Explore 29 Iconic 90s Hairstyles Men Ideas Featuring Short Curly, Long Wavy, and Undercut Styles


In the 1990s, men’s hairstyles were anything but boring. The decade saw a remarkable diversity in hair trends influenced by music, culture, and the unstoppable rise of youth subcultures. From grunge to hip-hop and everything in between, hairstyles became a pivotal form of self-expression. Today, these iconic ’90s hairstyles are not only nostalgic but are also making a major comeback. This article dives into ten spectacular ’90s hairstyles for men that are perfect for both revivalists and modern fashionistas looking to add a vintage flair to their look.

The Classic Curtained Hair – The Heartthrob Look

Curtained hair, famously worn by movie stars and singers of the early ’90s, perfectly encapsulates the effortless charm of the decade. This style is characterized by medium-length hair that is parted down the middle, creating a curtain-like effect. It’s an ideal choice for men with straight hair and long face shapes, complementing blue or green eyes beautifully. Events like reunions or casual outings are perfect occasions for this nostalgic yet timeless style.

Maintaining the curtained look requires regular trims to keep the hair at an optimal length. A lightweight mousse can help maintain volume and separation, while a mild shampoo ensures that the hair stays healthy and vibrant.

Urban Buzz Cut – The Edgy Minimalist

The Buzz Cut became synonymous with the no-fuss urban style of the late ’90s. Its minimalistic yet bold appearance makes it suitable for those with short, curly hair, providing a rugged contrast to brown eyes and oval shaped faces. This haircut is a staple for anyone looking for a low-maintenance, clean-cut look, especially appealing for athletic events or professional settings.

For upkeep, the buzz cut requires regular trimming to maintain its neat, short length. Employing a good quality scalp moisturizer will help keep the skin healthy, and a gentle cleanser will prevent any dryness or flakiness.

Grunge Long Locks – The Laid-back Wave

Embodying the spirit of ’90s grunge music, long wavy locks are perfect for the modern bohemian. Best suited for medium to long hair, this style fits well with round faces and hazel eyes. It’s particularly striking at music festivals or casual coffee shop meet-ups, where a more laid-back look is favored.

Keeping your wavy locks in perfect shape might require a sea-salt spray for texture and an occasional light gel to reduce frizz. Washing with a hydrating shampoo followed by a conditioner will ensure your hair remains lush and manageable.

Platinum Blonde Spike – The Rebel’s Choice

In the mid-’90s, platinum blonde spikes were the hallmark of punk and alternative scenes. This daring look is best for those with short straight hair and works well with light skin tones and grey eyes. It’s a showstopper at concerts or night out events.

The spiked look needs a strong-hold gel to keep it upright. To maintain the blonde, a color-protecting shampoo is necessary, along with regular touch-ups at the salon to keep the roots from showing.

Sophisticated Slick Back – The Wall Street Wave

The slick back hairstyle was the go-to for many in the corporate world during the late ’90s. Ideal for straight or wavy hair, this sleek style complements square faces and any eye color, making it perfect for formal events and business meetings.

To achieve this polished look, use a fine-tooth comb and a strong-hold pomade. Washing with a strengthening shampoo and occasional conditioning treatments will keep your hair healthy and shiny.

Tousled Top with Undercut – The Grunge Revival

The tousled top with an undercut was a definitive ’90s look that meshed grunge with a bit of punk rock edge. Ideal for wavy or curly hair, this style works well with oval and heart-shaped faces, particularly those with dark brown eyes. It’s a great choice for social gatherings or creative events, giving off a relaxed yet bold vibe.

To maintain this style, use a texturizing cream to keep the tousles looking effortless and a mild cleanser to protect the undercut’s clean lines. Regular trims are necessary to keep the undercut sharp.

High Top Fade – The Hip-Hop Statement

Celebrated in the hip-hop community, the high top fade is perfect for men with curly or kinky hair. It suits round faces and dark eye colors, standing out at dance events or casual urban outings. This haircut embodies the boldness of ’90s urban fashion.

Maintaining a high top fade requires regular shaping by a professional barber to keep the iconic structured look. Using a moisturizing conditioner will keep the curls defined and vibrant.

Bowl Cut – The Pop Icon

The bowl cut made a significant impact in the ’90s, especially among pop musicians. Suitable for straight hair types and round faces, this cut particularly favors those with light eyes. It’s an iconic look for themed parties or retro events.

To keep the bowl cut in perfect form, regular trimming is crucial to maintain its distinctive shape. Styling with a light gel can help achieve the smooth, rounded look that defines this style.

Middle Part Layers – The Teen Idol

Middle part layers were the hallmark of teen idols in the ’90s. This style is best for medium to long hair and complements oval faces and blue or green eyes. It’s perfectly suited for college reunions or casual meet-ups, offering a soft and approachable look.

Maintaining this hairstyle involves regular cuts to keep the layers defined. A light mousse can add volume and texture without weighing down the hair.

Spiky Hair with Frosted Tips – The Trendsetter

Spiky hair with frosted tips was a definitive trend of the late ’90s. Best for short, straight hair, this look is suited to square faces and light-colored eyes, making a statement at parties or fashion-forward social events.

For upkeep, regular touch-ups for the tips are necessary to keep them vibrant. A strong-hold gel will ensure the spikes stay sharp all day, while a color-safe shampoo will protect the frosted look.

Cornrows – The Cultural Emblem

Cornrows were not just a hairstyle but a cultural emblem throughout the ’90s. They work best on black hair and suit all face shapes, particularly with dark eyes. This style is fitting for cultural festivals or artistic performances, showcasing intricate beauty and heritage.

To maintain cornrows, it’s essential to regularly moisturize the scalp and hair with oils and to keep the braids neat by visiting a stylist who specializes in braiding.

Messy Shag – The Rockstar Look

The messy shag was wildly popular among rock musicians in the ’90s. This style is suitable for wavy or curly hair and flatters long face shapes with green or hazel eyes. It’s a perfect pick for concerts or night outs, offering a carefree, rebellious vibe.

A salt spray will enhance the natural texture, while occasional trims will keep the shaggy look balanced and intentional.

Classic Pompadour – The Vintage Modern

Though the pompadour has roots in earlier decades, the ’90s saw a modern twist to this classic style. Suitable for straight or wavy hair, this look fits well with oval and square faces, ideal for formal events or date nights.

Using a high-quality pomade to sculpt the hair upwards while maintaining volume and a glossy finish is crucial. Regular washing and conditioning will keep the hair healthy and styled precisely.

Caesar Cut – The Minimalist’s Choice

The Caesar cut is a low-maintenance and clean look that came into prominence in the late ’90s. It works best on straight hair, especially for those with short hair and round faces, suitable for professional settings or everyday casual wear.

To keep the Caesar cut sharp, frequent trims are necessary. A light styling cream can help maintain the slight forward brush of the bangs.

Jagged Layer Cut – The Alternative Rock Staple

The jagged layer cut became a staple in the alternative rock scene of the ’90s. Suited for medium to long wavy hair, this style complements oval and heart-shaped faces with light or hazel eyes. It’s a popular choice for concerts or casual hangouts, giving off a rugged, effortless vibe.

Maintaining the jagged layers requires regular trimming to prevent the ends from looking ragged. A light texturizing spray can enhance the natural tousled appearance, while using a nourishing shampoo will keep the hair healthy.

Sleek Side Part – The Businessman’s Polish

The sleek side part was the quintessential businessman look of the early ’90s. Perfect for those with straight hair, it fits oval and square faces and enhances dark eyes. Ideal for formal events and business meetings, this style exudes sophistication and professionalism.

To achieve this polished look, use a fine-tooth comb and a light hold gel. Regular conditioning treatments are essential to keep the hair smooth and manageable.

Surfer Waves – The Beachfront Style

Surfer waves capture the laid-back essence of the beach scene from the ’90s. This look is best for those with medium to long curly hair and suits round faces with blue or green eyes. It’s particularly striking at beach gatherings or summer festivals.

Keeping your surfer waves looking natural requires a saltwater spray for texture and a minimal amount of product to maintain volume. Washing with a moisturizing shampoo and conditioner will help manage the curls and prevent frizz.

Crew Cut with a Twist – The Military Chic

The crew cut with a twist involves slightly longer hair on top with creative texturing. It works well with short, straight hair and fits oval faces with any eye color. This cut is versatile for both casual and formal settings, offering a clean but stylish look.

Maintenance involves regular cuts to keep the precise shape and using a light pomade to add texture and control to the top.

The Quiff – Retro Glamour Revisited

The quiff combines the pompadour and a bit of the ’50s flair, adapted for the ’90s. Suitable for medium to long straight hair, this style is great for heart and oval faces, particularly with light-colored eyes. Ideal for special occasions and date nights, the quiff is both dramatic and stylish.

Styling a quiff requires a volumizing mousse and a strong-hold hairspray to maintain height and structure. Regular washing and conditioning will keep the hair healthy and voluminous.

Textured Curls – The Natural Expression

Textured curls embraced the natural hair movement in the ’90s. This style is perfect for those with curly or kinky hair, complementing round faces and dark eyes. It’s a standout look for social events or creative gatherings.

To maintain textured curls, use curl-enhancing creams and regular deep conditioning treatments to keep the curls defined and free of frizz.

Bleached Buzz – The Statement Maker

The bleached buzz cut made a bold statement in the ’90s, combining the simplicity of a buzz cut with the daring choice of bleaching. Ideal for those with short hair, it suits all face shapes and eye colors, particularly striking for night outs or music concerts.

Maintaining a bleached buzz requires regular touch-ups to manage root growth and a color-protective shampoo to maintain the bleach’s vibrancy.

The Bro Flow – The Relaxed Professional

The bro flow epitomizes the relaxed yet professional look many opted for in the late ’90s. Suitable for medium to long hair, it works best with oval and square faces and any eye color. Perfect for both office environments and social settings, it offers versatility and ease.

Keeping the bro flow looking effortless requires minimal styling products, such as light hold gels or creams, and regular trims to maintain the ideal length and shape.


Whether you’re looking to recreate a bit of ’90s nostalgia or simply draw inspiration from the past, these hairstyles offer both style and a nod to a dynamic decade. Try out these looks and let us know in the comments which style you’re thinking of bringing back, or share your own favorite ’90s hairstyle experiences. Let’s bring the ’90s back to the future of fashion.

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