Discover 30 Diverse Twist Hair Men Styles for All Events: Curly, Fade, and Dyed Options


Twist hairstyles for men are not just a statement of style but a celebration of texture and personality. This versatile hairstyle caters to various lengths and textures, proving to be a favorite among those looking to combine tradition with modern flair. From short twists that accentuate the facial features to long, flowing styles that command attention, twist hairstyles embody versatility and boldness. Whether you’re dressing up for a formal event or keeping it casual, twists can be adapted to suit any occasion, making them a perfect topic for our exploration today.

Classic Short Twists for a Refined Look

Short twists are ideal for the Black man who appreciates a clean and manageable hairstyle. This style works well for most face shapes, particularly oval and square, enhancing the jawline and facial structure. The subtle twist method used here is perfect for those with curly or 4c hair types, offering a neat appearance that’s both professional and stylish. Suited for office settings or social gatherings, short twists are a testament to understated elegance.

Maintaining short twists involves regular moisturizing with a curl-enhancing cream to keep the strands well-defined and vibrant.

Long Twisted Mane with Beads: A Cultural Statement

Embrace the heritage and charisma of long twist hairstyles embellished with beads. This style is especially suited for those with a bold personality and works great with longer, denser hair types. Perfect for cultural events or music festivals, this look pairs well with individuals having round or heart-shaped faces and any eye color. The addition of beads not only decorates but also weights the twists, enhancing their definition.

To keep this hairstyle fresh, use a mild sulfate-free shampoo and consider re-twisting the roots every few weeks to maintain its crisp appearance.

Sponge Twists: The Urban Favorite

Sponge twists jump out as the go-to choice for the modern man, particularly popular among younger demographics. This style, achievable on short to medium-length hair, offers a rugged yet refined look, suitable for casual outings or creative workplaces. The texture added by the sponge method is perfect for those with shorter 4c hair, offering volume and dimension.

A light hold styling gel and regular sponging will keep this style looking sharp and defined without much upkeep.

Viking-Inspired Twisted Rope Style

Channel the fierce spirit of a Viking with twisted rope styles. This bold twist employs dye to add a dramatic flair, making it suitable for individuals who enjoy standing out. It’s a perfect match for triangular or diamond face shapes, enhancing strong facial features. Ideal for themed parties or bold fashion statements, the Viking-inspired look is a nod to historical ruggedness mixed with contemporary edge.

Preserve the color and integrity of the dye with color-safe products and regular conditioning treatments.

Two-Strand Twists with Fade: The Best of Both Worlds

Combining the clean look of a fade with the texture of two-strand twists creates a hairstyle that is both dynamic and easy to maintain. This style works well for all face shapes, offering a versatile look that can transition from day to night. Whether you’re heading to a business meeting or a night out, this hairstyle keeps you looking sharp.

Maintain the look with regular edge-ups and using a hydrating conditioner to keep the twists from drying out.

Subtle Dyed Tips on Small Twists

For those who prefer a hint of color, small twists with dyed tips offer a unique twist on a classic style. This subtle incorporation of dye provides a pop of color without overwhelming the senses. Suitable for any casual or artistic setting, it’s a great choice for creative professionals or anyone wanting to add a touch of personality to their look.

To care for dyed tips, use a color-preserving shampoo and avoid over-washing to maintain the vibrancy of the color.

Curly Twist-Out: The Natural Favorite

For men who natural curly hair, the twist-out style offers a fantastic way to define those curls. This style is perfect for all settings, particularly where a natural and approachable look is favored. The versatility of the twist-out makes it compatible with all face shapes and eye colors, enhancing the natural curl pattern without the need for extensive styling.

Keep your curls defined and healthy with a curl-defining cream and regular deep conditioning treatments.

Mid-Length Twists with Middle Part

Mid-length twists offer a balanced look that combines the ease of short hair with the style of longer lengths. The middle part gives this style a contemporary edge, perfect for business or leisure. Suitable for oval and rectangular face shapes, it complements symmetrical features and adds a touch of class to any outfit.

Regular trims and moisturizing are key to keeping mid-length twists looking their best.

Bold Twists with White Dye Accents

Make a statement with bold twists highlighted with white dye. This striking contrast is not for the faint-hearted but is perfect for artistic events or fashion shows. Best suited for darker skin tones and any face shape, this style is all about making an impact.

To maintain the stark contrast, use a toning shampoo specifically designed for white and silver hair.

The Classic Fade Twist for Everyday Elegance

A fade twist combines the sharp lines of a fade cut with the texture of twists. This style is an excellent choice for everyday wear, providing a clean yet textured look that’s both stylish and practical. Suitable for any event, from formal to casual, it’s a versatile choice that adapts to any lifestyle.

Keep your fade crisp and your twists defined with regular barber visits and light hold styling products.

Subtle Elegance with Mini Twists

Mini twists offer a subtle and elegant style, perfect for both casual and professional environments. They are an excellent choice for those with finer hair textures or for men who prefer a low-maintenance yet stylish look. This hairstyle suits heart and oval face shapes best, providing a frame that highlights the eyes and cheekbones.

To maintain mini twists, keep the scalp moisturized and twists neat with light oil application and regular touch-ups.

Chunky Twists for a Bold Statement

Chunky twists stand out with their bold and voluminous appearance, making them a perfect choice for those who like to make a fashion statement. This style works well for any casual or artistic setting and is particularly flattering for square and round face shapes, adding balance to the facial structure.

Maintain the health and appearance of chunky twists by using a hydrating conditioner and minimizing manipulation to prevent frizz.

Twisted Mohawk: Edgy and Modern

The twisted mohawk merges the rebellious spirit of the mohawk with the intricate beauty of twists. It’s ideal for daring personalities and suits triangular and oval face shapes, accentuating the jawline and forehead. This style is perfect for concerts, festivals, or any event where standing out is the goal.

Keep this style sharp with regular trims and use a stronghold gel to keep the twists intact and the sides sleek.

High-Top Twists with a Fade

High-top twists with a fade combine height and texture with clean sides, offering a modern twist on classic high-top styles. This look is suitable for all occasions, from formal events to everyday wear, and works well with round and heart-shaped faces by elongating the appearance.

Regular barber visits are essential for maintaining the crispness of the fade, while a daily twist cream will keep the twists defined and healthy.

Twisted Curls with Highlights

For those with naturally curly hair, adding twists and highlights can create a dynamic and textured style. This look is excellent for special occasions and suits all face shapes, particularly those with softer features. The highlights add depth and dimension, making the curls pop.

To care for this style, use a color-safe shampoo and a deep conditioner to keep the curls hydrated and the color vibrant.

Side-Swept Twists for a Casual Flair

Side-swept twists offer a relaxed yet stylish look, perfect for casual outings or creative workplaces. This hairstyle suits oval and rectangular face shapes, giving a softening effect to the angles of the face. It’s a versatile style that allows for different lengths and textures.

Use a light pomade to keep the twists in place and add a gentle shine without weighing the hair down.

The Laid-Back Beachy Twists

Beachy twists are ideal for vacations or a laid-back summer look. This casual style suits all face shapes and is particularly appealing on medium-length hair. The slightly undone appearance adds to the relaxed vibe of the style.

To achieve and maintain the beachy look, use a salt spray for texture and a light oil to prevent the hair from drying out in the sun.

Sleek Twists with Undercut

Sleek twists paired with an undercut deliver a sharp and modern look, making it a great choice for the fashion-forward individual. This style works exceptionally well for those with oval or long face shapes, as it balances the proportions by drawing attention to the detailed twists on top. It’s perfect for both casual gatherings and professional settings, offering a neat, edgy vibe.

Maintain the sleekness of the twists with a lightweight mousse and keep the undercut clean with regular trims.

Tapered Twist Out for Natural Volume

The Tapered Twist Out is perfect for those who desire a natural and voluminous look. This style gradually tapers down the sides, focusing the volume at the top and middle of the head, making it ideal for diamond or heart-shaped faces. It’s particularly effective for showcasing the texture of 4c hair, providing a stylish yet manageable hairstyle for everyday wear.

Use a curl-defining cream to enhance the twist out and a light oil to maintain the scalp’s health and hair’s sheen.

Asymmetrical Twists for a Unique Edge

Asymmetrical Twists offer a unique and contemporary twist on traditional hairstyles, perfect for anyone looking to stand out. This style is characterized by twists of varying lengths and volumes, creating a dynamic and visually interesting look. Suitable for all face shapes, it’s particularly captivating in artistic or casual settings where individuality is celebrated.

To keep this look fresh and vibrant, apply a moisturizing leave-in conditioner regularly and adjust the asymmetry with minor retwists as needed.

Textured Twists with Temporal Fade

Textured twists combined with a temporal fade create a sleek, modern look that adds depth and edge to the hairstyle. This style is particularly flattering for those with rectangular or oval face shapes, as it enhances the facial structure while adding a contemporary twist. Ideal for both formal and informal settings, the textured twists offer personality and the fade brings a clean, sharp outline.

To maintain the crisp look of the fade and the definition of the twists, visit your barber regularly for touch-ups and use a twist-defining cream to keep the twists tight and neat.

Dual-Toned Twisted Locs

Dual-Toned Twisted Locs are for the bold and adventurous. This style incorporates two contrasting colors, adding a striking visual element to the twists. It works well for all face shapes and is particularly eye-catching on longer hair lengths. Perfect for artistic events or fashion-forward social gatherings, it showcases personal style and creativity.

Maintain the vibrant colors with color-preserving shampoos and conditioners, and regularly oil the locs to keep them healthy and lustrous.


Twist hairstyles for men offer a rich tapestry of style options that cater to personal taste and cultural expression. From subtle short twists to bold Viking-inspired styles, there’s a twist hairstyle to suit every occasion and personality. Try out these styles and share your experiences or post your own twist hairstyle ideas in the comments below. Let’s keep the conversation going and the style evolving!

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