Exploring 32 Dynamic Side Part Hairstyles Men Can Adapt for Every Look from Sleek to Textured


The side part hairstyle remains a timeless emblem of sophistication and versatility in men’s fashion. This classic style not only frames the face perfectly but also offers a multitude of variations to suit any occasion, face shape, and personal style. From sleek and professional looks to more casual and textured variations, the side part can be adapted to enhance any outfit and setting. In this article, we will explore ten distinct side part hairstyles that embody both style and practicality, ensuring you find the perfect match for your next event or daily wear.

Classic Side Part: Perfect for Every Occasion

The Classic Side Part epitomizes elegance and is ideal for those with medium to men long hair. Its sleek lines complement oval and square face shapes and pair beautifully with any eye color. This style suits formal events like weddings or corporate meetings, where a polished appearance is key.

Creating this look requires a good pomade and a fine-toothed comb. Apply the product evenly and comb the hair to one side, establishing a neat, defined line. Maintenance involves regular trims and using a shampoo that enhances hair sheen.

Modern Textured Side Part: Casual yet Refined

For those preferring a laid-back yet sophisticated style, the Modern Textured Side Part works wonders, especially for men with curly hair. This variation brings a playful edge to the traditional look, suitable for social gatherings or a day out in the city. It’s best suited for individuals with heart-shaped faces and vibrant eye colors like green or blue.

Achieving this look involves using a texturizing cream or sea salt spray to add volume and grit. Style your hair using your fingers to create a relaxed, tousled effect. Keep your style fresh with a volumizing dry shampoo and occasional conditioning treatments.

Low Fade Side Part: Edgy and Sleek

The Low Fade Side Part is a bold choice that merges men low fade with the charm of a side part, ideal for younger individuals or those embracing modern trends. This style fits well with angular and round face shapes and is particularly striking on those with darker eye colors.

To style, use a trimmer to achieve the fade and then style the longer sections with gel for a sleek finish. Maintenance includes regular touch-ups on the fade and using a strong-hold gel to keep everything in place throughout the day.

Korean Wave Side Part: Soft and Romantic

Influenced by Men Korean pop culture, this hairstyle offers a softer, more romantic appeal with its gentle waves. It’s perfect for creative events or dates and suits long face shapes best. Lighter eye colors like hazel or grey highlight the hairstyle’s gentle flow.

Style this look by applying a light mousse to damp hair, then blow-drying with a diffuser to enhance the waves. Use a light hairspray to maintain the bounce and volume without weighing down the hair.

Executive Side Part: The Professional’s Choice

For the quintessential professional look, the Executive Side Part offers a sharp and commanding presence, great for serious business settings. It’s ideal for men medium length hair and complements a robust jawline and any eye color.

This style requires precision styling with a strong-hold gel to maintain a crisp, clean line. Regular washing and conditioning with a thickening shampoo can help maintain the hair’s fullness and health.

Side Part Pompadour: Vintage Glamour

Channel the retro vibes with a Side Part Pompadour, combining volume and flair perfect for a night out or a retro-themed event. It suits those with oval faces and bold eye colors like blue or emerald.

Use a volumizing spray and blow-dry your hair upwards to create the pompadour’s signature lift. A high-hold hairspray will ensure your style holds throughout the event.

Rugged Side Part: The Outdoorsman Look

For the adventurous man, the Rugged Side Part combines texture with a loose style, creating a look that’s both rugged and refined. It works best on men with curly hair or men with wavy hair, and is ideal for those with square or heart-shaped faces. It’s an excellent choice for outdoor events or casual day-outs.

Style this look by applying a matte pomade for a natural feel. Use your hands to part the hair casually to one side, allowing some curls to fall freely. Maintenance is simple, requiring only occasional trimming and daily tousling to enhance the texture.

Sleek Side Part with Fade: Urban Sophistication

The Sleek Side Part with Fade merges classic style with urban sophistication. This look is particularly suited to men short hair with a men taper fade, fitting well with round and oval face shapes, and is striking on those with bold eye colors like black or brown. It’s a popular choice for corporate environments or evening social events.

Use a high-shine pomade to achieve the sleekness on top, and keep the sides immaculately faded with regular visits to the barber. To maintain the look, use a shampoo that adds lustre and a scalp conditioner to keep the skin healthy.

Soft Parted Waves: Romantic Flair

Soft Parted Waves offer a romantic and gentle appearance, perfect for long hair enthusiasts who enjoy a more fluid, less structured style. This look suits long or oval faces and complements lighter eye colors, making it ideal for special dates or weddings.

Apply a light hold gel to damp hair and use a wide-tooth comb to create a loose part. Let the hair air-dry or use a diffuser to enhance the natural waves. To maintain this style, use a moisturizing conditioner and occasional light-hold gel reapplications.

Business Casual Side Part: The Everyday Professional

This version of the side part is polished yet not overly formal, making it suitable for everyday professional settings. It works well for men with medium length hair, and is flattering on rectangular face shapes, enhancing natural masculine features.

Style with a medium hold pomade for a clean look that lasts all day. Use a comb to neatly part the hair, ensuring a crisp but not too sharp line. Regular washing and the use of a daily conditioner will keep the hair in prime condition.

Vintage Hollywood Side Part: Classic Glamour

Recreate the golden era of Hollywood with this polished and timeless side part style. Ideal for men with long or medium hair, this look fits all face shapes and enhances all eye colors, perfect for gala events or sophisticated gatherings.

Style using a strong hold gel to sweep the hair back and create a deep side part. Maintain with a high-gloss finish spray and regular conditioning to keep the hair smooth and manageable.

Bohemian Side Part: Free-Spirited Elegance

The Bohemian Side Part is all about natural textures and a carefree vibe, great for men with long curly hair or wavy hair. It suits oblong and oval face shapes and enhances lighter eye colors like green or blue, perfect for artistic or musical events.

To achieve this look, use a sea salt spray for texture and a light pomade to hold the part in place without stifling the waves. Maintenance includes using hydrating hair products to keep the curls bouncy and natural.

Edgy Undercut Side Part: Sharp and Contemporary

The Edgy Undercut Side Part combines the classic side part with a modern undercut, making it highly popular among younger men or those preferring a sharp, contemporary look. This style suits all face shapes and is striking with any eye color.

Style with a matte finish product for a textured look on top while keeping the undercut sharp and clean. Regular upkeep with the barber and using a matte pomade will ensure this style remains fresh and edgy.

Elegant Side Sweep: Sophisticated and Streamlined

The Elegant Side Sweep offers a polished and refined look, perfect for formal occasions or important business meetings. It suits men with medium to long hair and complements those with oval and rectangular face shapes. This style enhances deeper eye colors, providing a distinguished and classic appearance.

Achieve this look by using a lightweight styling cream for a smooth finish, and carefully comb the hair to one side to emphasize the clean line. To maintain, use a smoothing shampoo and conditioner duo to keep hair manageable and sleek.

Progressive Side Part with Volume: Creative and Bold

This hairstyle elevates the traditional side part with added volume on top, making it a statement piece for those who want to stand out. Suitable for men with medium to long hair, it works well with round and square face shapes and particularly enhances light eye colors.

To create this voluminous look, apply a volumizing foam and blow dry the hair lifting from the roots. Style with a round brush for added height and finish with a flexible hold hairspray. Regular trims and volume-boosting treatments will keep this style looking bold and fresh.

Subtle Side Tuck: Understated Elegance

The Subtle Side Tuck is ideal for those who prefer a minimalist yet stylish look, suitable for both casual and formal settings. It fits well with men with short to medium hair and flatters heart and oval face shapes, particularly with subtle eye colors.

Use a light hold gel to gently comb the hair to the side and tuck it behind the ear for a clean, understated appearance. Maintaining this style is simple with regular light washes and using a mild, nourishing conditioner.

Contemporary Side Part with Angular Fringe: Edgy Modernism

This style integrates a sharp side part with an angular fringe, providing a modern and edgy look, perfect for fashion-forward events or the creative workplace. It suits men with medium hair and is especially flattering for angular face shapes, enhancing dramatic eye colors.

Style using a sculpting clay to define the fringe and part, giving the hairstyle structure and depth. Maintenance involves keeping the fringe trimmed and using a fortifying hair mask weekly to maintain hair health.

Retro-Inspired Wavy Side Part: Nostalgic Charm

Bringing back the charm of the past, the Retro-Inspired Wavy Side Part is perfect for those who love a vintage aesthetic. This style is ideal for men with medium to long hair and complements round and heart-shaped faces with any eye color.

Use a curl-enhancing cream and finger-comb your hair to create soft waves. Set with a light mist of hairspray to hold the waves without stiffening them. Regular conditioning and the occasional use of a curl revitalizer will keep the waves lush and vibrant.

Side Part with Whisper Highlights: Subtle Sophistication

The Side Part with Whisper Highlights involves subtle color accents that enhance the hairstyle’s depth and texture. It’s suitable for men with medium and long hair, works best with square and oval face shapes, and highlights intricate eye colors.

To achieve this look, incorporate soft highlights into your side part. Style with a light pomade to maintain a natural feel. Use color-safe shampoos and conditioners to preserve the highlights and keep your hair healthy.

Structured Side Part with Beard Integration: Masculine and Defined

This hairstyle integrates a crisp side part with a well-groomed beard, creating a look of rugged sophistication perfect for men with medium to long hair. It suits all face shapes and particularly complements bold eye colors.

Style the hair and beard with a grooming wax for a unified look. Regular beard trims and using a beard oil will keep both your hair and beard neat and tidy.

Layered Side Part: Dynamic and Textured

The Layered Side Part adds depth and movement to the classic style, ideal for those with long hair looking for a dynamic yet approachable look. It flatters oval and square face shapes and is versatile enough for both formal and casual settings.

Style with a texturizing spray to enhance the layers and give a fuller appearance. Regular layering cuts will maintain the hairstyle’s shape and texture.

Sleek Side Part with Tapered Neckline: Clean and Precise

Combining a sleek side part with a neatly tapered neckline, this style offers a sharp and clean look, suitable for professional settings or formal events. It works best for men with short hair and suits all face shapes, enhancing any eye color.

Use a fine-tooth comb and high-hold gel to achieve a polished finish. Regular neck trims and using a shine-enhancing hair serum will keep this look pristine and stylish.

Artistic Side Part with Color Play: Bold and Expressive

This hairstyle is for those who love to experiment with color, featuring a side part combined with creative color streaks. It’s ideal for men with medium to long hair and suits artistic or casual environments, complementing eccentric face shapes and eye colors.

Use temporary color sprays to add vibrant streaks without commitment. Style with a medium-hold mousse to keep the hair manageable while showcasing the colors. Regular color maintenance and using color-protecting products will ensure the hues stay vivid and bright.


These side part hairstyles offer a variety of looks that can be tailored to any personality, event, and style preference. Whether you are aiming for a subtle, professional appearance or a bold, fashion-forward look, there is a side part style waiting to be your signature. We invite you to try these styles and share your experiences or suggest other variations in the comments below. Let’s continue to inspire each other with our style choices!

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