Exploring 33 Diverse Slicked Back Hair Men Styles from Classic to Modern Textured Looks


Slicked back hair has been a hallmark of suave style for decades, seamlessly blending classic charm with modern edginess. This timeless hairstyle transcends ages, fitting effortlessly into both casual gatherings and high-profile events. In this article, we explore ten unique slicked back hairstyles that cater to a variety of tastes and occasions, offering a perfect blend of sophistication and boldness for the fashion-forward man.

Classic Slick Back for Formal Events

The Classic Slick Back is the quintessential choice for formal events, exuding elegance and refined taste. Ideal for medium to long hair, this style works best on straight or wavy hair types. It pairs beautifully with oval and square face shapes, and the glossy finish complements dark eye colors, enhancing a deep, enigmatic look.

To achieve this polished appearance, apply a high-quality pomade evenly through damp hair, and use a fine-toothed comb to pull hair straight back. Maintenance is straightforward, with daily combing and occasional touch-ups using a light hold spray to keep every strand in place.

Modern Textured Slick Back for Creative Professionals

A modern twist on the traditional slick back, the Textured Slick Back introduces a playful, yet professional demeanor suitable for creative work environments. This style is perfect for those with textured or curly hair, adding volume and movement that contrasts sharply with more conventional styles. Best suited for round and heart-shaped faces, the added texture highlights vibrant eye colors like blue or green.

Styling involves using a texturizing cream and blow-drying hair backwards to build volume. For upkeep, a matte finish product will maintain the texture without the shine, and a weekly application of nourishing oils will keep hair healthy.

Loose and Wavy Slick Back for Casual Outings

Ideal for a relaxed yet stylish look, the Loose and Wavy Slick Back works wonderfully for weekend outings. This laid-back style suits those with wavy or loose curls, providing a soft, approachable appearance. It’s particularly flattering on men with longer face shapes and lighter eye colors like hazel or grey.

Use a light mousse to provide hold without stiffness, and finger-comb your hair back for that effortless charm. Regular conditioning is key to maintaining the waves’ natural bounce and preventing frizz.

Short Tapered Slick Back with Disconnected Undercut

The Short Tapered Slick Back with Disconnected Undercut offers a bold and edgy look, perfect for making a strong impression. This style is particularly effective on Asian hair types, known for their texture and volume. The sharp contrast of the taper fade enhances angular features, making it a match for diamond and triangular face shapes.

Apply a volumizing foam before blow-drying your hair upwards and back to achieve height and fullness. The undercut requires regular trims to keep the style defined, while a strong-hold gel ensures the top stays sleek throughout the day.

Blonde Ambition Slick Back for the Fashion-Forward

Channel the iconic 80s flair with a Blonde Ambition Slick Back, a bold choice for those looking to stand out. This style suits lighter hair colors and is particularly striking on blonde hair, providing a vibrant contrast to darker outfits or settings. It pairs well with paler skin tones and light eye colors, enhancing the overall dramatic effect.

Bleaching may be necessary to achieve the perfect blonde hue, followed by a high-shine gel for slicking back. To protect the color, use a color-preserving shampoo and conditioner, and consider a monthly toner application to maintain the blonde’s brightness.

Rugged and Messy Slick Back for Outdoor Adventures

Embrace a more rugged look with the Rugged and Messy Slick Back, ideal for outdoor enthusiasts. This style works best with naturally messy or textured hair, giving a robust, adventurous vibe. It complements broader face shapes and darker, earthy eye colors like brown or green.

A wax-based styling product will provide the necessary hold while allowing some natural movement. Regular use of a deep-conditioning treatment will keep the hair manageable and healthy, especially important for those exposed to the elements.

Sleek Pompadour Slick Back for Evening Socials

The Sleek Pompadour Slick Back is a glamorous twist on traditional slicked-back styles, perfect for evening social events. This hairstyle adds height and drama, making it suitable for men with medium to long hair, especially those with round or oval face shapes. The voluminous top complements lighter eye colors, adding a charismatic sparkle to your look.

Achieve this by applying a volumizing lotion to damp hair, blow-drying upwards while pulling back. Use a strong-hold pomade to maintain the pompadour’s lift throughout the event. Regular use of a moisturizing conditioner will keep the hair supple and voluminous.

Understated Chic Slick Back for Business Meetings

Opt for the Understated Chic Slick Back when you need a hairstyle that speaks of professionalism and sophistication. This minimalist approach works best for short to medium hair and is particularly flattering for men with sharp facial features. The sleekness of the hair enhances professional attire, matching well with structured, tailored suits.

Style with a lightweight gel to avoid overpowering the look and comb neatly back. To maintain the chic appearance, a daily routine of light styling cream will keep hair in place without the greasiness.

Vintage Hollywood Slick Back for Gala Nights

The Vintage Hollywood Slick Back is all about recreating the glamorous days of yore, perfect for a black-tie gala or a fancy dinner date. Ideal for those with wavy or curly hair, it works wonderfully on classic facial structures, particularly square and heart-shaped faces.

Use a curl-defining cream to enhance the waves before slicking back with a glossy pomade to achieve that old-school Hollywood charisma. Regular deep conditioning treatments ensure waves remain defined and lustrous.

Edgy Spiked Slick Back for Music Concerts

Capture the essence of the rock and roll spirit with an Edgy Spiked Slick Back, suitable for concerts or nights out in the city. This style is best for those with textured or thick hair, and adds an element of rebelliousness to any outfit. It particularly suits triangular and oval face shapes.

Spike the hair by applying a strong-hold gel to the roots and pulling upwards while slicking back. Maintain the edgy look with weekly trims and use a matte finish product to keep the spikes sharp without the shine.

Soft Tousled Slick Back for Beach Days

For a more laid-back, beachy vibe, the Soft Tousled Slick Back is an excellent choice. This effortless style is great for long, loose curls, offering a relaxed and inviting look that’s perfect for sandy beaches and sunny days. It suits broader face shapes and lighter eye colors, enhancing a sun-kissed complexion.

Style with a salt spray to add texture and a light hold mousse to keep the hair manageable. A leave-in conditioner will help protect hair from saltwater and sun damage, keeping it healthy and hydrated.

Polished Executive Slick Back for Corporate Leaders

The Polished Executive Slick Back conveys authority and professionalism, designed for the corporate leader. This style is impeccable for those with medium to short hair and works best on rectangular and oval face shapes. The neat, tidy look complements formal business attire, adding an air of command.

Use a high-shine pomade for a crisp finish and comb neatly to maintain a structured look. Regular salon visits for trims and professional styling products are essential to uphold this executive aesthetic.

Dynamic Layered Slick Back for Artistic Flair

Introduce a sense of creativity and modernity with the Dynamic Layered Slick Back, ideal for artists or anyone in the creative field. This style works best on medium to long hair with natural volume and texture, suitable for all face shapes due to its adaptable nature.

Layer the hair with a light texturizing spray before slicking back to create depth and movement. Use a flexible hold gel to keep the layers distinct yet controlled, and consider a volumizing shampoo to enhance the hair’s natural dynamism.

Retro Greaser Slick Back for Themed Parties

Channel your inner 50s bad boy with the Retro Greaser Slick Back, a hit at any themed party or vintage event. This style is particularly striking on black or dark hair, suitable for all face shapes, especially those with strong jawlines.

Achieve this look with an oil-based pomade for that authentic greasy shine, and comb through for that classic clean line. Regular application of a deep cleansing shampoo will keep hair from getting too oily and maintain scalp health.

Sophisticated Fade Slick Back for Trendsetters

The Sophisticated Fade Slick Back blends the sharpness of a fade haircut short with the elegance of slicked back hair, creating a contemporary and stylish look. This hairstyle is best for those with sharp, angular features, enhancing a modern wardrobe.

To style, apply a fade-specific product to maintain the sharp contrast while using a pomade to slick back the top. Regular touch-ups at the barber will keep the fade precise, and a medium-hold gel will ensure the top stays sleek.

Flowing Locks Slick Back for the Bohemian Spirit

Embrace a free-spirited aesthetic with the Flowing Locks Slick Back, ideal for artistic gatherings or music festivals. This style is perfect for long, curly hair, offering a romantic and whimsical flair that suits softer facial features.

Use a curl-enhancing cream to define the curls before pulling them back loosely. A light hairspray will maintain the flow without compromising the natural bounce, and hydrating masks will keep the curls lush and vibrant.

Urban Chic Slick Back for City Explorers

The Urban Chic Slick Back is sleek and functional, designed for the man on the go in the urban jungle. This look is great for short to medium hair and complements an angular face, working well with contemporary casual or semi-formal attire.

Style with a lightweight pomade for a smooth finish that lasts all day. Include a regular use of a fortifying shampoo to combat the environmental stresses of city life, keeping hair strong and sleek.

Decadent Wavy Slick Back for Luxurious Evenings

For those special nights out, the Decadent Wavy Slick Back offers an allure of mystery and romance, ideal for those with naturally wavy or curly hair. This style enhances any formal outfit, particularly accentuating deep-set eyes and prominent cheekbones.

Apply a high-gloss serum to bring out the waves, slicking back gently to preserve the hair’s natural flow. A silk protein treatment once a month will keep the waves smooth and luxurious, ensuring they always look their best.

Sporty Slick Back for Active Lifestyles

The Sporty Slick Back is dynamic and resilient, perfect for men who lead an active lifestyle. Suitable for all hair types, this style keeps hair out of the face during physical activities, fitting snugly under athletic gear without losing its shape.

Use a sweat-resistant styling gel to maintain a clean look, and wash hair regularly with a revitalizing shampoo to refresh and recharge after workouts.

Gentleman’s Refined Slick Back for Daily Wear

The Gentleman’s Refined Slick Back is an all-rounder, perfect for daily wear from the office to dinner dates. This versatile style suits medium to short hair and complements all face shapes with its neat and tidy appearance.

Style with a light pomade for a subtle sheen and a natural hold. Regular trimming and the use of a daily conditioner will keep this look fresh and refined, ready for any occasion.

Sculpted Precision Slick Back for Professional Events

The Sculpted Precision Slick Back is a meticulously styled look that exudes confidence and professionalism. Ideal for short to medium hair, this style works exceptionally well for individuals with defined facial features. It’s particularly suitable for corporate events or important business meetings where a sharp, clean appearance is crucial.

To achieve this sculpted look, use a strong-hold gel to keep hair perfectly in place. Comb the hair back smoothly, ensuring no strand is out of line. Maintenance involves a regular trim to keep edges neat and applying a nourishing hair serum to maintain hair health and shine.

Bohemian Rhapsody Slick Back for Artistic Soirees

The Bohemian Rhapsody Slick Back is for the artist at heart. This loose, flowing style is ideal for long, wavy hair, giving a relaxed yet stylish vibe that’s perfect for gallery openings or creative gatherings. It works wonders on broader or rounder face shapes, enhancing a laid-back, artistic persona.

Style with a light texturizing spray to enhance the natural waves and pull back loosely to maintain an effortless look. Using a leave-in conditioner regularly helps keep the waves smooth and frizz-free, crucial for maintaining the bohemian allure.

Sharp Edge Slick Back with Distinctive Undercut for Trendy Nights Out

For a night out on the town, the Sharp Edge Slick Back with a Distinctive Undercut makes a bold statement. This style suits those with short hair and works great on all hair types, providing a striking contrast with its sharp lines. It’s particularly flattering for angular and oval face shapes.

Apply a matte pomade for a firm hold without the shine and use a razor for the undercut to keep it fresh and edgy. Regular salon visits are necessary to maintain the clean lines of the undercut, while a light touch-up gel keeps the top sleek.

Casual Chic Slick Back for Everyday Sophistication

The Casual Chic Slick Back offers a more relaxed take on the slicked-back style, perfect for everyday wear. Suitable for medium length hair, this style is particularly appealing for men with softer facial features and fits well into a casual business or social setting.

Use a medium-hold mousse to provide flexibility and a natural look. Comb the hair back and allow some natural movement for a casual yet sophisticated appearance. Regular conditioning treatments will keep the hair healthy and manageable.

Retro Mod Slick Back for Vintage Enthusiasts

Embrace the charm of the past with the Retro Mod Slick Back, inspired by the 60s mod culture. This look is best for medium to long hair, particularly straight or textured types, and suits square and round face shapes. It’s perfect for themed parties or classic car shows.

Styling involves using a high-hold, low-shine product to recreate the sleek, controlled look typical of the era. Incorporate a small quiff at the front to add a touch of classic flair. Regular use of a shine-enhancing shampoo will help maintain the hair’s sleek appearance.

These additional five ideas continue to explore the versatility and style of slicked back hair, catering to a variety of personalities and occasions, ensuring there’s a slick back style for every man’s taste and lifestyle.


Each slicked back hairstyle offers a unique way to express personal style while staying true to the roots of classic men’s fashion. We invite you to try these styles, discuss them in the comments, and share your own slicked back successes. Whether you’re attending a formal event or exploring the great outdoors, there’s a slicked back look that’s perfect for you.

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