Exploring 31 Diverse Man Bun Hairstyles for Every Occasion from Weddings to Casual Days


The man bun has evolved from a fleeting trend to a staple in men’s hairstyles, offering versatility and style for those willing to grow out their locks. This article delves into the world of man buns, presenting ten unique variations that cater to a range of tastes and occasions. From the ruggedly casual to the meticulously groomed, there’s a man bun style suited for every face shape, hair type, and personal preference. Whether you’re preparing for a wedding or just a casual day out, read on to discover the perfect man bun style for you.

Textured Top Knot for Black Men

The Textured Top Knot is an exemplary choice for black men looking to elevate their style. This hairstyle combines the rugged appeal of naturally curly hair with the sophistication of a top knot. Ideal for semi-formal events or a stylish day at the office, it suits oval and square face shapes and pairs beautifully with dark brown or black eyes. This style not only accentuates the natural texture but also offers a commanding presence.

To achieve this look, one needs a good pomade to define the curls and a strong hold gel to secure the top knot. Maintenance is straightforward with a curl-enhancing shampoo and regular conditioning to keep the hair healthy and resilient.

Sleek and Low Man Bun for Asian Men

Asian men often have naturally straight hair, making the Sleek and Low Man Bun a seamless fit. This style is perfect for formal settings like weddings, where elegance is key. It best suits men with longer, straight hair and complements heart-shaped faces and lighter eye colors, adding a touch of classic charm to your overall appearance.

Styling involves smoothing the hair back with a fine-toothed comb and a light styling gel to prevent flyaways. For upkeep, use a smoothing shampoo and occasionally treat your hair with a silk protein conditioner to keep it sleek and shiny.

Messy Half Bun for Casual Days

The Messy Half Bun is the epitome of laid-back style, perfect for weekends or a casual hangout with friends. It’s particularly flattering for men with messy, wavy hair and works well with any face shape, especially those with blue or green eyes, adding a playful yet controlled chaos to the look.

To master this style, work some texturizing spray into your hair for volume and grip, then loosely pull half of your hair into a bun. The key is not to try too hard—effortlessness is part of the charm. Maintain the look with a light-hold hairspray and occasional conditioning to keep the waves bouncy.

Undercut Man Bun with Braids

Incorporating braids with an undercut creates a striking and bold man bun style, perfect for those who dare to stand out. This style is ideal for concerts or art events, where creativity is celebrated. It suits individuals with medium to long hair, complementing angular faces and any eye color.

Creating this look involves braiding the top section of your hair before forming it into a bun, while the undercut remains neatly trimmed. Use a strong hold gel for the braids and a moisturizing beard oil for the undercut areas to keep everything neat and tidy.

Classic Eren Yeager Inspired Top Knot

Inspired by the iconic character Eren Yeager, this top knot is bold and assertive, making it suitable for anime conventions or theme parties. It’s best for those with long, straight hair and fits well with round or angular face shapes and dark eye colors.

The style is achieved by pulling the hair back tightly and securing it into a high top knot. Use a firm hold hair spray to keep the knot in place throughout the day. Maintain the style’s integrity with a fortifying hair mask once a week to keep strands strong and manageable.

Bearded Gentleman’s Low Bun

A Low Man Bun combined with a beard offers a sophisticated and mature look, perfect for professional settings or evening social gatherings. It’s particularly flattering for men with long or straight hair who also sport a well-groomed beard, suitable for all face shapes and enhancing deep-set eyes.

Styling this bun requires gathering the hair at the nape and tying it securely. Use beard wax to shape the beard and a high-quality hair tie to minimize hair breakage. Regular trims and a hydrating conditioner are essential to keep both hair and beard in top condition.

Curly Short High Bun for Active Men

Active men will appreciate the practicality and style of a Curly Short High Bun. It’s perfect for sports or outdoor activities, as it keeps the hair out of the face while providing a trendy look. This style suits men with naturally curly short hair and works well with oval and round faces, particularly with lighter eye colors.

To get this look, simply gather your curls into a high bun at the crown. Use a curl-defining cream to enhance the texture before securing the bun. Maintain your curls with a moisture-rich conditioner and occasional deep conditioning treatments.

Wedding-Ready Polished Bun

For a wedding or formal event, the Wedding-Ready Polished Bun offers a clean, sophisticated look. This style is ideal for men with long, straight hair and suits those with heart or oval-shaped faces and any eye color, providing a distinguished and elegant appearance.

Styling involves carefully combing the hair back and securing it into a smooth bun at the back of the head. A high-gloss hair gel will ensure a sleek finish without flyaways. Keep your hair flawless with regular trims and a keratin treatment to enhance smoothness.

Edgy Undercut Bun with Faded Sides

The Edgy Undercut Bun with Faded Sides is a modern twist on the traditional man bun, perfect for those looking to make a bold fashion statement. This style is great for nights out or music festivals and suits those with undercut hairstyles and any face shape.

To achieve this look, the sides are faded while the top hair is left longer to be pulled back into a bun. Use a volumizing mousse to lift the roots and a strong-hold gel to keep the bun intact. Regular visits to the barber are essential to maintain the sharpness of the fade.

Long and Luscious Samurai Bun

Lastly, the Long and Luscious Samurai Bun is a nod to historical samurai warriors, making it an excellent choice for costume parties or cultural events. It is best suited for men with long and straight hair, complementing square or rectangular face shapes and dark eyes.

This dramatic style requires tying the hair back into a tight, high bun. A lightweight hair oil will help keep the hair smooth and lustrous. Ensure the longevity of this majestic style with regular conditioning and minimal heat styling.

High Bun with Subtle Highlights for Artists

The High Bun with Subtle Highlights offers an artistic flair that shines especially in creative settings or modern art exhibitions. This hairstyle is particularly flattering for those with long, straight hair enhanced with subtle streaks of color, perfect for oblong and heart-shaped faces. The added highlights draw attention to the eyes, especially vibrant colors like green or blue, lending an expressive and unique twist to the traditional man bun.

Creating this look involves pulling the hair back into a high bun, using a few highlighted strands to frame the face subtly. For maintenance, a color-safe shampoo and a regular touch-up of highlights will keep the style looking fresh and vibrant.

Slicked Back Undercut Bun for Business Professionals

The Slicked Back Undercut Bun is a sleek choice for business meetings and professional gatherings. It works best for those with straight or wavy hair and an undercut, giving a sharp, clean look that suits angular face shapes and any eye color. This style is both serious and stylish, projecting confidence and professionalism.

To style, slick back the top section of hair using a high-hold gel before gathering it into a bun, while keeping the undercut neatly trimmed. Maintain the look with a daily smoothing serum and regular visits to the barber to keep the undercut precise.

Voluminous Messy Bun for Weekend Outings

The Voluminous Messy Bun is ideal for casual weekend outings or coffee dates. Suited for men with thick, wavy hair, this bun adds a carefree yet attractive element to any casual outfit and fits well with round or square face shapes and lighter eye colors, such as hazel or green.

Achieve this look by loosely gathering the hair into a high bun and pulling a few strands out to create a fuller, messier appearance. A volumizing mousse and occasional texturizing spray will enhance the hair’s natural body and texture.

Side Part Low Bun for Elegant Evenings

The Side Part Low Bun is a refined choice for elegant evening affairs or formal dinners. It’s best for men with straight hair who prefer a polished appearance. This style suits rectangular and oval face shapes and is particularly striking with dark eyes, offering a sophisticated and mature vibe.

To style, create a defined side part before sweeping the hair back into a low bun at the nape. Use a light-hold pomade to achieve a sleek finish without stiffness. Regular conditioning and a shine spray will keep the hair looking healthy and vibrant.

Rugged Full Beard with Top Bun

Combining a Full Beard with a Top Bun offers a rugged yet refined look suitable for both outdoor adventures and casual social gatherings. This style is great for men with thick, curly hair and a substantial beard, enhancing round and oval face shapes and complementing any eye color.

To achieve this look, tie the hair into a high bun while letting the beard grow full and thick. Beard oil and a softening conditioner are essential for maintaining the health and appearance of both hair and beard.

Twisted Samurai Bun for Cultural Events

The Twisted Samurai Bun pays homage to traditional Japanese aesthetics, making it an excellent choice for cultural events or themed parties. Suitable for long, straight hair, this bun is twisted intricately before being secured, providing an elegant and historic look that suits angular and oval face shapes, particularly with deep-set eyes.

Secure this style with hair pins and apply a light mist of hairspray to hold the twist in place. A regular application of hair oil will ensure the hair remains smooth and shiny.

Low Bun with Angular Fringe for Creative Professionals

The Low Bun with Angular Fringe offers a contemporary edge, ideal for creative professionals or artists. This style works well with straight or slightly wavy hair, allowing the angular fringe to frame the face and enhance its features, particularly suited to heart and square face shapes with any eye color.

Style by pulling the hair back into a low bun, letting the fringe sweep across the forehead. A medium-hold gel will keep the fringe in place while a nourishing hair mask once a week will maintain hair health.

Braided Crown Bun for Weddings and Formal Events

The Braided Crown Bun is a regal choice for weddings and formal events, designed for long, straight or curly hair. This style creates a crown-like effect with braids, suited for all face shapes and making any eye color pop, particularly blue or gray.

Create this look by braiding hair around the head before twisting the ends into a bun at the back. Secure with bobby pins and finish with a spritz of setting spray to keep everything in place throughout the event.

Soft Waves Low Bun for Romantic Dates

The Soft Waves Low Bun exudes romance and is perfect for date nights or intimate gatherings. Ideal for men with wavy to curly hair, this style adds a gentle, inviting texture that complements round or heart-shaped faces and enhances lighter eye colors like blue or green. The soft waves provide a natural, approachable look that’s both stylish and understated.

To achieve this hairstyle, use a curl-enhancing mousse to define the waves before gathering the hair into a low, loose bun at the nape. Maintain the waves with a hydrating conditioner and occasional use of a sea salt spray to refresh the texture.

Sculpted Man Bun with Precise Fade for Athletic Men

The Sculpted Man Bun with Precise Fade combines athleticism with style, making it an excellent choice for sports enthusiasts or gym-goers. This look is particularly well-suited to men with straight or slightly curly hair and features a sharp fade that enhances square and rectangular face shapes, regardless of eye color.

Styling involves a precise fade from a skilled barber, while the longer top hair is sculpted into a sleek bun. Use a strong-hold pomade for the bun and regular trims to maintain the crispness of the fade.

Bohemian Braided Bun for Music Festivals

The Bohemian Braided Bun is a free-spirited style ideal for music festivals or outdoor concerts. This look works best for men with long, straight or wavy hair and includes multiple small braids that add a bohemian charm, suitable for oval and diamond face shapes and enhancing any eye color.

Create this carefree style by integrating several small braids into the hair before tying everything into a low bun. A light texturizing spray will add to the bohemian vibe, while a leave-in conditioner will keep the hair soft and manageable.

Disheveled Top Bun for Artistic Souls

The Disheveled Top Bun appeals to the artist in everyone, perfect for gallery openings or creative workshops. It suits men with messy, medium-length hair and works well with any face shape, particularly enhancing mysterious dark eyes.

Achieve this look by pulling the hair back loosely into a high bun, allowing strands to fall naturally for a disheveled, artistic effect. A flexible hold hairspray will maintain the style’s casual feel without over-stiffening.

Elegant Twisted Knot for Formal Affairs

The Elegant Twisted Knot is designed for formal events, offering a sophisticated and polished appearance. Ideal for men with long, straight or curly hair, this style features hair twisted meticulously into a bun, complementing oval and rectangular face shapes and ideally paired with sharp, clear eye colors.

To style, twist sections of your hair before pinning them into a low bun at the back of the head. A shine-enhancing hairspray will provide a clean, polished look, essential for maintaining elegance throughout formal engagements.

Layered Bun with Hidden Braids for an Adventurous Edge

The Layered Bun with Hidden Braids offers a unique twist, ideal for adventurous outings or spontaneous road trips. Suitable for men with long, thick hair, this style incorporates hidden braids beneath a casually layered bun, enhancing any face shape and eye color with a sense of mystery and depth.

Form this style by braiding small sections at the back before layering the rest of the hair into a loose bun. Secure with bobby pins and apply a texturizing spray for a rugged, ready-for-anything look.

Classic Polished Man Bun for Business and Pleasure

The Classic Polished Man Bun is a versatile style that seamlessly transitions from the boardroom to social gatherings. Ideal for men with long, straight hair, this bun offers a clean, sharp look that suits any professional or casual setting. It’s particularly flattering on men with rectangular and oval face shapes, and its classic appeal enhances all eye colors, providing a universally attractive appearance.

To achieve this polished look, brush your hair back smoothly and gather it into a tight bun at the crown. Use a high-quality hair gel to achieve a sleek finish without any flyaways. Maintenance involves regular washing with a gentle shampoo and using a light conditioner to keep the hair soft and manageable, ensuring the bun remains neat and tidy all day.


These ten man bun styles offer a range of looks that can adapt to various personalities and occasions. Whether you prefer the understated elegance of a low bun or the bold statement of a braided top knot, there’s a style here to meet your needs. We encourage you to try these styles and share your experiences in the comments below. Which man bun resonated with you the most? Let us know and share your own styling tips and tricks!

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