Discover 30 Bold Viking Hairstyles for Men: From Braided Classics to Modern Undercut Inspirations


Exploring the rugged allure of Viking hairstyles for men is not only about reclaiming a fierce historical legacy but also embracing modernity with a twist of the old Norse. These hairstyles, characterized by their boldness and raw beauty, have transcended centuries to become a significant trend in today’s fashion. In this article, we’ll unveil 10 distinct Viking hairstyles that combine both traditional elements and contemporary flair, perfect for anyone looking to unleash their inner warrior or simply stand out from the crowd.

Braided Warrior: Viking Long Braid for Men

Men with long hair looking for a modern yet historically inspired style will appreciate the Viking Long Braid. This look is ideal for casual gatherings and historical reenactments. It best complements an oval face shape and light eye colors, enhancing a mystic Norse gaze. The braid starts from the crown and extends down the back, intertwined with smaller braids that add texture and depth.

Maintaining this braid requires regular conditioning to keep the hair smooth and manageable. A recommended product is the Aveda Nutriplenish Conditioner.

The Shield-Maiden’s Choice: Short Viking Crop for Men

A short hair option that is both cute and fierce is the Short Viking Crop. This style is perfect for active men who prefer a low-maintenance yet stylish look, suitable for both the gym and the office. It works well with round faces and dark eye colors, giving a sharp, intense appearance.

For styling, use a lightweight matte clay to keep the hair textured and in place throughout the day. Washing with a strengthening shampoo, like Redken Extreme Shampoo, will help maintain hair health.

Skald’s Elegy: Braided Topknot for Viking Storytellers

The Braided Topknot is a signature Viking hairstyle for men with medium length hair. This braided look is perfect for cultural festivals or literary events, where its historical significance and aesthetic appeal can be fully appreciated. It suits heart-shaped faces and brown eyes wonderfully.

To achieve this style, the hair is pulled back into a high ponytail, then braided and twisted into a knot. Maintain the look with regular use of a moisturizing hair serum, such as Moroccanoil Treatment Original.

Norse Navigator: Undercut with Braided Sides for Adventurers

The men’s undercut long hair paired with braided sides offers a striking blend of bold and easy maintenance. Ideal for explorers and men on the move, this style fits well in both urban and wild settings. It’s best suited for square face shapes and hazel eyes.

Keep the undercut sharp with frequent trims and manage the braids with a firm-hold styling gel, like Got2b Ultra Glued Invincible Styling Gel.

Fjord Forger: Sleek Back Viking Style for Artisans

This men’s sleek back style is modern and refined, making it perfect for professional environments or formal events. It’s particularly flattering for men with rectangular faces and blue eyes. The sleek back is achieved by combing the hair back with a pomade for a smooth, controlled look.

To maintain the hairstyle’s sleek appearance, use Baxter of California Clay Pomade for hold and shine.

Dragon Raider: Wild Textured Long Hair for the Fearless

Men long hair can be styled into a wild, textured look that’s perfect for rock concerts or motorcycle rides. This modern Viking style is best for those with triangular faces and green eyes, giving off an untamed, rugged vibe.

The key to achieving this look is to let the hair air-dry after applying a sea salt spray, like Bumble and bumble Surf Spray, to enhance the natural waves and textures.

Valhalla Bound: Tousled Top with Shaved Sides for Warriors

A dynamic short hair style that embodies the spirit of a Viking ready for battle. Suitable for sports events or adventurous outings, this hairstyle complements diamond-shaped faces and light brown eyes.

Styling involves shaving the sides closely and tousling the top with a volumizing mousse, such as R+Co Rodeo Star Thickening Style Foam.

Rune Reader: Long Flowing Hair with Subtle Waves for the Wise

For men who prefer a more understated yet traditionally cute Viking look, the Long Flowing Hair with Subtle Waves is ideal. This style is excellent for academic conferences or book readings, fitting well with elongated face shapes and grey eyes.

Achieve this serene look by using a curl-enhancing cream, like SheaMoisture Coconut & Hibiscus Curl Enhancing Smoothie, and letting the hair dry naturally.

Ice River Ruler: Sharp Fade with Braided Detail for Leaders

A modern Viking hairstyle that combines a sharp fade with a braided detail, making it suitable for leadership roles or community events. It’s best for men with round faces and

icy blue eyes.

Maintain the sharpness of the fade with regular barber visits and keep the braid neat with a strong hold hair wax, like TIGI Bed Head for Men Matte Separation Workable Wax.

Berserker’s Fury: Messy, Spiked Look for the Fearless

Finally, for men who embody the wild, fearless essence of a Berserker, the Messy, Spiked Look is perfect. This style is great for nights out or casual meetups, and it suits square face shapes and dark brown eyes best.

Use a high-hold, low-shine product like American Crew Fiber to spike the hair and add texture.

Wind-Swept Warrior: Flowing Locks for the Sea-Bound Viking

Men with long hair can embrace the Wind-Swept Warrior style, which captures the essence of a Viking at sea. This style is ideal for outdoor concerts or seaside outings, best complementing oval face shapes and light blue eyes. The hair is worn loose with waves that mimic the ocean, creating a natural, rugged look.

To maintain the flowing locks, use a light texturizing spray like Ouai Wave Spray, ensuring the waves stay defined without weighing down the hair.

The Lorekeeper: Braided Half-Up Hair for the Scholar

For men with medium-length hair, the Lorekeeper offers a scholarly yet rugged look. Ideal for presentations or museum visits, this style suits heart-shaped faces and green eyes beautifully. The half-up portion is braided, while the rest flows freely, combining formality with a touch of wildness.

Use a hydrating hair balm like Jack Black Sleek Finish Texture Cream to keep the hair smooth and manageable, focusing on the ends to prevent split ends.

The Skald’s Crescendo: High Volume Pompadour with Viking Twists

This modern take combines a classic pompadour with Viking-inspired braided sides, making it perfect for artistic performances or trendy social gatherings. It’s best suited for oblong face shapes and hazel eyes. The volume at the top contrasts with the intricate braids at the sides, offering a bold statement.

A volumizing powder, such as Got2b Volumaniac Bodifying Hair Powder, is essential for maintaining the lift at the roots, while the braids should be kept tidy with a firm hold spray.

Frost King: Icy Blonde Taper with Long Top

The Frost King style is a modern and striking look for men with medium length hair. Ideal for winter sports or fashionable winter gatherings, it complements pale skin tones and crystal blue eyes. The hair is kept long on top and tapered on the sides, dyed an icy blonde to mimic the Nordic frost.

Preserve the blonde shade and prevent brassiness with a purple shampoo, like Kevin Murphy Blonde Angel Wash, and a nourishing conditioner to keep the hair healthy.

The Voyager’s Helm: Leather-Bound Ponytail for the Explorer

A rugged style for men long hair, the Voyager’s Helm is perfect for travel enthusiasts or historical reenactors. Suitable for square face shapes and dark eyes, this style features a ponytail bound with leather strips, echoing the Viking’s utilitarian yet formidable aesthetic.

To keep the hair in good condition while bound, apply a silicone-free serum, like The Ordinary Multi-Peptide Serum for Hair Density, to ensure strength and growth.

The Hearth Keeper: Soft Waves with Side Part

For men with medium-length hair, the Hearth Keeper offers a gentle, approachable look ideal for family gatherings or community events. It works well with round faces and warm brown eyes. The style features soft waves with a prominent side part, giving a relaxed yet put-together appearance.

Use a wave-enhancing mousse, such as MoroccanOil Curl Control Mousse, and let the hair air-dry to preserve the natural wave pattern without stiffness.

The Mead Hall Host: Lush Curls Topped with a Crown Braid

This style is a festive choice for special occasions like weddings or banquets, suited for men with long hair and round faces, especially those with amber or green eyes. It features lush curls topped with a crown braid, providing a regal Viking appearance.

To ensure the curls remain bouncy and the braid stays in place, use a curl-defining cream and a light hairspray, such as Aveda Be Curly Curl Enhancer and Aveda Air Control Hair Spray.

The Berserker’s Wake: Mullet with Braided Details

Men’s adventurous spirit is captured in The Berserker’s Wake, a modern take on the mullet with added braided details for texture. This bold look is great for music festivals or unconventional social events, fitting oval and square face shapes and any eye color.

Manage the style with a texture lotion, like Bumble and Bumble Grooming Creme, focusing on the mullet to enhance its layered look while keeping the braids neat.

The Longship Captain: Full Beard and Tousled Hair

Embodying the classic Viking leader, the Longship Captain style is perfect for thematic photo shoots or historical presentations. Suitable for men with long hair and robust beards, this look matches well with broad faces and deep-set eyes. The hair is tousled and the beard is full, groomed to perfection.

Maintain the beard with a dedicated beard oil, such as Honest Amish Classic Beard Oil, and use a sea salt spray on the hair to add texture and volume.

The Fjord’s Whisper: Sleek Back with Whisper-Thin Braids

A subtle yet evocative style for men, the Fjord’s Whisper combines a sleek back look with thin, whisper-like braids that add an element of intrigue. This hairstyle is ideal for art exhibitions or quiet gatherings, best suiting narrow faces and light grey eyes.

For the sleek back, use a high-hold gel, like American Crew Firm Hold Styling Gel, and for the braids, apply a light hold wax to keep them in place without stiffness.

The Seer’s Vision: Wavy Top with Angular Shave

The Seer’s Vision style is a mystic blend of practicality and Norse magic, perfect for creative workshops or storytelling events. This look suits men with medium length hair, especially those with angular face shapes and intense, dark eyes. The top features naturally wavy hair, complemented by an angular shave on the sides that adds a sharp, visionary edge.

To enhance the waves, use a lightweight curl enhancer like DevaCurl Wave Maker. For the shaved parts, regular upkeep with a trusted barber is crucial to maintain the sharp, clean lines.


These Viking hairstyles offer a bridge between the past and the present, providing a unique way to express personal style and heritage. Whether you’re attending a themed event or just looking to spice up your daily look, these styles are sure to make a statement. Feel free to share your thoughts and experiences with these hairstyles in the comments, or suggest your own variations for a personalized touch. Let’s keep the spirit of the Vikings alive in our modern-day adventures!

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