Discover 25 Diverse Temple Fade Haircut Styles for Men of Every Hair Texture and Color


The Temple Fade Haircut, also known as the Temp Fade, has risen to prominence as a stylish and versatile option for men seeking a fresh, clean look. This haircut, characterized by its sharp fade around the temples, offers a modern twist on traditional fades and can be customized to suit various hair types and styles. Whether you’re attending a formal event or just looking for a daily style, the Temp Fade is adaptable and stylish. This article explores ten unique Temple Fade variations, each tailored to different hair textures and personal styles, ensuring that every man finds his perfect match.

Classic Temple Fade for Straight Hair

The Classic Temple Fade is an impeccable choice for men with straight hair, presenting a clean and sharp appearance ideal for both office settings and formal gatherings. This style enhances the facial structure, particularly complementing oval and square face shapes, and pairs beautifully with darker eye colors.

To achieve this look, a skilled barber will use clippers to create a precise fade at the temples, blending seamlessly into the hair’s natural texture. Maintenance involves regular trims every few weeks to keep the edges crisp. For daily styling, a light hold gel or pomade ensures the hair stays neat without appearing overly stiff.

Curly Top Temple Fade for Curly Hair

Embrace Your Curls with a Curly Top Temple Fade, a dynamic style that highlights natural curly textures. This hairstyle is perfect for casual outings and creative environments, where its playful yet tidy look can truly shine. Best suited for round and heart-shaped faces, the voluminous curls complement light to medium eye shades.

Styling this cut involves tapering the sides close to the skin while allowing the curls on top to flourish. Using a curl-enhancing cream helps define the curls and minimize frizz. A regular application of a moisturizing conditioner will keep the curls healthy and vibrant, essential for maintaining the style’s appeal.

Slicked Back Temple Fade for Long Hair

Slick Sophistication: Long Hair Temple Fade offers a suave, refined style by slicking back longer hair over a crisp temple fade. Ideal for professional settings or evening events, this look suits those with rectangular or longer face shapes and enhances any eye color, particularly striking with lighter shades.

Achieving this style requires longer hair on top, slicked back smoothly with a high-quality pomade to ensure hold and sheen. The sides are faded meticulously at the temples, enhancing the contrast. Regular washing with a strengthening shampoo and the occasional use of conditioner keep the hair healthy and manageable.

Low Temple Fade with Design for Creative Expression

Artistic Flair with a Low Temple Fade and Design turns heads with its unique patterns shaved into the fade, making it perfect for individuals who love to stand out. The intricate designs can be customized to reflect personal tastes or interests, ideal for all face shapes, particularly enhancing sharp facial features.

To maintain this artistic style, touch-ups are necessary every few weeks to keep the design crisp. Use a soothing scalp lotion post-trim to prevent irritation and promote scalp health. A minimal styling product is needed, letting the design speak for itself.

Blonde Ambition Temple Fade for Blonde Hair

Go Bold with a Blonde Temple Fade, a striking option for men with blonde hair, whether natural or dyed. This style is excellent for summer events or casual settings, providing a cool, edgy look that complements fair skin and light eyes.

The fade should be kept neat with regular barber visits, while the blonde color may require touch-ups depending on growth. A color-protecting shampoo is essential to maintain vibrancy and prevent brassiness, paired with a light styling mousse to add volume without weighing the hair down.

Bold Mullet with Temple Fade

The Bold Mullet Revival: Temple Fade Edition combines vintage flair with modern edginess. This daring style suits adventurous personalities and is well-suited for casual events and creative spaces. It works best with oval and elongated face shapes, highlighting bold eye colors.

Creating this look involves maintaining length at the back while fading the temples and sides. Styling includes using a strong hold gel to keep the mullet structured. Regular trims ensure the fade remains sharp, and a nourishing hair serum keeps the longer sections healthy and vibrant.

Temple Fade with Braids for Versatility

Braids Meet Clean Cuts: Temple Fade with Braids offers a dynamic and versatile look, ideal for black men who enjoy a blend of traditional and contemporary styles. This style is perfect for all occasions, complementing any face shape and enhancing darker eye colors.

Braids of varying sizes are styled atop, while the sides feature a clean temple fade. To maintain this look, it’s crucial to regularly moisturize the scalp and braids with a light hair oil. Regular visits to the stylist will keep the braids and fade in pristine condition.

Short and Curly Temple Fade

Curly Charm with a Short Temple Fade highlights natural curls in a compact, stylish form, perfect for everyday wear or casual meet-ups. This cut is especially flattering for round faces and enhances any eye color.

To maintain the curls’ definition, a curl-enhancing mousse is applied after washing. The temples are faded closely to emphasize the curls’ volume. A deep conditioning treatment every few weeks keeps the curls bouncy and healthy.

Temple Fade with Beard for a Distinguished Look

Seamless Style: Temple Fade with Full Beard bridges hair and beard with a smooth fade, offering a distinguished look that’s ideal for business or formal events. This style suits those with square or round face shapes, particularly enhancing deep eye colors.

To achieve this cohesive look, the beard is blended into the temple fade for a seamless transition. A beard balm keeps the beard soft and shaped, while the hair benefits from regular moisturizing treatments to maintain the fade’s cleanliness.

White Men’s Waves Temple Fade

Crisp Waves: White Men’s Temple Fade focuses on creating texture with light waves, offering a fresh take on the traditional fade. This style is excellent for casual and professional settings alike, enhancing oblong and heart-shaped faces.

To style, light pomade is used to form subtle waves. The temple fade is kept clean and sharp with regular barber visits. A moisturizing shampoo helps maintain hair health and texture.

Textured Top with Sharp Temple Fade

Textured Appeal: Sharp Temple Fade with a Textured Top is perfect for men who value a hairstyle that offers both style and substance. Ideal for everyday wear or special occasions, this look suits triangular and heart-shaped faces, highlighting vibrant or deep eye colors.

The style features a voluminous, textured top that adds a dynamic element, while the temples are faded sharply to accentuate the contrast. Use a texturizing spray to enhance the hair’s natural texture and a matte pomade for hold. Regular trims are essential to maintain the sharpness of the fade and the neatness of the textured top.

Low Temple Fade with Black Waves

Sleek Waves: Low Temple Fade for Black Men creates a smooth and sleek appearance that’s both classic and contemporary. This hairstyle is excellent for both formal events and casual outings, fitting well with round and square face shapes and any eye color.

To achieve this look, the hair is styled into subtle waves that add a touch of elegance. The fade is kept low and clean around the temples. Using a wave-enhancing cream or pomade helps maintain the definition of the waves, while regular moisturizing is crucial for keeping the scalp and hair healthy.

Curly Blonde Temple Fade

Golden Curls: Curly Blonde Temple Fade brings out the playful side of curly hair paired with an edgy fade. This hairstyle is a great choice for casual environments or creative fields, ideal for those with oval and diamond face shapes and light eye colors.

Maintaining this look involves defining the curls with a curl-specific mousse or cream, ensuring they stay buoyant and vibrant. The temple fade should be meticulously kept up with regular barber visits. A color-enhancing shampoo helps keep the blonde tones fresh and bright.

Braided Design with Temple Fade

Intricate Braids Meet Clean Fade: Braided Design with Temple Fade offers a striking look that combines traditional braiding with modern fading techniques. Suitable for artistic or casual settings, this style works well for all face shapes and enhances the personality of the wearer.

This unique style involves braiding the hair in various intricate patterns on the top, while the temples are faded smoothly to blend with the braids. To keep the braids neat and tidy, apply a light braid spray daily and visit your stylist regularly for maintenance. The fade requires precise upkeep to ensure it complements the braided design effectively.

High-Top Afro with Sleek Temple Fade

Urban Edge: High-Top Afro with Sleek Temple Fade showcases the iconic high-top afro paired with a clean, sharp temple fade. This style is particularly suitable for young, style-conscious individuals attending social gatherings or engaging in creative professions. It complements angular and oval face shapes and works well with any eye color.

The afro is kept high and proud, emphasizing the hair’s natural volume and texture, while the temples are faded close to the skin for a modern twist. Regular conditioning and use of a softening hair cream are essential to keep the afro manageable and healthy. The fade needs frequent touch-ups to maintain its precision.

Side-Parted Elegance with Temple Fade

Classic Meets Contemporary: Side-Parted Elegance with Temple Fade is perfect for men who prefer a more refined and sophisticated hairstyle that fits well in professional environments or formal events. This style enhances rectangular and heart-shaped faces and is particularly striking with darker eye colors.

Achieving this look involves a neat side part combined with a sleek temple fade. Styling with a high-quality pomade ensures the hair remains in place with a glossy finish. Regular styling adjustments and fade maintenance are crucial to preserve the clean and polished appearance.

Long Layered Temple Fade

Layered Luxe: Long Layered Temple Fade for a Dynamic Look offers a versatile style that brings texture and movement to longer hair while keeping the temple areas meticulously faded. This hairstyle is ideal for men who enjoy a mix of casual and semi-formal settings, suitable for all face shapes and enhancing lighter eye colors.

The long layers are styled to add volume and depth, allowing for movement and a natural flow. The temples are faded to keep the focus on the layered hair. Using a light, volumizing spray helps maintain the layers’ bounce, while regular trims ensure the fade stays sharp and the layers well-defined.

Undercut Temple Fade with Thick Beard

Rugged Refinement: Undercut Temple Fade with Thick Beard combines the boldness of a thick beard with the sleekness of an undercut temple fade, creating a striking look ideal for men who appreciate a strong, masculine aesthetic. This style is best suited for square or round face shapes and enhances darker eye colors, perfect for both professional settings and casual outings.

The undercut is defined by a sharp separation between the short sides and the longer top, while the temple fade adds a clean contour around the ears. The beard should be well-groomed and shaped to merge seamlessly with the temple fade. Maintenance includes regular oiling and combing of the beard, and using a firm hold styling product for the hair to keep the undercut distinct.


The Temple Fade Haircut offers a variety of stylish options to suit any man’s needs, from the classic to the creative. These styles not only enhance individual facial features and hair types but also provide the versatility needed for both special occasions and everyday wear. Feel free to share your experiences with these cuts or suggest your own variations in the comments below. Let’s continue to inspire each other with personal style choices and keep the world of men’s fashion vibrant and exciting.


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