30 samurai hairstyle men ideas including traditional Japanese top knots undercuts and modern styles


The samurai, Japan’s ancient warriors, left a lasting impact not only through their storied deeds but also through their distinctive styles. Among these is the samurai hairstyle, which continues to inspire modern fashion. This article explores ten variations of samurai hairstyles, each blending traditional aesthetics with contemporary flair. These styles are perfect for various occasions, fitting different face shapes and eye colors, and reflect a blend of cultural reverence and modern adaptability.

The Classic Samurai Top Knot: Perfect for Formal Occasions

The Classic Samurai Top Knot is a timeless choice, embodying the spirit of Japanese warriors while suiting formal settings. Ideal for individuals with oval face shapes and dark eyes, this traditional style elevates one’s profile with its elevated bun. Whether attending a wedding or a formal gathering, this hairstyle ensures elegance and respect to cultural roots.

To achieve this look, one needs long, curly or straight hair, gathered high and tied into a top knot man bun. Maintenance involves regular conditioning to keep the hair smooth and manageable, with occasional use of light hair wax to maintain the bun’s integrity.

The Modern Undercut Samurai: A Fusion of Old and New

For a more daring and edgy look, the Modern Undercut Samurai combines the traditional samurai bun with a contemporary undercut. This style is particularly flattering for angular faces and suits those with bold, expressive eye colors. It’s a striking choice for creative events or casual social gatherings, providing a modern twist on a historical classic.

Styling this haircut involves shaving the sides while keeping the top long enough to tie back. The key tools include a razor for the sides and a strong hold gel to keep the top knot secure. Regular trims are necessary to keep the undercut sharp, and using a nourishing hair oil can help maintain the health and sheen of the longer sections.

The Loose Samurai Bun: Casual and Relaxed

This laid-back version of the samurai style features a looser, more relaxed bun, suitable for everyday wear. It’s an excellent match for round faces and lighter eye colors, adding a soft yet rugged aesthetic. This style is perfect for casual outings or a relaxed day at the office.

To create this look, gather the long hair into a low, loose bun at the back. Essential tools include elastic bands and light hold hairspray to keep the style in place without sacrificing the hair’s natural movement. For maintenance, a hydrating leave-in conditioner will keep the hair healthy and prevent frizz.

The Samurai Half-Bun: Versatile and Trendy

The Samurai Half-Bun is a versatile style that works well with both short and long hair, making it a popular choice among younger individuals interested in anime and art. This style fits well with heart-shaped faces and vibrant eye colors. It’s ideal for artistic showcases or casual meet-ups, offering a trendy yet approachable look.

Creating this style requires pulling half of the hair back into a top knot, while letting the rest flow freely. The tools needed include a few hair ties and a medium-hold styling cream to define the free-flowing hair. Maintenance is straightforward with regular washing and occasional use of texturizing spray to enhance volume.

The Sculpted Samurai: A Work of Art

This hairstyle is akin to a sculpted drawing, where every strand seems deliberately placed, yet it exudes a natural flow. Suitable for diamond face shapes and intense eye colors, the Sculpted Samurai is perfect for high-profile events or artistic exhibitions, presenting the wearer as a walking piece of art.

Achieving this look involves meticulous drawing back of the hair into a high, polished bun, using sculpting gel for precision. Maintenance requires the use of a high-quality sculpting gel and regular conditioning treatments to ensure the hair remains manageable and healthy.

The Dual Textured Samurai: Combining Smooth and Wavy

The Dual Textured Samurai hairstyle brings a unique contrast by blending smooth and wavy textures. This style is suitable for those with oblong face shapes and lighter eye colors, perfect for gallery openings or creative presentations. The juxtaposition of textures makes this look both eye-catching and sophisticated.

For this style, keep the sides slicked back and the top portion wavy, gathered into a loose top knot man bun at the crown. Use a sea salt spray to enhance the waves and a smoothing serum for the sides. Maintenance involves using a moisturizing conditioner to keep the waves lush and a lightweight gel for the sleek sides.

The Samurai Ponytail: Sporty and Chic

The Samurai Ponytail is a sportier adaptation of the traditional style, ideal for men with active lifestyles. It suits those with short to medium hair and is particularly flattering for athletic face shapes and sharp eye colors. This look is perfect for sports events or casual outings.

Achieve this style by pulling the hair back into a high ponytail, leaving the undercut visible. Essentials for this style include a strong elastic band and a light hair pomade to add texture to the ponytail. Maintain this look with a strengthening shampoo and occasional conditioning treatments.

The Samurai Disheveled Top Knot: Effortlessly Cool

This style offers a more relaxed and disheveled take on the traditional top knot, making it suitable for casual, everyday wear. It works well with naturally curly or wavy hair and complements oval face shapes and casual attire.

To get this look, loosely gather the hair into a high top knot, allowing some strands to fall freely around the face. Use a minimal amount of product, just enough to keep the bun in place but not so much that it loses its laid-back vibe. Regular use of a texturizing spray will help maintain the casual, tousled effect.

The High and Sleek Samurai Bun: Polished and Professional

This hairstyle is characterized by its sleekness and height, offering a polished and professional look. It’s best for men with long, straight hair and works well with all eye colors, particularly striking for business meetings or formal events.

Creating this bun involves pulling hair tightly back from the forehead and securing it high on the head with a top knot. Use a strong-hold gel to ensure the hair stays in place and a shine spray to give it a clean, glossy finish. Regularly applying a deep conditioner will keep the hair healthy and manageable.

The Layered Samurai Flow: Dynamic and Flowing

The Layered Samurai Flow offers a dynamic look by incorporating layers that flow seamlessly into a loose bun. This style works best for those with medium to long hair and is particularly appealing for those with dynamic personalities and active social lives.

To achieve this, layer the hair for movement and gather it into a relaxed bun at the back. Styling mousse to enhance the layers and a flexible hair spray to maintain the bun’s shape are essential. Regular layering cuts are important to maintain the style’s dynamic appearance.

The Minimalist Samurai: Simple and Sophisticated

The Minimalist Samurai is a sleek, simple version of the traditional hairstyle, focusing on clean lines and minimal fuss. It suits all hair types but is especially flattering for men with defined facial features and a preference for minimalistic style.

This hairstyle is easy to maintain with just a simple top knot secured at the back of the head, using minimal product to maintain a clean look. Regular washing and light conditioning are sufficient to keep this style looking sophisticated and neat.

The Textured Samurai: Dynamic Elegance

The Textured Samurai hairstyle introduces a lively twist to the classic samurai bun by integrating varying textures. This style is particularly suitable for those with curly or wavy hair, adding depth and movement to the traditional silhouette. It’s a fantastic choice for casual outings or creative workplaces, offering a balance of flair and formality.

To style, incorporate texturizing cream into damp hair to enhance natural curls or waves before pulling it back into a top knot. Essentials for this style include a strong-hold elastic band to keep the bun intact and curl-enhancing spray to maintain the texture. Regular conditioning with a curl-specific formula will help manage and define the curls.

The Samurai Slick Back: Sleek and Commanding

The Samurai Slick Back adapts the iconic hairstyle for those preferring a cleaner, more controlled appearance. This style works well with long straight hair, offering a sharp look that complements formal and business settings. It’s ideal for men who enjoy a fusion of traditional and modern styles.

Achieve this look by slicking back the hair with a strong-hold gel before securing it into a neat top knot at the crown. Key tools include a fine-tooth comb for a sleek finish and a high-quality hair gel to ensure the style holds throughout the day. Regular use of a smoothing shampoo and a lightweight conditioner will maintain the sleekness and health of the hair.

The Samurai Buzz Cut: Minimalist and Bold

Combining a buzz cut with a small, tightly wound top knot creates a striking minimalist style known as the Samurai Buzz Cut. This bold look is perfect for those who favor ease and simplicity, suitable for athletic activities or minimalist lifestyles. It emphasizes the facial features and is a breeze to maintain.

This style involves buzzing the sides and back of the head while leaving just enough long hair on top to form a small bun. The necessary tools are a good quality clipper for the buzz cut and a few hair ties for the bun. Maintenance is minimal, requiring only occasional trimming and light conditioning to keep the scalp healthy.

The Voluminous Samurai Pony: Full and Vibrant

The Voluminous Samurai Pony offers a fuller alternative to the traditional samurai style, ideal for those with thick, long hair. This style not only captures the essence of Japanese warrior elegance but also adds a touch of modern voluminosity, making it perfect for social events or public appearances.

To create this look, pull the hair back into a high ponytail instead of a bun, allowing the volume to showcase itself. A volumizing mousse applied to the roots will enhance fullness, while a sturdy hair tie will ensure the ponytail stays in place. To maintain this voluminous look, regular treatments with a volumizing shampoo and conditioner are recommended, along with light teasing at the roots for added lift.

The Retro Samurai: Vintage Charm

The Retro Samurai hairstyle brings back the old-school charm by integrating vintage elements with the traditional top knot. This style is perfect for those who appreciate the nostalgia of past fashion trends blended with Japanese heritage. It’s particularly suitable for formal gatherings or themed events where a touch of historical elegance is desired.

To achieve this look, part the hair on one side and use a pomade to create a slick, polished appearance before tying the long hair into a top knot. Essential tools include a fine-tooth comb for precision parting and a high-quality pomade for shine and hold. Maintenance involves regular washing with a gentle shampoo and the use of a conditioner to keep the hair soft and manageable.

The Samurai Faux Hawk: Boldly Edgy

The Samurai Faux Hawk is an audacious style that merges the mohawk’s audacity with the samurai’s grace. This hairstyle is perfect for the daring individual, suitable for concerts, night outs, or any event where making a bold statement is the goal. It works exceptionally well with short to medium long hair and adds an avant-garde edge to the traditional top knot.

To style, shave or trim the sides closely while leaving the center strip longer to be pulled back into a top knot. Styling gel or wax will be necessary to keep the central strip elevated and sleek. Maintenance includes regular side shaves and applying a strong-hold gel to the faux hawk to preserve its striking appearance.

The Samurai Low Knot: Subtle and Sophisticated

The Samurai Low Knot is a subtler variation of the traditional hairstyle, placing the bun at the nape rather than the crown. This style offers a sophisticated look that is suitable for business environments or more conservative events. It works best with long, sleek hair and complements a professional wardrobe.

To style, pull the hair back gently to the nape and secure it into a low top knot. This requires hair ties and possibly a light-hold hairspray to keep the style polished without appearing too stiff. Maintenance involves using a smoothing serum to prevent flyaways and regular conditioning to ensure the hair stays healthy and manageable.

The Braided Samurai Top Knot: Intricate and Stylish

The Braided Samurai Top Knot combines traditional elements with modern flair by incorporating intricate braiding into the classic top knot. This style is ideal for men with long hair who want to add a touch of complexity and elegance to their look. It’s perfect for weddings, formal events, or any occasion where a sophisticated appearance is desired.

To achieve this look, create several small braids from the front and sides of the head, converging them into a high top knot. Essential tools include small elastics to secure the braids and a strong-hold hairspray to keep the style in place. Regular use of a conditioning treatment will keep the braids neat and prevent frizz.

The Samurai Twist: Modern and Versatile

The Samurai Twist offers a modern take on the classic Japanese hairstyle by incorporating twisted sections into the top knot. This style is versatile, suitable for both casual and formal settings, and works well with long and medium-length hair. It’s particularly flattering for oval and heart-shaped faces.

To style, twist small sections of hair before gathering them into a top knot. Use a texturizing cream to enhance the twists and ensure they hold. The necessary tools include hair ties and a light-hold styling cream. Maintenance involves regular trims to keep the twists defined and using a moisturizing shampoo and conditioner to maintain hair health.


Each of these samurai hairstyles offers a unique way to channel the storied elegance and bold spirit of Japan’s ancient warriors. Whether you prefer a traditional look or a modern twist, there’s a samurai style to suit your taste and occasion. We invite you to try these styles and share your experiences in the comments. Engage with us and other readers to discuss your favorite samurai looks and perhaps discover new variations to enhance your style repertoire.

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