rebel: Bold and Unconventional

Pushing the boundaries, The Artistic Rebel version of the slicked back undercut incorporates elements like a mohawk or taper design on the sides to express individuality. It’s perfect for music festivals or avant-garde art shows, complementing an angular face and vibrant eye colors.

Craft this style with a bald fade and an exaggerated long top. Styling involves a strong-hold wax to keep the top voluminous throughout the day. Maintain this rebellious look with a fortifying protein treatment every fortnight to keep the hair strong and resilient against styling stress.

The Sleek Minimalist: Understated Elegance

The Sleek Minimalist approach to the slicked back undercut features a clean, understated look with a low fade. Ideal for everyday wear or minimalist fashion events, it suits all face shapes and eye colors, providing a versatile and chic aesthetic.

This hairstyle is maintained with a subtle taper on the sides while keeping the top long enough to slick back smoothly. A light hold gel or serum can create a glossy finish without weighing down the hair. Regular use of a gentle hydrating shampoo and a lightweight conditioner will ensure the hair stays healthy and manageable.

The Gentleman’s Choice: Polished and Refined

For the quintessential gentleman, this polished version of the slicked back undercut exudes refinement and grace. Ideal for formal events and upscale gatherings, it complements a square face and deep-set eyes dramatically.

Achieve this elegant style with a fade haircut that blends seamlessly into a longer, textured top. Use a comb and a high-hold pomade to style the hair back neatly. Keeping the hair in prime condition requires a balancing shampoo and a smoothing serum to prevent flyaways and ensure a sleek finish.

The Rugged Outdoorsman: Adventurous and Bold

Tailored for the adventurous spirit, The Rugged Outdoorsman incorporates a taper fade with a rugged, textured top, making it perfect for outdoor adventures or casual barbecues. It works best with a round face and lighter eye colors.

To style, apply a texturizing paste to damp hair and blow-dry for volume. The key to maintaining this look lies in using a strengthening shampoo and a conditioner that enhances hair’s natural texture while protecting it from environmental elements.

Refined Edge: The Professional’s Choice

Men seeking a balance between professional restraint and modern flair will appreciate the Refined Edge. This style uses a disconnected undercut with a fade that transitions into a neatly slicked back top, perfect for office settings and formal gatherings. Suitable for oval and rectangular face shapes, it pairs well with subtle hazel or brown eyes.

The style is achieved with a high fade on the sides and a moderately long top that can be slicked back with precision. A light hold pomade allows for flexibility while maintaining shape throughout the day. Maintenance includes using a daily hydrating conditioner to keep the hair sleek and manageable.

Urban Sophisticate: For the City Dweller

The Urban Sophisticate takes the slicked back undercut to a new level with added texture and volume. Ideal for city nightlife and social gatherings, this style suits men with diamond or heart-shaped faces and any eye color.

Create this look with a low skin fade and a textured, voluminous top. Styling with a volumizing powder ensures lift at the roots, while a medium-hold spray keeps the style intact without stiffness. Regular trims and a protein-rich shampoo will maintain the health and vibrancy of the hair.

The Dapper Dan: Vintage with a Twist

Bringing back the charm of the ’20s, The Dapper Dan is a slicked back undercut that combines slick precision with a fade. It’s particularly striking for themed events or classic cocktail evenings, matching well with square and oblong face shapes, enhancing light eye colors.

Styling involves a taper fade with a glossy, combed-back top using a strong hold, high-shine pomade. To maintain this refined look, incorporate a weekly deep-conditioning treatment and a daily shine-enhancing spray.

Coastal Cruiser: Breezy and Free

For those who love the sea, the Coastal Cruiser offers a laid-back version of the slicked back undercut with a fade that mirrors the casual vibe of coastal life. This style is ideal for beach events or casual cafes, best suited to round and oval face shapes with blue or green eyes.

Achieve this breezy look with a low fade and a loose, wavy top. Use a sea salt spray to enhance the natural waves and a light mousse to keep them in place without hardening. Maintenance involves using moisturizing hair products to protect against saltwater and sun damage.

The Rockstar Redux: Edgy and Bold

Inspired by the rock legends of the ’80s, The Rockstar Redux brings an edgy twist to the slicked back undercut with a messy, voluminous top and a high fade. It’s perfect for concerts or night outs, fitting men with angular faces and intense eye colors.

This dynamic look requires a disconnected style with spikes or tousled waves on top. Styling with a strong-hold gel or wax allows for sculpting and maintaining the rebellious vibe. Keep the hair healthy with fortifying treatments and a volumizing shampoo.

Minimalist Modern: Sleek and Simple

The Minimalist Modern slicked back undercut epitomizes simplicity with a clean fade and a straight, sleek back. Ideal for everyday elegance, it suits all face shapes and complements understated eye colors.

Style this look with a taper fade and use a straightening serum to achieve the sleek back. A medium-hold hairspray will ensure the hair stays in place. Regular use of a smoothing shampoo and conditioner is crucial for maintaining the sleek appearance.

The Gentleman’s Wave: Classic Curls Redefined

Incorporating curls into the slicked back undercut, The Gentleman’s Wave offers a curly, sophisticated look that brings texture and movement. This style is ideal for formal events and dates, fitting best with heart and square face shapes, particularly highlighting brown or black eyes.

Use a curl-enhancing cream to define the curls while maintaining a low fade on the sides. A curl-friendly hairspray can be used to hold the style without crunchiness. Regular deep conditioning is essential to keep the curls bouncy and healthy.

The Explorer: Rugged and Ready

The Explorer version of the slicked back undercut is rugged with a textured top that suggests a readiness for adventure. Suitable for outdoor activities or casual meet-ups, it works well with round and square face shapes, enhancing lighter eye colors.

Style this adventurous look with a taper fade and a texturizing paste to add grit and volume to the top. A strong-hold matte finish product will keep the style in place during active pursuits. Using a strengthening shampoo will ensure hair resilience against the elements.

The Creative Professional: Sleek and Artistic

Blending art with professionalism, The Creative Professional slicked back undercut showcases a disconnected, sharply styled top for a look that’s both innovative and office-appropriate. Ideal for creative industries or modern office environments, it suits narrow and oval faces, complementing dark or vibrant eye colors.

Achieve this look with a clean fade and a sharp contrast in length. Styling with a high-hold pomade allows for a polished yet creative appearance. Regular salon visits to maintain the sharp lines and using a lightweight conditioner will keep the hair manageable and stylish.

The Urban Artist: Bold Lines and Sharp Contrast

The Urban Artist takes the slicked back undercut to a new level with bold, graphic lines and a stark contrast between the high fade and the artfully messy top. Perfect for art openings or creative gatherings, this style best suits individuals with square or rectangular face shapes and striking eye colors.

To create this style, request a bald fade that enhances the drama of the thick, tousled top. Use a texturizing clay to give the hair lift and an unstructured form. For maintenance, invest in a scalp-nourishing serum to keep the skin healthy and a volumizing wash to keep the top full and vibrant.

The Suave Influencer: Polished and Social Media-Ready

For the social media savvy, The Suave Influencer features a disconnected undercut with a flawlessly slicked back top that shines on camera. Ideal for influencers or public speakers, it works wonders on heart and diamond face shapes, especially complementing lighter eye colors.

Achieve this camera-ready look with a precise fade and a glossy top using a high-shine gel. Keeping the style impeccable involves using a color-protecting shampoo if dyed, and a heat protectant spray before appearances to prevent styling damage.

The Gentle Rebel: Subtle Edge with Soft Textures

The Gentle Rebel combines the classic slicked back undercut with a soft, textured wave, offering a look that’s both edgy and approachable. It’s perfect for casual business environments or daytime events, fitting well with oval and round face shapes and soft, subtle eye colors.

This style is achieved with a low skin fade and a gently waved top. Styling with a sea salt spray enhances the natural texture, while a light pomade keeps the hair in place without hardening. Maintenance includes using a moisturizing conditioner and occasional light trims to keep the edges clean.

The Nightlife Navigator: Sleek and Seductive

Tailored for the night owls, The Nightlife Navigator features a deep, sleek back with a vibrant fade that stands out in club or party settings. This look is best for those with an adventurous spirit and fits angular or elongated face shapes, enhancing dark or vivid eye colors.

Styling involves a high fade with a smooth, long top slicked back using a strong-hold gel for a wet look. To maintain this seductive style, use a deep cleansing shampoo to remove buildup and a lightweight oil for overnight nourishment, ensuring the hair remains healthy and glossy.


Each variation of the slicked back undercut offers a unique way to express personal style while maintaining a classic foundation. Whether you prefer the sharp lines of a classic look or the textured dynamism of a modern style, there’s a slicked back undercut for every occasion and personality. Explore these styles, share your experiences, and discover new ways to reinvent this versatile hairstyle in the comments below. Let’s discuss and inspire each other with our slicked back transformations!

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