Exploring 30 Dynamic Long Top Short Sides Hairstyles for Diverse Occasions and Styles

The Dynamic Appeal of Long Top Short Sides Hairstyles


In the realm of men’s fashion, hairstyles play a pivotal role in defining personal style and character. Among these, the “Long Top Short Sides” haircut stands out as a versatile and stylish choice that caters to various tastes and occasions. This article explores ten distinct interpretations of this popular hairstyle, each tailored to suit different events, face shapes, and personal styles. Whether you’re attending a formal gathering or just hanging out at the local café, there’s a version of this haircut that can elevate your look.

Modern Slick Back with Tapered Sides

The Modern Slick Back with Tapered Sides is ideal for those seeking a sharp, professional look. This style works best for oval and square face shapes and complements darker eye colors, enhancing a mysterious, yet approachable demeanor. Perfect for business events or sophisticated social gatherings, this hairstyle exudes confidence and elegance.

In terms of styling, achieving this look requires a quality pomade or wax to keep the hair in place. A hairdryer can be used to add volume to the top while maintaining the sleek appearance. To maintain the sharpness of the sides, regular trims are necessary, complemented by a nourishing hair care routine, including a product like Davines Love shampoo to keep the hair healthy and styled effectively.

Textured Pompadour with Fade

The Textured Pompadour with Fade is a charismatic choice that merges vintage charm with modern flair. It suits those with round or heart-shaped faces and is particularly striking on lighter eye colors. Ideal for both casual and formal scenarios, this hairstyle makes a bold statement and can adapt to both a leather jacket or a tailored suit.

Styling this voluminous top involves a heat protectant and a hair with a flat iron to achieve the textured waves. A strong-hold gel helps maintain the pompadour’s height throughout the day. For upkeep, using a hydrating conditioner and regular visits to the barber to maintain the fade will keep this style looking pristine.

Curly Top with Sharp Fade

Curly hair can dramatically benefit from the Curly Top with Sharp Fade, which highlights natural curls while presenting a clean, manicured side profile. This style is perfect for men over 50 with curly gray hair, providing a youthful yet distinguished look. It’s particularly flattering for triangular face shapes and vibrant eye colors.

For styling, bio curling hair products are essential to define and maintain the curls, along with a curl-enhancing mousse. Regular trims are crucial to keep the sides neat, and a curl-specific shampoo will ensure the top remains bouncy and healthy.

Asymmetrical Fringe with High Fade

The Asymmetrical Fringe with High Fade brings an artistic edge to the “Long Top Short Sides” genre, suitable for daring personalities. This look goes well with angular face shapes and is a standout at creative or fashion-forward events.

To achieve this look, styling products that offer flexibility and hold are necessary, like a lightweight styling foam. Maintenance involves regular washing with a gentle shampoo to preserve the hair’s natural oils and frequent trims to keep the fade sharp.

Buzzed Side Part with Volume

This hairstyle is a classic with a twist, featuring a pronounced side part with a buzzed fade, adding a clean and refined edge. It’s a great match for diamond and oval face shapes and enhances lighter hair colors, making it a versatile choice for both professional settings and casual outings.

Styling this cut requires minimal effort; a dab of lightweight mousse or spray can add volume and texture to the top. For care, a balancing shampoo and occasional conditioning treatments will keep the hair in top form.

Long Swept-Back Waves with Undercut

Long Swept-Back Waves with Undercut is for those who prefer a more relaxed, yet stylish look. This hairstyle is well-suited for oblong and square face shapes, enhancing features with its soft waves and clean undercut. It’s perfect for social gatherings or a day out in the city.

Styling involves a texturizing spray and a wide-tooth comb to gently sweep the hair back. To maintain the look, a moisturizing conditioner and regular touch-ups for the undercut are recommended.

Spiky Top with Precision Fade

The Spiky Top with Precision Fade is all about attitude and style. It works best for younger individuals and suits any face shape, making it particularly popular among those who want to make a statement.

The spikes require a strong-hold gel or wax for definition, and a matte finish spray will ensure the style holds throughout the day. Keeping the sides immaculate involves regular appointments with your barber.

Brushed Up Front with Clean Sides

This polished hairstyle is perfect for those who appreciate a minimalist yet chic look. Suitable for all events, from business meetings to night outs, it complements heart and round face shapes beautifully.

Styling is simple with a soft brush and a blow dryer to lift the front. Maintenance involves using a high-quality shampoo and occasional conditioning.

Natural Curls with Skin Fade

Highlighting the beauty of natural textures, this style is perfect for embracing curly hair. It’s particularly flattering for those with curly gray hair over 50, adding a touch of sophistication to your natural features.

Curl-defining creams and gentle shampoos are key to styling and maintaining this look, along with regular trims to keep the fade fresh and neat.

Tousled Top with Razor Fade

A laid-back yet trendy option, the Tousled Top with Razor Fade is ideal for casual settings or creative fields. It suits any face shape and gives a youthful, spirited vibe.

Light styling cream and occasional finger combing are all it takes to maintain this carefree look. A mild, fortifying shampoo will help sustain hair health.

Refined Quiff with Disconnected Undercut

A Refined Quiff with Disconnected Undercut exudes a blend of classic and contemporary appeal. Best suited for those with angular face shapes and sharp features, it is ideal for formal events or date nights. This style allows individuals to project a refined yet bold aura.

The quiff part requires volumizing products and a blow dryer to achieve that perfect lift at the front. The disconnected undercut adds a modern twist and can be maintained with regular trips to the barber. A good quality matte hair product will keep the style structured but natural-looking.

Sleek Side Sweep with Taper Fade

The Sleek Side Sweep with Taper Fade is universally flattering and incredibly versatile. It’s particularly effective for those with oval or rectangular face shapes, making it a staple for both professional and social settings. This hairstyle enhances subtle facial features and pairs well with both formal wear and casual outfits.

To achieve the sleekness, use a fine-tooth comb and a light pomade. The key to maintaining this look is a regular tidy-up of the taper fade and using a smoothing shampoo to keep hair sleek and manageable.

Hard Part with Double Fade

Bold and distinct, the Hard Part with Double Fade creates an eye-catching contrast. Suitable for confident personalities, this hairstyle can adapt to both business and leisure environments. It’s particularly striking on those with square or round face shapes.

Styling involves a precision comb and a strong hold gel to emphasize the hard part. The double fade needs to be kept sharp with frequent visits to the barber, and a moisturizing conditioner is recommended to keep the scalp and hair in good condition.

Layered Brush Back with Soft Fade

The Layered Brush Back with Soft Fade offers a dynamic texture that works well for any occasion, from office meetings to nights out. This style is flattering for men with thicker hair and complements an active lifestyle, fitting nicely on most face shapes.

Using a blow dryer to create volume and a medium-hold hairspray to maintain the layers, this hairstyle is both practical and stylish. Regular light trims and a volumizing shampoo can help maintain the look without much fuss.

Angular Fringe with Razor Sharp Sides

The Angular Fringe with Razor Sharp Sides is perfect for those who like to stand out. This avant-garde style fits well with an artistic personality and is particularly flattering for heart-shaped and oval faces.

Styling requires precision cutting for the fringe and a good gel or wax to hold the angular shape. Keeping the sides razor sharp will require bi-weekly barber visits, and using a gentle cleansing conditioner will help maintain the health of the hair.

Wavy Top with Low Fade

The Wavy Top with Low Fade brings a relaxed vibe that’s perfect for weekends and vacations. It’s an excellent choice for those with naturally wavy hair and works well on round and oval face shapes, offering a soft, approachable look.

A light mousse can enhance the natural waves, and a casual finger-style will suffice for daily wear. Keeping the low fade neat involves regular trims, and a hydrating shampoo will ensure the waves stay defined and frizz-free.

Pompadour with Skin Fade

The Pompadour with Skin Fade is a bold statement piece, perfect for those who like to be noticed. It suits a variety of face shapes and is particularly impactful on those with prominent facial features.

High-quality volumizing products and a blow dryer are necessary to achieve the pomp’s signature height. The skin fade keeps the look clean and sharp, requiring maintenance every few weeks. A good pomade can add shine and hold to the style.

Textured Crop with Bald Fade

The Textured Crop with Bald Fade is a trendy choice, low-maintenance yet stylish. It’s great for anyone who enjoys a modern, edgy look and fits well on most face shapes, particularly on those with finer hair.

Texturizing paste and a casual tousle are all it takes to style this look daily. The bald fade adds a contemporary edge and will need regular upkeep to stay fresh.

Slicked Back Undercut with Design

This hairstyle combines a classic slick back with a creative undercut featuring a unique design. It’s a showstopper ideal for adventurous personalities and works best on individuals with oval and square face shapes.

For styling, a high-shine pomade and a fine comb are essential. The design in the undercut can be personalized and should be touched up regularly to keep it distinct.

Messy Tousled Top with High Fade

A Messy Tousled Top with High Fade is perfect for those who prefer a carefree yet stylish look. It suits all face shapes and gives a youthful, energetic vibe, ideal for casual outings or creative workplaces.

A texturizing spray and a quick scrunch with the hands are enough to style this look, keeping it low-effort but fashionable. The high fade should be kept neat with regular barber visits.

Spiked Front with Precision Fade

The Spiked Front with Precision Fade is energetic and sharp, making it an excellent choice for younger men or the young at heart. It suits a variety of face shapes and is sure to turn heads.

Strong-hold gel or wax is needed to keep the spikes in place all day. The precision fade adds a clean-cut edge to the style, requiring upkeep every few weeks to maintain its crisp appearance.


These ten “Long Top Short Sides” hairstyles offer something for every man looking to refresh his look. From sleek, professional styles to more relaxed waves, there’s a variety to suit different personalities and occasions. Feel free to experiment with these styles and share your experiences in the comments below, or even suggest your own variations!

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