Exploring 36 Japanese Haircut Men Ideas: From Traditional Styles to Modern Twists


Japanese men’s hairstyles have long been revered for their innovative and aesthetically pleasing designs, ranging from the subtly refined to the boldly avant-garde. This article explores ten distinct Japanese haircut ideas that not only highlight the rich diversity of styles prevalent in modern Japan but also cater to a variety of face shapes, personal styles, and maintenance levels. Whether you’re looking for a new everyday look or a standout style for a special occasion, these hairstyles promise to inspire and transform.

The Sleek Tokyo Undercut

The Sleek Tokyo Undercut is a testament to the blend of traditional and modern aesthetics, making it perfect for both professional settings and casual outings. Its sharp, clean lines flatter those with round faces and highlight striking dark eyes. The style involves shaved sides with a long, swept-back top, embodying a minimalist yet bold statement.

To maintain this look, a strong hold pomade and a fine-tooth comb are essential. Regular trims every few weeks will keep the edges pristine. For hair care, consider using a smoothing shampoo like TRESemmé’s Keratin Smooth to keep the top manageable and sleek.

Harajuku Long Waves

Embrace the free-spirited vibe of Tokyo’s Harajuku district with this Long Waves style, ideal for those with medium to long hair. Perfect for artistic events or a day out in the city, it suits individuals with oval faces and complements light-colored eyes. The natural waves add a touch of whimsy and effortless charm.

Maintaining these luscious waves requires minimal styling products, preferably a light mousse or sea salt spray to enhance the texture. Washing with a curl-defining shampoo like SheaMoisture’s Coconut & Hibiscus will help keep the waves bouncy and full of life.

Edgy Tokyo Mullet

The Edgy Tokyo Mullet, with its roots in the 2000s, combines the classic mullet silhouette with a sharp, contemporary twist suitable for oval and square faces. This look is perfect for music concerts or a night out, especially if you want to make a bold statement with minimal effort.

For styling, use a volumizing spray and a blow dryer to achieve that signature lift at the crown. The back should be kept slightly longer to maintain the mullet’s characteristic profile. Regular conditioning with products like Redken’s Extreme Length Conditioner will ensure the ends stay healthy.

Classic Shibuya Buzz Cut

Ideal for those seeking a low-maintenance yet stylish option, the Classic Shibuya Buzz Cut is great for round faces and highlights deep brown eyes. This cut is synonymous with the bustling energy of Shibuya and is perfect for sports events or any active lifestyle.

Maintenance is straightforward with this style. A good quality electric trimmer for regular touch-ups and a hydrating scalp conditioner are all you need to keep this look fresh and clean.

The Refined Osaka Side Part

This hairstyle is a nod to the sophistication of Osaka. Suitable for business meetings or formal gatherings, it works best for men with medium straight hair and rectangular face shapes. The neat side part complements sharp eye features.

Styling involves a daily routine of parting the hair neatly with a tail comb and setting it with a medium-hold gel. To keep the hair in top condition, use a nourishing hair serum such as Moroccan Oil Treatment for added shine and protection.

Modern Samurai Top Knot

Drawing from the ancient samurai tradition, this top knot is modernized to fit today’s fashion standards. It’s an excellent choice for long or medium hair lengths, fitting for cultural festivals or creative presentations. This style suits those with square faces and intense eyes.

To achieve this look, gather the hair into a high ponytail, twist into a bun, and secure with a sturdy hair tie. Using a light hold gel will keep the hairstyle neat throughout the day. For maintenance, apply a light oil like argan oil to keep the hair conditioned.

Shinjuku Soft Fade

A versatile look that transitions smoothly from day to night, the Shinjuku Soft Fade is perfect for short to medium hair. Ideal for casual meet-ups or dates, it enhances heart-shaped faces and pairs well with light or medium eye colors.

Achieve this style with a skilled barber’s help for the perfect fade, while regular use of a matte finish styling cream will maintain the texture. A gentle daily shampoo is recommended for upkeep.

Hiroshima Fringe

The Hiroshima Fringe is a youthful and playful style, featuring a heavy, textured fringe that covers the forehead. It’s perfect for casual outings and suits those with oval faces and brown eyes. The fringe adds a touch of mystery and style to a simple haircut.

For maintenance, regular trims are necessary to keep the fringe at the ideal length. Use a light texturizing cream to give the fringe body without weighing it down. A moisturizing shampoo will help maintain hair health, especially for those with a tendency towards dryness.

Nagoya Slicked Back

This elegant, slicked-back style evokes a sense of sophistication and is perfect for formal events or business meetings. It works best for men with straight hair and rectangular faces, highlighting sharp facial features.

Styling involves using a high-hold pomade to slick the hair back smoothly. A fine-tooth comb will help achieve a clean, polished look. To maintain this style, use a rich conditioner to keep hair smooth and manageable.

Kobe Spiky Chaos

Kobe Spiky Chaos is all about bold texture and an edgy finish, ideal for night outs or music festivals. It’s particularly suited for those with short hair and round faces, providing a dynamic and youthful look.

Use a strong-hold gel or wax to spike the hair in different directions. The key is to create as much texture as possible. Regular washing and occasional deep conditioning are necessary to prevent buildup from styling products.

Sapporo Tousled Layers

Sapporo Tousled Layers offer a relaxed and approachable look, great for everyday wear. This style is best for those with medium to long hair and oval or square faces. It adds volume and movement to the hair, making it appear lively and full of personality.

To style, apply a volumizing mousse and scrunch the hair to enhance natural waves. A lightweight hairspray can help hold the tousled effect throughout the day. Use a sulfate-free shampoo to keep the hair healthy and vibrant.

Fukuoka Side Sweep

The Fukuoka Side Sweep is sleek and modern, with a dramatic side part that adds an element of sharpness. It’s suitable for medium straight hair and heart-shaped faces, ideal for professional settings or formal occasions.

Styling requires a smoothing serum and a medium-hold hairspray to keep the hair in place. Regular trims will help maintain the clean lines of the haircut. Choose a balancing shampoo to keep the hair healthy and styled easily.

Kyoto Samurai Bun

Inspired by traditional samurai warriors, the Kyoto Samurai Bun is both regal and rugged. It works best for men with long or medium hair and square faces, making it a standout choice for cultural events or creative fields.

Secure the hair in a high or low bun using a strong hair tie. A light hair wax can add texture to the bun, giving it a more lived-in look. Regular conditioning treatments are necessary to keep long hair healthy and manageable.

Nara Brushed Up

The Nara Brushed Up style is vibrant and full of life, featuring hair brushed upward to create a sense of height and volume. It’s perfect for those with short to medium hair and oval faces, suitable for both casual and semi-formal settings.

Use a volumizing foam and a round brush while blow-drying to achieve maximum volume. A light hairspray will help maintain the lift throughout the day. Invest in a nourishing hair mask to use weekly for optimal hair health.

Okayama Bold Fade

The Okayama Bold Fade is a dynamic and modern haircut, featuring a bold fade that blends seamlessly into a textured top. This style is great for all face shapes, especially those with bold features, and it’s versatile for both casual and upscale environments.

Maintain the fade with regular visits to the barber and use a texturizing powder or clay to add volume and structure to the top. A moisturizing conditioner will keep the scalp and hair in good condition, even with frequent styling.

Kanazawa Wavy Quiff

The Kanazawa Wavy Quiff combines volume with elegance, making it suitable for special occasions or daily wear for those who want a bit more flair. It’s particularly flattering for oval and square faces and works well with wavy hair.

To style, use a curl-enhancing cream and a diffuser to define the waves. A medium-hold hairspray will keep the quiff in place without stiffening the natural movement of the hair. Use a hydrating shampoo to ensure the waves stay soft and defined.

The Yokohama Disconnected Undercut

The Yokohama Disconnected Undercut is a striking style that features a sharp contrast between very short sides and a voluminous, disconnected top. It’s perfect for those with straight hair and square faces, suitable for both creative fields and casual social settings.

To style, apply a volumizing foam to the longer top section and blow-dry it upward for maximum lift. A matte paste will help define and separate the hair for a textured finish. Regular trims are essential to maintain the clean distinction between the long top and short sides.

Tokushima Textured Pompadour

The Tokushima Textured Pompadour brings a modern twist to a classic style, adding texture and movement. This style works best for those with medium to long hair and oval faces, making it a standout choice for formal events and business meetings.

Use a heat protectant and a round brush to blow-dry the hair upwards and backwards, creating volume at the roots. A high-hold pomade will keep the style in place throughout the day. A moisturizing conditioner will help keep the hair healthy and easier to style.

The Hakodate Sharp Part

The Hakodate Sharp Part is a refined and elegant hairstyle with a razor-sharp side part, perfect for those with straight and medium straight hair. It suits rectangular faces and is ideal for professional settings or formal gatherings.

Styling involves using a fine-tooth comb and a strong hold gel to create a crisp, clean line for the part. Maintenance includes regular washing and using a leave-in conditioner to keep the hair smooth and manageable.

Iwaki Curly Top with Fade

The Iwaki Curly Top with Fade combines the playful energy of curls with a sleek, tapered fade, suitable for oval and round faces. It’s a versatile look that can adapt to both casual and formal settings.

Styling requires a curl cream to define and enhance natural curls, while a gentle diffuser will help reduce frizz and maintain definition. Regular trims will keep the fade sharp and the curls tidy.

The Nagasaki Bowl Cut

Reimagined from the classic style, The Nagasaki Bowl Cut features a modern, textured twist, making it suitable for those with round faces and straight or wavy hair. It’s a bold choice that fits well in creative or casual environments.

Styling involves texturizing spray to enhance the natural texture and a light wax to give shape and hold. This style requires regular trimming to maintain its distinctive shape.

The Matsumoto Slicked Side Sweep

This sleek and sophisticated hairstyle features hair combed to one side with a slight pomade-induced shine, ideal for straight hair and heart-shaped faces. Perfect for upscale events and business settings.

Use a high-shine pomade to achieve the slicked-back look, combing the hair neatly to one side. A daily conditioner will help keep hair soft and manageable, making styling easier.

Fujisawa Braided Samurai

Drawing from traditional Japanese aesthetics, the Fujisawa Braided Samurai includes a series of intricate braids culminating in a small bun, perfect for those with long hair and square or oval faces. It’s a striking style for cultural events or fashion-forward gatherings.

Maintaining this style involves regular conditioning to keep the hair soft and braiding neatly to avoid hair breakage. Use a light hairspray to hold the braids in place throughout the day.

Kumamoto Disheveled Layers

This casual and effortlessly cool style features layered hair that looks windswept and free, ideal for wavy or curly hair and round faces. It’s perfect for casual days or creative jobs.

A texturizing spray and occasional light scrunching will enhance the natural disheveled look. Using a moisturizing conditioner will keep the layers soft and manageable.

The Oita Elegant Wave

The Oita Elegant Wave features gracefully styled waves that sweep back from the face, creating a look that combines nostalgia with modern sophistication. This style is particularly flattering for long or medium hair and suits rectangular faces. Ideal for formal events and professional gatherings, it emphasizes the wearer’s refined taste.

For styling, use a curl-enhancing lotion and a wide-barrel curling iron to create soft waves. A light hold hairspray will help maintain the shape without sacrificing the hair’s natural movement. Regular conditioning treatments are essential to keep the waves smooth and frizz-free.

The Aomori Sharp Fade

The Aomori Sharp Fade is a sleek and edgy hairstyle with a precise fade that blends seamlessly into a crisply styled top. Ideal for those with straight hair and square or heart-shaped faces, this haircut is versatile enough for both everyday wear and more formal occasions.

Maintain this sharp look with regular visits to the barber for upkeep on the fade. Style the top section with a strong hold gel, ensuring it stays neatly combed and structured. Employing a daily conditioner will help the hair remain healthy and easier to manage.


Exploring these diverse Japanese haircut ideas offers a fresh perspective on how traditional aesthetics can blend seamlessly with contemporary trends to create unique and eye-catching hairstyles. From the elegant waves of the Oita style to the bold textures of the Kagoshima quiff, each haircut not only caters to different tastes and face shapes but also enhances personal style while embracing cultural heritage. We encourage you to experiment with these styles, discuss them in the comments below, and share your own experiences. Whether you’re attending a formal event or just looking for a new everyday look, these Japanese haircuts provide both inspiration and transformation. Let us know which style resonates with you the most!

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