Exploring 32 Diverse Faux Hawk Hairstyles Mens: From Curly to Short Modern Looks for All Ages


The faux hawk hairstyle offers a perfect blend of edge and style, making it a popular choice among men who want to add a dash of rebellion to their look without fully committing to a radical mohawk. Often referred to as the mohawk’s more subtle cousin, the faux hawk plays with hair length and texture to create a versatile and stylish appearance that suits various occasions. In this article, we’ll explore ten captivating faux hawk hairstyles that cater to a range of personal styles, from the boldly adventurous to the subtly chic, showing just how adaptable and flattering this hairstyle can be for men of all ages.

The Casual Curve Faux Hawk

The Casual Curve Faux Hawk is ideal for men and boys with short to medium-length curly hair. This style adds a playful twist to the traditional faux hawk by curving the spiked portion along the top of the head, creating a softer, more approachable look. It’s perfect for social gatherings or a creative workplace, suited to oval and heart-shaped faces, and particularly striking with light brown or hazel eyes.

To achieve this look, apply a strong-hold gel or mousse to damp hair and use your fingers or a comb to pinch the hair together while pushing it upwards and inwards to form the curve. Maintain this style with a moisturizing conditioner and regular trims to keep the edges sharp.

The Sharp Fade Faux Hawk

Ideal for men short on time but big on style, the Sharp Fade Faux Hawk features tightly shaved sides with a dramatic, spiky crest that stands out in any crowd. It’s a great fit for formal events or a night out. This faux hawk works best on angular faces and is particularly complementary for those with dark eyes.

Styling involves shaving the sides to a near skin fade while leaving enough length on top to create the spiked effect. Use a strong-hold pomade to keep your spikes in place throughout the day. Opt for a high-quality hair wax to maintain the texture and a daily wash routine to keep the scalp healthy.

The Textured Tousle Faux Hawk

A boon for boys curly hair, the Textured Tousle brings a fresh perspective to the faux hawk by utilizing natural curls to add volume and movement. It’s a casual yet stylish choice for everyday wear, best suited for round and square faces, and enhances green or blue eyes beautifully.

To style, work a curl-defining cream through damp hair, then scrunch and twist sections to emphasize the natural curls. Finish with a light spray of sea salt mist for extra texture and hold. To keep those curls defined, use a sulfate-free shampoo and regular deep conditioning treatments.

The Sleek Sculpted Faux Hawk

This polished version of the faux hawk, perfect for long hair, offers a refined aesthetic suitable for upscale events or professional settings. The sleek, sculpted lines favor those with oval or rectangular face shapes and pair well with any eye color.

Achieve this look by applying a heat protectant followed by a straightening balm to damp hair. Blow dry the hair upwards with a round brush, then use a flat iron to smooth out any waves or curls. Secure with a high-gloss hair spray. Regular use of a smoothing shampoo and occasional keratin treatments will keep this style looking sharp.

The Rocker’s Rebellion Faux Hawk

Channeling the spirit of the 80s, the Rocker’s Rebellion incorporates elements of punk with rugged texture and dramatic height, making it a standout choice for concert-goers or anyone looking to make a statement. Best suited for those with diamond or triangular face shapes and intense eye colors like deep brown or black.

Style this bold look by using a texturizing powder on the roots for lift, followed by sculpting paste to mold the hair into a towering, textured peak. Maintenance requires minimal washing but regular conditioning to keep the hair healthy and manageable.

The Minimalist Modern Faux Hawk

For men who prefer understated elegance, the Minimalist Modern offers a low-key take on the faux hawk. It works particularly well for short hair and those with fine or thinning hair, enhancing any eye color and suitable for all face shapes.

Style it by applying a lightweight mousse to damp hair, then blow dry using a brush to gently lift the hair at the crown. Finish with a dab of matte-finish pomade for a natural, soft hold. Keep this look fresh with a volumizing shampoo and occasional light conditioning.

The Braided Accent Faux Hawk

Incorporating a braided element, this faux hawk is perfect for those who like to mix texture with style, making it an eye-catching choice for creative events or fashion-forward settings. It’s particularly flattering for oval and heart-shaped faces and those with any eye color.

To create this look, braid a small section at each side of the head, then style the central hair upwards to form the faux hawk. Use a flexible hold gel to keep everything in place. Preserve the braids and the overall health of your hair with a gentle, hydrating shampoo and regular oil treatments.

The Disheveled Peak Faux Hawk

Perfect for a laid-back vibe, the Disheveled Peak uses tousled, choppy layers to create a relaxed yet trendy faux hawk, ideal for informal outings or a creative workplace. It suits square and round face shapes and is especially captivating on those with light-colored eyes.

This style is achieved by applying a volumizing spray to the roots, followed by a texturizing paste to scruff up the hair into a messy peak. The key to maintaining this effortless look is using a lightweight, rejuvenating shampoo and avoiding over-styling.

The Corporate Edge Faux Hawk

Blending professionalism with edge, the Corporate Edge Faux Hawk is tailored for the modern workplace, offering a neat yet stylish alternative that works well for any business setting. It complements rectangular and oval face shapes and pairs nicely with darker eye colors.

Styling this refined look requires precision. Trim the hair to a uniform length, then use a pomade to slick the top hair back while allowing it to peak subtly in the center. Maintaining this look involves using a daily conditioner and a firm-hold styling spray.

The Avant-Garde Artistic Faux Hawk

For those who dare to be different, the Avant-Garde Artistic takes the faux hawk into the realm of high fashion. This style is best for those attending art events or any place where making a bold fashion statement is desired. It fits well with all face shapes and eye colors.

Create this dramatic look by using strong hold gels to sculpt the hair into sharp, angular peaks. Maintain its sculpted form with frequent trims and a sculpting serum to keep the hair stiff and in place.

The Urban Sophisticate Faux Hawk

For city dwellers seeking a blend of class and edge, the Urban Sophisticate Faux Hawk strikes the perfect balance. This style suits men and boys with short hair and is especially appealing for those with sharp, angular facial features. The sleek, upward taper is ideal for business or social events, pairing exceptionally well with brown or green eyes.

Create this look by using a strong-hold pomade to sculpt the hair upwards and slightly back, ensuring a crisp finish. Maintenance involves a light, nourishing conditioner and regular touch-ups to keep the sides immaculate.

The Bold Contrast Faux Hawk

Daring and dramatic, the Bold Contrast Faux Hawk features a stark difference in length between the very short shaved sides and the elongated top. This style is a fantastic choice for special events or as a standout daily look. It suits men with oval or long face shapes and is striking on those with dark eyes.

To style, shave the sides close to the scalp, leaving a thick strip of hair on top that is styled upward and forward. Use a volumizing mousse for lift and a high-hold spray for durability. Keep the scalp healthy with a balancing shampoo.

The Curly Crest Faux Hawk

A celebration of natural texture, the Curly Crest Faux Hawk lets curly hair take center stage, adding height and drama to the classic faux hawk silhouette. This hairstyle is perfect for casual outings and works best on round faces, enhancing the look of blue or grey eyes.

Enhance the curls with a curl enhancer or sea salt spray, then use your fingers to mold the hair upward while maintaining its natural curl. Preserve the texture with a curl-specific shampoo and regular deep conditioning.

The Pomp-Inspired Faux Hawk

Blending the vintage appeal of a pompadour with the modern edge of a faux hawk, the Pomp-Inspired Faux Hawk is suited for a range of occasions, from formal to fun. Ideal for men with medium to long hair, this style enhances any eye color and compliments square and oval faces.

Apply a heat protectant and volumizer before blow-drying the hair upwards and back with a round brush. Secure the style with a high-hold, low-shine pomade. Regular use of a fortifying shampoo and conditioner will keep the hair healthy and styled.

The Subtle Wave Faux Hawk

Ideal for those who prefer a gentler approach to the faux hawk, the Subtle Wave incorporates slight waves into the hair’s top layer, creating texture without overt drama. It’s perfect for everyday wear and flatters heart and oval-shaped faces, especially enhancing lighter eye colors.

Style this by applying a light mousse and gently tousling the hair while blow-drying. Finish with a texturizing spray for a soft, touchable hold. Maintain this look with a gentle, hydrating shampoo and occasional conditioning.

The Neo-Industrial Faux Hawk

The Neo-Industrial Faux Hawk offers a futuristic twist with sharp lines and metallic tones, making it a bold choice for creative professionals or evening social events. This style works well for men short hair and stands out on those with pale skin and contrasting dark eyes.

To achieve this look, apply a gel with a metallic sheen and comb the hair into a tight, central ridge. Maintenance includes using a shine-enhancing shampoo and regular styling to keep the lines clean and sharp.

The Retro Flair Faux Hawk

Inspired by the rockabilly styles of the past, the Retro Flair Faux Hawk adds a playful twist with its exaggerated front curl. This style is a great pick for themed parties or musical events and suits those with oval or square face shapes, particularly with bold eye colors.

Use a curling iron to create the front curl, then set the rest of the hair in a classic faux hawk style using a strong-hold gel. A high-quality hairspray will ensure the style holds throughout any event.

The Feathered Faux Hawk

Light and airy, the Feathered Faux Hawk uses layers to create a soft, feathered effect across the crown, offering a less structured approach to the faux hawk. This hairstyle is ideal for casual settings and suits round and oval faces, highlighting the natural beauty of light-colored eyes.

Achieve this style by applying a volumizing product and blow-drying the hair with a diffuser to encourage movement and lift. Use a light hairspray to maintain the feathered look without weighing it down.

The Edgy Undercut Faux Hawk

Combining the clean lines of an undercut with the dynamic styling of a faux hawk, the Edgy Undercut Faux Hawk is perfect for those looking to make a bold statement. It’s particularly effective for highlighting sharp facial features and fits any eye color, recommended for both formal and informal occasions.

Style by shaving the sides to a clean undercut and using a wax or pomade to spike the top hair upwards. Regular maintenance with a scalp-nourishing shampoo and occasional conditioning will keep this style sharp and clean.

The Classic Tapered Faux Hawk

A timeless choice, the Classic Tapered Faux Hawk gradually tapers the hair towards the crown, creating a subtle yet stylish peak. This variant is versatile, suitable for the office or a night out, and flatters all face shapes while enhancing the depth of darker eyes.

Styling involves tapering the sides with clippers set to a longer guard, allowing for a smooth gradient. Use a medium-hold gel to style the peak. Regular trims and a moisturizing hair care routine will ensure this style remains classic and neat.

The Sculpted Silver Faux Hawk

The Sculpted Silver Faux Hawk embraces the charm of gray or silver hair, turning it into a statement style for the mature yet modern man. This hairstyle suits those looking to stand out in professional settings or social gatherings and is particularly flattering for men with cool skin tones and bright eye colors.

Style this look using a color-enhancing styling gel that adds a subtle shimmer to silver tones. Shape the hair upward and slightly back for a refined edge. Maintain the color and health of your hair with a silver-specific shampoo and occasional deep conditioning treatments.

The Sporty Spike Faux Hawk

Designed for the active man, the Sporty Spike Faux Hawk offers a dynamic and rugged look that holds up through physical activities. It’s an excellent style for boys curly hair or straight hair, providing a youthful edge that’s perfect for sports events or casual outings. This style works exceptionally well on oval and rectangular face shapes.

Apply a sweat-resistant styling product to damp hair, spike it up, and you’re ready to go. Keep this energetic style in top form with a strengthening shampoo and frequent hydration.

The Voluminous Velvet Faux Hawk

Ideal for men with long hair looking to add both volume and texture, the Voluminous Velvet Faux Hawk uses layers to create a plush, soft appearance that is both bold and touchable. Suitable for both day-to-day wear and special events, this style enhances the natural volume of the hair and works well with all eye colors.

Achieve this by applying a volumizing mousse and blow-drying the hair with a diffuser to maximize lift and body. Use a soft-hold hairspray to maintain the volume without sacrificing the softness.

The Minimal Buzz Faux Hawk

This minimalist version of the faux hawk, featuring a buzz cut with a subtly defined strip of slightly longer hair at the top, is perfect for those who favor low maintenance and clean lines. It’s especially suited for men short hair and works well for all occasions, complementing sharp facial features and any eye color.

Style this low-effort look by trimming the hair uniformly and using a small amount of matte pomade to define the strip. This style requires minimal upkeep, just regular buzzing to maintain its sharpness.

The Wave Crest Faux Hawk

Combining the classic elements of the faux hawk with a wavy top, the Wave Crest Faux Hawk is perfect for men with naturally wavy or curly hair. This style adds a touch of sophistication to the usual edgy look, making it suitable for professional and social settings alike. It flatters round and heart-shaped faces particularly well.

Use a curl-enhancing cream to define the waves, and style them upwards and centrally for the faux hawk effect. A light hold spray will keep the waves in place without hardening them, maintaining a natural flow.

The Blunt Texture Faux Hawk

The Blunt Texture Faux Hawk emphasizes a choppy, textured look with blunt-cut ends, offering a modern and edgy aesthetic. It’s an excellent choice for those who enjoy a bold, artistic style and is particularly effective on dense, thick hair. This look suits all face shapes and eye colors.

To style, apply a texturizing paste and roughly piece the hair into sections, creating a rugged and choppy texture. This style benefits from minimal washing to maintain its texture but requires regular texturizing cuts.

The High-Definition Faux Hawk

The High-Definition Faux Hawk features sharply defined lines and a meticulously styled peak, perfect for making a bold statement at formal events or in professional settings. It’s best suited for men with precise grooming habits and complements angular and symmetrical face shapes.

Use a high-hold gel to sculpt the hair into a sharp peak and define the sides for a crisp, clean look. Maintain this sculpted style with frequent styling sessions and a gel that offers both hold and shine to keep the hair looking impeccable.


Faux hawk hairstyles offer a fantastic array of options for expressing personal style while maintaining an air of professionalism or playfulness, depending on the occasion. Each style mentioned here provides a unique way to wear this versatile haircut. We encourage you to try out these styles and share your experiences or your own twists on the faux hawk in the comments below. Let’s keep the style conversation going!

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