Unveiling 32 Trendsetting Shaved Sides with Long Top Haircut Styles for Fashion-Forward Men


The versatile and edgy hairstyle known as “shaved sides with long top” has taken the fashion world by storm, becoming a staple for those who dare to blend the bold with the stylish. This look, which juxtaposes neatly shaved sides against a voluminous top, offers endless possibilities for customization and flair. Ideal for a range of settings from the casual to the chic, this style speaks to a broad demographic. Whether you’re in your vibrant twenties or sophisticated fifties, exploring this hairstyle could be your next fashion adventure. Let’s delve into ten dynamic variations that could elevate your personal style.

Stylish Undercut with a Textured Top: Unleashing Your Dynamic Side

The Haircut known as the stylish undercut with a textured top is a dynamic choice that suits almost every occasion. Its edgy undercut sharply contrasts with a tousled, voluminous top, making it an excellent option for both casual gatherings and more formal events. This style is particularly flattering for those with oval or square face shapes and can be paired beautifully with any eye color, though it often stands out in individuals with darker eyes.

To achieve this look, the sides are closely shaved while the top is left long and textured. Styling involves applying a volumizing mousse or sea salt spray for texture and using a blow dryer to add volume. Maintenance includes regular trims every few weeks to keep the sides neat and using a nourishing shampoo to keep the top healthy and textured.

Sleek Pompadour with Fade: A Nod to Classic Charm

Reviving the classic charm, the sleek pompadour with fade is not just a Haircut; it’s a statement. Ideal for black men seeking a polished appearance, this version adds a modern twist to the traditional pompadour by integrating a sharp fade. This hairstyle fits best with round and heart-shaped faces and enhances lighter eye colors, providing a striking contrast.

Crafting this look involves tapering the sides into a clean fade while sculpting the long top into a sleek, swept-back pompadour. Use a high-hold pomade to maintain the structure and shine. Regular washing with a moisturizing shampoo ensures the hair remains healthy, and a pomade or wax keeps the pompadour perfectly styled.

Curly Top with Sharp Fades: Embracing the Natural Texture

Embrace your natural texture with the curly top and sharp fades, a Haircut black men adore for its stylish ease and cultural resonance. This hairstyle is best suited for those with naturally curly hair, providing a standout frame for oval and diamond face shapes. It’s particularly appealing for vibrant social settings or creative fields.

The sides are faded down to the skin for a crisp finish, while the curls on top are enhanced with a curl-defining cream or gel. To maintain this style, it’s crucial to hydrate the curls with a deep-conditioning treatment bi-weekly and use a defining gel daily to keep the curls bouncy and defined.

Long, Flowing Top with Defined Sides: Channeling the Rockstar Vibe

Channel your inner rockstar with a long, flowing top and defined shaved sides. This bold Haircut makes a powerful statement, ideal for those with an adventurous spirit and typically suits individuals with elongated face shapes and any eye color. It’s a perfect match for artistic events or music festivals.

Achieving this look involves keeping the sides meticulously shaved and letting the top grow long and free. Styling requires minimal effort—perhaps just a bit of light hold gel to prevent flyaways. For upkeep, regular shaving of the sides will keep the look clean, and a lightweight conditioner will keep the long top manageable and smooth.

Textured Taper with Voluminous Pomp: Sophistication Meets Edginess

Combine sophistication and edginess with the textured taper and voluminous pomp. This style is a modern twist on the classic pompadour, offering a textured finish that works wonderfully for professional settings or evening socials. Suitable for triangular and rectangular face shapes, it complements darker eye colors beautifully.

The sides are tapered rather than shaved, giving a softer fade that blends elegantly into a voluminous, textured top. Styling involves using a texturizing powder and blow-drying for volume. Maintenance requires regular trims to keep the shape of the taper and a good volumizing shampoo to enhance the pomp’s texture.

Sculpted Top with Razor Sharp Sides: Defining Precision and Style

Elevate your look with the sculpted top and razor sharp sides—a haircut that exemplifies precision and modern style. Ideal for those who appreciate a clean and defined appearance, this style works well for rectangular and heart-shaped faces, particularly highlighting light to medium eye colors. Perfect for corporate environments or upscale social events, it’s a statement of sophistication.

The creation of this style involves shaving the sides to a near-bald finish for stark contrast, while sculpting the top with gels to achieve a structured, polished look. Maintenance is straightforward with regular side shaves and using a high-quality gel to keep the top sculpted and shiny.

Wavy Wonderland with Disconnected Undercut: Embracing the Waves

For those with naturally wavy hair, the wavy wonderland with a disconnected undercut presents a playful yet chic style. It’s particularly flattering for round and oval face shapes and enhances the vibrancy of green or blue eyes. This style is your go-to for casual outings or creative presentations, adding a touch of whimsy.

The undercut is distinct and disconnected, providing a stark contrast to the wavy, voluminous hair on top. Styling involves enhancing the natural waves with a sea salt spray and allowing them to air dry. Keep the waves lively and healthy with a moisturizing conditioner and regular trims to maintain the undercut sharp.

Sleek Back with Blended Fade: The Seamless Transition

Opt for the sleek back with blended fade for a seamless transition from casual to business environments. This haircut is best for individuals with straight or slightly wavy hair, complementing square and diamond face shapes and making lighter eye colors pop.

The sides are faded into a smooth blend, while the top is left longer to be styled back sleekly. Use a strong-hold gel to achieve the sleek back look, and ensure the fade is kept neat with regular barber visits. A smoothing shampoo and occasional conditioning treatments will keep the hair healthy and manageable.

High-Top Glory with Skin Fade: Urban Chic

The high-top glory with skin fade is a bold, urban-chic style that stands out in a crowd, making it perfect for trendsetters. Suitable for curly to kinky hair types, this style enhances longer face shapes and is particularly striking with darker eye colors, ideal for nightlife or fashion-forward events.

The skin fade is crisp, making the curly high top the focal point of this dynamic style. Maintaining this look requires a curl-enhancing cream and regular fades to keep the sides ultra-clean. A hydrating curl conditioner will keep the top sculpted and defined.

Angular Fringe with Precision Fade: Edgy Asymmetry

The angular fringe with precision fade offers an edgy, asymmetrical look that captures attention. This style suits younger, fashion-conscious individuals with angular or square face shapes, enhancing deep eye colors. It’s perfect for artistic venues or casual meet-ups.

Styling involves cutting the fringe at an angle while the sides feature a precise fade. Use a lightweight wax to style the fringe to keep it in place without weighing it down. Regular trims are essential to maintain the sharp angles and clean fade, coupled with a balancing shampoo for hair health.

Mohawk Mirage with Tapered Sides: Rebel Redefined

Redefine the rebel within with the Mohawk mirage with tapered sides. This bold style is not for the faint of heart, ideal for oval and elongated face shapes, and it enhances all eye colors, especially in energetic, music-filled environments.

The Mohawk stands tall and proud, while the sides are tapered for a more contemporary feel. Use a strong-hold mousse or gel to keep the Mohawk upright. Maintenance involves keeping the sides neatly tapered and using a volumizing wash to ensure the Mohawk stays prominent.

Textured Crop with Fade: Minimalist and Modern

The textured crop with fade is a minimalist, modern style that offers easy maintenance and a fresh look. It suits those with straight to slightly wavy hair, ideal for square and heart-shaped faces, and particularly stands out in formal and business settings.

The fade is clean, while the top is left slightly longer for a textured look. Styling involves a light texturizing cream to define the crop. Regular trims ensure the fade remains sharp, and a lightweight moisturizing shampoo helps maintain hair health.

Braided Top with Sleek Sides: Fusion of Tradition and Trend

Combine traditional braiding with contemporary style in the braided top with sleek sides. This look is particularly striking for individuals with longer hair who can pull off intricate braids, suitable for any face shape and enhancing any eye color, ideal for cultural events or fashion statements.

The sides are kept sleek and close to the scalp, while the top features complex braids that can vary in pattern. Maintain the braids with a spray conditioner to prevent frizz, and ensure the sides are regularly trimmed to keep them smooth and neat.

Layered Long Top with Buzzed Sides: The Artistic Blend

The layered long top with buzzed sides offers an artistic blend of texture and form. It’s a perfect choice for those with thick hair, complementing oblong and triangular face shapes, and stands out particularly in creative or relaxed environments.

The buzzed sides keep the hairstyle edgy, while the layered top provides volume and movement. Styling includes using a volumizing spray for the top and regular moisturizing treatments to keep the layers soft and vibrant.

Classic Quiff with Clean Shave: Retro Meets Modern

The classic quiff with clean shave is a retro-inspired look that brings a touch of the past into modern fashion. This style is especially suitable for those with a penchant for vintage aesthetics, fitting well on heart and oval face shapes and enhancing lighter eye colors. Ideal for both professional settings and social gatherings, it offers a neat, charismatic presence.

The sides are shaved clean to emphasize the voluminous quiff at the top. Styling involves backcombing and using a strong-hold hairspray to keep the quiff in place. Regular shaving of the sides is necessary to maintain the clean look, while a nourishing hair wax helps keep the quiff textured and full.

Asymmetrical Top with Side Fade: Bold and Artistic

The asymmetrical top with side fade is a bold, artistic choice that captures a sense of individuality and creativity. Suitable for adventurous spirits with angular face shapes, this style shines in urban settings or artistic displays, enhancing darker eye colors.

The top is cut asymmetrically to create a striking visual effect, complemented by a subtle side fade that adds sleekness. Styling requires a gel to set the asymmetrical top in place. Maintenance includes regular fades to keep the sides crisp and a hydrating serum to give the top a glossy finish.

Feathered Faux Hawk with Razor Lines: Edgy Precision

The feathered faux hawk with razor lines combines precision with an edgy flair, creating a daring yet approachable look. This style works best on medium-textured hair, ideal for diamond and square face shapes, and suits those who frequent lively social scenes or sporty environments.

The sides are shaved with intricate razor lines for a detailed design, while the top is feathered into a soft faux hawk. Use a lightweight mousse to keep the feathered look airy and voluminous. Regular touch-ups are needed for the razor lines, and a mild shampoo helps maintain the health of the feathered top.

Voluminous Curls with Tapered Sides: Naturally Bold

The voluminous curls with tapered sides celebrate natural hair texture by allowing curls to dominate the style, making it perfect for those with naturally curly hair. This look suits round and heart-shaped faces, enhancing the appearance in casual or creative settings.

The sides are tapered subtly to keep the focus on the voluminous curls on top. Curls are enhanced with a curl-defining cream and occasionally refreshed with a light spritz of water and conditioner. Regular trimming of the tapered sides and deep conditioning treatments keep the curls bouncy and defined.

Angular Comb Over with Skin Fade: Sharp and Clean

The angular comb over with skin fade is a sharp, clean look that conveys professionalism and neatness. Best suited for straight-haired individuals, this style complements angular and oblong face shapes and shines in business environments or formal gatherings.

The skin fade is precise, creating a stark contrast with the angular comb over, which is kept in place with a firm-hold gel. To maintain this look, regular skin fades are essential, and a daily routine of combing and application of gel will keep the comb over sharp and stylish.

Long Slick Back with Discrete Fade: Timeless Elegance

The long slick back with discrete fade offers timeless elegance, combining a classic slicked-back look with a modern fade. This hairstyle is ideal for those with longer hair, fitting well on all face shapes, and is perfect for upscale social events or professional meetings.

The fade is kept discrete to allow the long, slicked-back hair to stand out. Use a high-shine pomade to achieve the slick back, and a blow dryer to help set the style in place. Regular trimming of the fade and use of a rich conditioner keep the long hair healthy and manageable.


These ten shaved sides with long top hairstyles provide a rich palette for personal expression and style innovation. Whether you’re seeking a subtle change or a bold new look, there’s an option for everyone within this versatile haircut category. We encourage you to discuss these styles in the comments below, share your experiences, and even suggest your own twists on these popular trends. Let’s continue to inspire and influence each other’s style journeys!

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